Thursday, 29 December 2016

Makers will make... but not very often

I used to love making stuff. When I was in school back in Russia we all made "friendship bracelets" all the girls had them. Sometimes up to an elbow. Mainly from beads but also once I have learnt my basic macrame knots I taught all the girls around me. Oh and you wear them till they broke. Yeah not very hygienic ... eek. My hobby was indulged by parents and relatives who were giving me books, taking me to haberdashery to stock up on beads. Mind you it wasn't as well developed as now, coming across clasps, earring hooks was impossible, but we recycled old granny's stuff and reuse everything.
Thinking of it my mother might still have most of my beads and books in the flat.
I also made clothes, mainly skirts, since they were easy, I customized existing outfits. There was a talk in school to ban me from wearing certain things but that never came to be. All this cam from wanting to be unlike everyone else. I still would hate if I see some one wearing same thing as I own... But moving to UK and discovering all this accessible and super cheap fashion took its toll my creative streak... I rarely make things now. I do not even remember when was the last time I used my sewing machine or/and draw anything.
I guess now that I have a kid I have an excuse but do I actually?
So this festive period I made stuff.. Nothing too complex, just easy with mainly stuff I already had in my craft stash, and even got big guy to help.

(simple card holder with baked dry oranges bells and some pegs)

(My friend Rhian has this now, and bet she is enjoying it too)

(this has no owner yet, its a broach. If you want this get in touch!)

(but I will not give this thing away... it is a Christmas crown!)

These are really simple things that I have made but seeing that I actually have made something and it is super fun and pretty made me feel very proud and happy. It gave me sense of worth in a way.... that I am not just a stay at home mum.
I think that for next few months I will try to make more stuff don't know yet what but I will...
Oh and it also make me very calm and content, mindful if you will. And speaking of crafting for mindfulness the magazine Project Calm is marvelous. Tad on a pricey side £9.99 but truly lovely and inspiring and has projects you can make easily with minimum efforts!

Monday, 26 December 2016


The beautician I see every time I go to motherland said that my skin is awesome. Listen up people with oily skin (or whereabouts) due to its extra oils and such we have more natural occurring collagen and this means we age at slower rate. Unless you do not look after yourself.

Awesome news really. I was never a huge fan of my skin but hey, slower ageing trumps all the little pimples. Damn them.

So I figure got to love my awesome oily skin and get it proper care and attention. I have started to pay more attention to cleansing. I got me Hot Cloth Cleaning Balm from Boots very own Botanics range, which I love and use. Price was great for a tester session too.
Actually the idea of hot cleansing was put into my head by Salli Hughes who was on one of the episodes of Scummy Mummies who I adore.

Since I have been using this cleansing method, mind you only in the evenings when I put big man into a bath, I have notices couple of things:

my skin feels cleaner
my skin is clearer (yeah I have an occasional outbreak but it happens when I don't do my face)
my mind loves the routine, and 
everything in my bathroom is in better order.
I did not realise that having a new routine would have so many positive outcomes, however with this boots cleanser my hair gets dirty faster. The balm is pretty oily. And my sink needs to be cleaned more often but the gunk I see floating to the drain makes me wonder why didn't I do this before? 

I did try different balm cleaner too from my M&S Advent Calendar and it is less oily but cleanses just as well I guess it would be better textured product since it is definitely is more expensive. 
Oh you can go to my Instagram page to have a look at the awesome advent things I got  @verysmallfeet 

Now I am planning the Ikea trip to get more washcloths. 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Wedding Ring

So my body changed and I put on weight. It's ok part of life I guess.

(sleep deprived selfie)

 But what I didn't realised, due to busy mumming life style, is that my wedding band and engagement rings were stuck... 
and not just stuck, but my finger even got bigger and was all swollen. And funny and sad thing I do not know how long ago this happened. Just too busy to look after myself. 
Like my entire family tried to remove it from me.. and nothing. Hubby tried but I was in so much pain that we had to stop. Did you know that where are tons of YouTube videos on how to remove the ring of the finger. The elastic method seems very good... don't wait to remove your rings how I did it. 
I went to see a jeweler to have it cut off in mother Russia. It's cheaper... I had the ring off and resized for about £10  how about this for value for money....
And again nothing it straight forward with me. The rings are stacked and only wedding band needed to be cut off. Koodos to that chap for doing amazing job and fashioning a little guard for my finger. But the down side was that it was from the metal so it got hot next to the tool he was using. It was the 1st one like this for him. Normally process would take like 5mins took about 15 mins we had to stop so I won't get a serious burn. I still got the burn but it wasn't anything major or that I cared much. 
My finger remained swollen for about a month after and with some body oil I finally removed the engagement ring off. It took another 3 weeks for me to be able to put one of the rings on... Still waiting to go back to normal to put engagement  ring on. 
It feels super strange being without both of my rings... 

And I thought of... and actually been thinking for a while since I do not look after my self enough. Like before I became a mother I would have noticed that my rings don't spin on my finger and that it swelled up. 
I keep coming seeing this phrase in many mums' Instagram "You can't pour out of an empty cup. Take care of yourself first" 

 For me Egg is my priority. I guess for all, well majority, of parents this statement is true. Kids come first... 
So I am trying to have more me time. Even if it is just having a snooze on the sofa while he is sleeping in the pram and make sure if I need me quiet time I try to get it. Like now I am actually writing this in a coffee shop while listening to music which I haven't done in ages. Have to force my self not to dance and sing along... 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hello December

December is here. Busy month usually stress to get everything done ready and organise. Try to do this with the toddler, I challenge you to toddler off... oh no I don't want our kids to fight I want us to achieve as much as possible...  and its also my birthday month. Yeah last bit sucks...

(made this one. Pre-cut joyful kit form Prima magazine)

So December arrived on Thursday. And we have been busy ever since.
Thursday we went to see the family in Talbot Green. Fab time.
Friday came like a blur with trip to nursery for the little man and me doing all the usual house things... then on Saturday our nursery hosted the Christmas event to raise some money for charity and for everyone to get into the spirit of it all. It was lovely. I didn't want to go at 1st, the start time was interfering with lunch time. But then it was a gathering rater then an activity. So after the trip to ikea for the necessities, like picture frames and candle snuffle, game changer by the way, we went to nursery after.

(here is some cleaver product placing)

Edgar is two and a bit and only been going to nursery for a little under 6 months, unlike the other kids who have been there for a good while... So I don't know any other parents or/and kids. But I was lucky enough to run into one of the very few people I knew and hang out with them for a while. Also it doesn't actually matter how long the kids been going to nursery they all thought that they were staying and were super clingy. Especially my little nugget, just holding on for a dear life... all was improved by some crafting together and a minced pie!
And today we attended the local Etsy fair. It was a different kind of thing. Tell you that my brother in law wasn't his cup of tea. But me and mother in law enjoyed it. Also it appears that avocado and unicorn are seriously trending!

(Etsy treasure. This says Merry Christmas in Welsh... oh and the pattern are this fab Welsh blanket)

As for the more of the traditional activities well I do not need an Elf on the Shelf, I have Egg. He pulled the tree down on himself... twice in the 1st morning he discovered it. Also I think I really don't think Egg would get it.... However I have seen a snap on Facebook of an elf being frozen by Elsa... now that is Elf on the shelf goals!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cumberbacth in 4DX

My dearest hubby came home one day last week and said... "go to the cinema or something" So I went to see Doctor Strange.

I thought I was in for regular 3D but I was in for a surprise of a 4D showing... Totally forgot that the Cardiff Cineworld was getting it installed when we went on holiday. 

Film was good, entertaining and introduced the characters and the special powers. I had few giggles and really felt for Dr Strange. If you like your Marvel films you will like this one. Oh and one of the Easter eggs are so funny with sexy Thor in it. It's like a major men-candy of Easter eggs.
But I want to tell you about the 4DX thing... Would this be breaking code of conduct as set by Kermode and Mayo? Well I thought it was fun but I think I would avoid this experience, just object to pay for this, even with my unlimited card. Yes I am this tight with money. 
The chairs were moving with the screen, the air pumping into the ears and the chair also mimics the fight. Now that was a fun feeling, kind of like a massage. Or a bad massage. However I am not sure if on taller person it would be feeling the same? But I did turn the water off. It is too cold for this. And I wasn't fussed on the cinema's option of incenses sticks burning. 
With all of this shaking about and stuff I didn't feel distracted from the film. But I also do not think it was enriching the experience. Just something different to the cinema trip I guess. 

Loot Crate. Box Subscribtion

I am married to a geek. And it is contagious. Also it is awesome!
We watch Star Trek (not just the new shiny films with Chris Pine)


(coz she is the best)

Flash and many other amazing things. So it was only natural that we got the Loot Crate. Actually we got two of them due to confusion with actual subscription thing.
Mainly of course I got Loot Crate for hubby dearest... and he hated it. Well I guess hate is a strong word. He didn't like it. The theme was Speed. So now we have Cylone ship.... which no one in our household cares about, an Arrow car ornament  (I thought the idea was fun, but it is Arrow) the only things that got appreciated in out household was the bat-mobile key ring and the little replica of car Eleanor from gone in 60 seconds... by the little man.

Personally I still think it is a great concept but there is so much of Geekery out where, if I would pay more attention and the website wasn't too confusing ... we would have had a Marvel Box or The WWE one. 
So as I said the website was confusing so imagine my surprise when our account been debited for another loot crate. Had to run to their website and cancel the damn thing, and then just like Birchbox misleading: highlighting the pause button. God bless the marketing people for this feature, but good god this is annoying. It took me good few minutes to find the cancellation button.
Stephen didn't like the Halloween crate either. His brother had a great Tee out of it... I guess Steve just ins't a horror kind of guy. Although the Fred Krueger chop sticks are pretty cool!

Once again, I don't really know what to think. It is ok and good fun. Look out for some discount codes, like on podcasts (pretty sure No Such Thing As The Fish did a code), and pay attention to cancellation policy. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Buddy Box

As you know I love a subscription box. It's like a present or a unexpected surprise every month, even if I know it is coming you never know what would be in it or when it will actually make an appearance.
I was very sad to cancel the My Little Box, it is truly great, but I have bits of cosmetics and little other delights coming out of my ears, so we thought we try some stuff out... 
First of my list, just for me, was a "hug in the box" Buddy box

It is a very nice concept. Little things to make you happy and fuzzy inside and promote mindfulness. 

(oh I totally love this "rooting for you" pin, it's on my winter coat)

And you know in a way it made me very happy and fuzzy inside. I do not have a depression but I have the down days ... that I can't really express since I have a tiny human depending on me so I carry on no matter how much I just want to stay in bed. 
After getting this box in September I started drinking more tea... I think it is due to a little nudge I got from them. However I am not a fan of tea in the little bags... Like my tea loose. Soap was nice too. Shame it was unscented. But I can see the reasons behind this. And I did get really excited about the plant kit... But I am yet to plant it.
So I would recommend to get it if you are into this kind of thing. They actually doing a lite version too which is cheaper and has only 3 products in it and they make it easy just to order one. Just one. And super easy to order it for a friend. 
But they couldn't fit the September box into the box. Funny that. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Palmer's Firming Butter. What I thought

I loved the smell and well actually everything about Palmer's anti stretchmarks cream.The texture was rich, smell was great, texture was pleasant. And I don;t really have any stretch marks, just a big c-section scar.... 
So I thought at the really competitive price I'll try this. 

Same gorgeous smell and texture... But I didn't notice any change to my skin. Same soft and wobbly in certain areas... It took long to dry and absorb, this requires time I do not have I have an active toddler to chase after. 
And one more thing, since this butter is super thick the pump didn't get all the product out and that my friends was a real downer. No matter how hard I tapped and shook the bottle, I wasted good amount of it. Maybe if it didn't have this pump.... 

Saturday, 12 November 2016


I am a feminist. Always wanted better representation for women for as long as I can remember. Especially growing up in Russia. 
Don't get the wrong it is a nice country to be in, but it is very traditional in its gender roles. Men who stay at home now are being laughed at and considered to be under the thumb. Men also can chose to stay at home. 
At the moment I am a stay at home mum and this is no way makes me less of the feminist. We together made this choice. Besides my work stayed in Birmingham in the middle of UK and we ourselves moved back to South Wales. 

(he is the best but I do need contact with grownups... This is an old photo)

Growing up in the country where women are all thin with long hair and wear heels all the time when I love comfort of flats. No I love beautiful shoes with heels I just walk a lot and these things don't mix for me. Shoes should be good quality and nice and comfy. Last two are together. Hey I don't really fit in into Russian woman model. I am a little rebel in flip flops (these are only for the pool or indoor use here in motherland) who what's better representation for women in Russia. 
I get that they pay gap and sexism is everywhere and we should strive to dismantle patriarchy (I am a feminist but this phrase make me giggle) in Russia I see it on the whole different level! Like way up high and way too stupid to ignore. Yet women are ok with advert for menopausal tables where crazy looking cartoon for a very young woman is given pills by her hubby and then as if by magic she turns into a pretty collected version of herself. I say what a fuck?! How is this ok?! 
Or that advert with stripper like air hostesses I blogged about last time I have visited. How is this ok? Why is no one kicks of? 
Are there feminist in Russia? Or are they busy providing for them selves and building lives for their kids? Is there hope? 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Now only my hair doesn't hurt

In 2013 I completed my 1st ever hard obstical race, Survival of the Fittest. I had a blast. 
And then this Sunday I did it again. With my friend Nora who in 2013 fell down next to me at the race and broke her leg. It was super hard for her to do this, mentally mainly. 
But we did it together. We supported each other when it was needed mostly. She couldn't quiet get over one climby thingy I talked her throw it and when I was about to lie down on the floor and have a cry since 10k run turned out to be 12k run, she cheered me on and made me run. 

I had a cold all week long prior to run. This is never good actually, anyone who ever run or did something physical. Last time I run after the cold it was when I wingged my way throw Birmingham half.
The height of the stacks of bale scared me too. But I did them purely on will power, I can't jump high.  

I enjoyed the event. Mainly because I had Nora with me to cheer me on and such. When I hit the about to lay down and cry with exhaustion after discovering the 12k mark... and that I didn't eat nearly enough. She cheered me on and push me on. I shall not say how quickly I rammaged throw the goodie bag in search of food and how quickly that Track bar saw its end... 

(here is big guy loving my headband)

The event seemed more commercial since I did it. The Renault cars on the final obstical, when in 2013 the final thing was the wall and a small pool and it was epic... Some of the obsticals seemed odd and poor for such organisation as Men's Health. I mean I love the big slide (well I didn't) or space hoppers that have been deflated by the previous waves of runners... And the runner village seemed to clean and tidy. It didn't feel right. I loved having a pint in wet trainers and this time I didn't even spotted the bar tent till we left. When we got to the boldering like walls and I have asked the chap who was minding it whether all the sides were good to go, after he said yes, trust me to get on to the one that was broken. And he has a maintenance guy right after me. Was it because I am a woman he didn't bother to tell me that? 
And goodie bad was bad. Like really bad. 4 things. Dove deodorant, shampoo, track bar, bag of popcorn and of course a magazine. And dudes are charging £55 for early bird entry. I know it is pricey to organize and such but some on. 
Well I guess the negatives just popped out here. But I guess things change and they relay of volunteers... I just wish standards didn't change. 
All that said I will be doing it next year. It is still mainly super challenging. And I really want to do that jump I didn't do... 
So I want to wish that few of these pointers can be addressed. 

However real heroes of the day are the people who cheered and watched and helped! From me big love goes to Rhian who took these photos and stayed all the 2.13 that I run and my mother in law dearest and Lau who were on Egg watch that day! 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Job hunting. Stepping away from hospitality

As you know I have been looking for a job... I had few phone interviews and few in person. One of them actually went really well but the shifts patterns isn't fitting in with child care. And is what the trouble is.
Child care is also expensive and I pretty much will be working for nursery but that's ok. Edgar will have more of social life with other kids and it would be nice for me to get out of the house and actually speak to grown ups. Even if I am totally shitting myself about how Egg will cope, how I would cope. I am most definitely not doing it for money I am doing it for sanity.
Also I have only worked in hospitality industry and not many people seem to get that hotel reception is like super extensive admin experience and managing... like of everything. Every employers but the employment agencies. Well they are either in for the money or actually know their stuff...

I actually spoke to one of my mates who is a manager in a busy coffee shop saying how work requirement, flexible working hours and weekends seem to eliminate all of the stay at home parents. And he finds this really unfair! I'm glad working force also thinks that too. 
But for now I just stay annoyed sleep-deprived mama. We all have been rather poorly this past week and think that might be a reason why the little man wakes up when it is still night... 
However did you hear about Flex Appeal? It's this wonderful flash mob - campaign to urge the employers to be more flexible with 9-5 Monday to Friday! They did the cutest dance demonstration I guess in London few weeks back. And in this post Mother Pukka explains pro of this system. 
I suppose I can do the agency work. This will give me flexibility with work I need but nursery aren't as flexible either. I love our nursery but they have only limited spaces  and once I commit to days selected it they aren't to flexible to change and agency aren't a steady work. So what is this? Catch 22 all over again? I really hope I would find something soon... Ish. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bad moms

"Let's be bad moms" says Mila Kunis in this gem of the film in answer to the pressure of being this picture perfect mother, that bakes, cleans, helps with homework, works and also lost all her baby weight and always looks amazing... (and all this in one sentence!!)

I would like to applaud, actually make like a one woman standing ovation, to all the people who made this film.
This film feels real, about every day mumming struggles. I have to confess that good few times I wanted to clap or shout "You go girl!" during the film.

Basically it is about mothers, PTA, schools, children and mama gang. With mainly female cast too. There are only few men in this film, and they do not have a center stage. One particular actor is there just to look very very good. And boy he is does this so well.... 

This film made me laugh so hard that I have cried and almost peed my self. 
There is however some criticism about how Mila Kunis' heroine doesn't look tired. Well we are not allowed. Damn all this pressure on mums to be perfect... But yay, lets just be bad moms! 

Oh and do watch the end credits. These are just sooo sweet! 

I miss having a mama gang. So Cardiff mama's if you are reading... Get in touch! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Size vs hot mama bod!

Thinking oh it overall I have enjoyed being pregnant. Also I had an easy pregnancy and once I let go of that feeling that I have lost control over my body I was awesome!
My body is amazing. However at the moment I find shopping for clothes and shoes an absolute nightmare. I have no idea what size I am. With shoes it is easy no real undressing involved. Just pop the shoe off and try try try. 

But clothes... A lot of my pre Egg clothes don't fit which is, I have accepted, OK, I went throw major thing with producing a massive 9.4lb baby... So I am actually in need of new clothes. I started to look for stuff I can go to interview in, checked the clothes I had, I still have few things but I needed trousers and maybe a dress... Oh dear god! I know I am short that always been a struggle but finding trousers that fit around the waist and don't bobble up in front is actually almost impossible. And the high street shops are no help. Either I don't like he material, looking at you primark with strange polyester trousers that look sad, or size confusion, yes H&M UK you got your European size relatively right but it is wrong when it comes to UK size. Like size 34 is not size 8 you're numbties it's a 6! But then also I couldn't fit into jeans with 30inch waist when I am usually 28 or not 26 on a good day. 

(all pretty for the wedding few months ago) 

And please don't tell me about the apps that help you with sizing since every shop is different. But why is that?! Shopping should be fun! Infuriating actually. I don't have much time to spend in the shop since the offspring is either being looked after someone or really rather impatient I don't have time to check the silly app. Then it won't help since I don't actually know what size I am. 
And shopping used to make me happy ... It's just stress now...  
Usually I would pop to the shop grab something I like, normally a top... But over the summer they were all cropped. I don't like having my belly out... or just having that sexy midriff showing. Damn, why! Not all of us want a unicorn tee with belly button hanging out. 

Talking about H&M, have you seen that size shaming photo? 

despite all that how hot is this girl! Curves and balls! Awesome girl! 

But I love H&M I will not stop shopping there. I also love love their kids stuff. And I got some cute stuff lately from them... 

I just need to accept that I might be size 12. And maybe sometimes 14. I am dreading what size I will be in topshop. But never mind as long as I look good I don't care what size I am.
It is like buying a bra, as Bravissimo ladies told me you should always try things on. 
Must remember that... Size like age is just a number as long as you feel good and amazing unicorn that you are this number doesn't matter! 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Food circus

Street food circus. Silly name for a fun foodie faire. 
We have been last year when it was behind Radisson in Cardiff. This year they have moved to nicer surroundings of Sophia Gardens. And this time me and my girl Viera went in the evening. Me out on Friday night?! What?! I thought I'd never see the day! 
It was nice to be out in the evening! 
They had a fab selection of awesome makers and cooks! 

We had reclette thing. Melted wheel of cheese scraped over potatoes with some serano ham, shallots, crunchy pickles.and I don't like pickles! 
Then we head over to brûlée bar! These were little pots of creamy haven, you chose from set toppings or make your own. Too much choice really! 
And we washed it down with prosecco cocktail from the tiny prosecco van. I tell you what we all need one of these in our gardens!
It was good fun but mainly it was nice to do this with a friend and to catch up!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Face mask form H&M

I love H&M despite their issues with sizing and such. Well stay tuned for that post, it's coming. 
In case you don't know anything and lived somewhere isolate line under the rock they have launched the beauty and makeup range. 
And it is lovely, good quality and affordable! I got couple of things form their range including this face mask 

How cool is the minimal design! And it's a one pot kind of a deal. So if you are doing it every so often it's perfect size... I sometimes forget that I need to buyout is or clean, in this case, a deep clean... 
Skin is our biggest organ and we do not take much care if it. At the moment I am all about cleansing and moisturising. Mama must stay pretty and young!

Well and so she does!!
It was a super nice texture and extra nice smell. They actually add perfume to it so I was distracted by it, like a natural sent of product. It felt smooth when I was putting it on but it felt incompatible drying out. But this might be that I have oily skin and I was using it while having a bath. 
After washing the mask off my face felt clean and moisturized. It felt clean. And lovely. So if I was to get it again I would use in the morning for a fresh feel all day. 
In conclusion, didn't like the sent and thought it was rather off putting but the result, quality and consistency are top notch! 
Also speaking of H&M beauty I also got the lip melt. 

Colour pigment is awesome. Not my usual safe ones more of a dark shade. Mama fancied a bit of the change I guess. It is a bit dry when you put it on and take a bit of time to make it all pretty on the lips but lips feel soft and lovely after. Once again top marks! 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Do you love Great British Bake Off? Or Baking Show, I believe that is the alternative US version name for his amazing show. Well I am a sucker for any sort of amazing home crafter and makers show, like sewing bee or a pottery throw down. Yea that's a thing here in UK. I don't know how much of it is a real thing but it is super fun! So... 
Nadiya was a winner of bake off last year. And she owned it! 

After awesome winner speech like this she is back in BBC in a new show. To be perfectly honest I knew she was up to something since she has been on a lot of magazine covers. However it makes you wonder if press needed some awesome hijab wearing woman.... Oh nevermind all the marketing and all the representation issue aside, she is one super inspiring young lady. 

Chronicles of Nadiya was right after new season of bake off last week. Clever BBC  scheduling here! And don't think it's just another cooking show. Nadiya talked about her family, Bangladesh, being a Muslim in UK, being a mother and many other things. Not only she is very talented she is also very brave and opinionated lady and a feminist. Even if she is just touching this territory and is being a truly scare of this. Love her love her lover. 
I actually almost cried when she was telling about the arrange marriages and the pictures of her cousin's wedding were so heartbreaking... 
I cannot encourage you enough to watch it! Seek it out even if it's not available in your country, damn BBC for only showing thins within the UK... 
I hate to say that you some of us seeing a lady in hijab we think she is oppressed. One of my old coworkers converted to Islam and she said hay it was a choice to wear or not to wear, to adopt modesty clothing or not, or in simpler words it is up to you how you want to celebrate your beauty! And once again wear what you want... You are an amazing lady and it is your choice what to wear and what to be!! 
Nadiya I love you and I cannot wait to new the episode tomorrow!! Yay! 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Me vs Chicken pox

So I thought Egg had chicken pox about 6 months ago. It turned out to be just a teething rush. 

I had chicken pox when I was 21 and it was horrible. And from what I can gather it is much better to have it when you are little... And so Edgar got this disease for his birthday. Damn!

He can't tell what's up and how he feels coz he doesn't talk yet... Oh well. 

I am very sleep deprived at the moment. He is walking up a lot itchy all over and super grouchy. I can't take him out since he is still contagious, there goes our nursery settling, he is going mad in the house. 

And the spots are everywhere, poor guy. 

He is still mainly happy little boy but restless... And annoyed and very irritable... So is his mama. At this very moment I'm listening to him fighting the nap time while being in need of one too. Go to nap!!! Go to nap now! 

Basically being sick sucks! But watching your child being sick and there isn't much you can do to relieve his suffering is much worse... Oh joys of parenting. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

So Egg man is two...

Yay we kept him alive for two whole years... I said this to hubby. But what I didn't say is that I remembered the birth. Also known as the very 1st time I have been in hospital, I was so scared, tired, in pain and the staff messed it up. 
I'm sure that there are worst sorties out there ...
But what we must know and remember there are some truly amazing ones! For example my uni frowns gave birth in 4hours to a very hansome little boy. 
Why can't we tell heart birth stories? Why can't local media say one day that in so and so hospital lots of babie been born today and all happy and healthy went home...

Looking into his little face as he begins to be more grown up... 

And I don't care how he came to this world I am just super happy to have him

New things. Exciting life of the toddler

We have been busy and doing a lot of fun stuff... 
Like just going to the pool. Not usual swimming lesson but just swimming. And Egg loved it. Kicking the water all the time and jumping off the side. Not independently thanks goodness but almost there.... I think he jumps 3 times without holding my hands.
We also had a really good time in Wagamama and little man eat most of his food, also Daddy's chilli squid and most of my noodles! 

We also had a coffee date just few days ago... I really needed a latte and little man had a babycinno. Well he enjoyed sticking the spoon into it and swish it about.

And we also had our very first cinema trip. Finding Dory was lovely. I had to go see it again because we had a wonder around and he had enough after about a half a film. Which is good I thought. 
We came in early so he could see what the cinema was all about and the popcorn of course. 

It is wonderful that there are these early showings, mainly families in the audience. So they don't really mind the noise and other joyful stuff of young children in the screening. I would actually advise to anyone who wants to take their tiny people to the cinema is to come in later. The adverts were too much for our almost two year old... 
Also the side on he cot is off... 

And my little boy is turning two tomorrow. 
I feel excited that he is turning into a big boy and very scared of what is to come!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Cinema gower me

In few weeks I caught up with some of the biggest films this summer. 
Star Track Beyond
Suicide Squad (twice)

I never read any Dahl. I am Russian we didn't read this growing up. I have no fuzzy feelings for the book and didn't know what it was about. But it was lovely. Funny moments funny, sad moments sad.

 You know just what you want it to be. Special effects were truly something else, the giant land was awesome! 
In the screen was a big groups of young ladies and relatives... So they needed the loo break and run right to the screen for the exit and then they climbed the sits to get to the exit. It was really funny and I truly didn't mind the code of conduct being broken with little cuties like little monkeys. Think a lot of people in audience thought the same, since we all giggles at them. 
Then I saw the reboot of Ghostbasters. Coz I love in a happy bubble I haven't hear about any of misogynistic trolling this film got. Makes you wonder what is, don't think it should make any difference who are the main leads are in the film.

Besides it is not many films made with female cast. I got to say I have enjoyed i. Funny bits were funny, scary bits were scary and the characters were top notch! Even their silly receptionist was funny and I didn't think he was well showing silly men folk I a bad way.

Then me and hubby went to see Star Track. It was great! Interesting plot, great action and the usual sci-fi awesomeness. But I was sad about Anton... It was very touching to see the dedication to Leonard Nemoy and Anton. 
Then it was Suicide Squad. We went in the morning while little one was in nursery. For a 9am showing it was actually busy.

I enjoyed it. It was fun and entertaining with some excellent acting. Yeah it was an origin story and bit too much back stories but it was good. Maybe not Cara Delevingne dancing thing but otherwise it was good fun. 
I do believe if you find yourself entertained for few hours film was a success! 
Yay to cinema. Oh the reason I saw it twice it that I was worried about the time, and one scene didn't make me believe I guess. But upon reviewing it again I still find it a bit flat... But it's just one moment, I can't quiet express it. It just didn't feel right... 
Oh and my new favourite female characters is definitely Harley Quinn!! 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Separation anxiety

So me and Edgar were pretty much just me and Edgar... And daddy on his days off. But mainly for almost two years it was just me and little man. 
It was wonderful, fun, learning experience , super tiring, and all sort of other craziness that mumming comes with. But from the last month we committed to nursery and started to go there from 1st of August. 

Our nursery offers settling sessions. So two out of four were great. He came in happy and went off playing straight away. They just can't feed him. But that will come. The last two sessions he had to be pulled off me by staff. Tears and screams. And my heart was breaking. My brain understands that it is just an act and it's won't be like this all the time... But my heart still breaking. 
For the 1st time he was staying longer than two hours yesterday. And the tears! His little face was all red and wet from being so upset about me leaving him. But then after I have stopped feeling like the worst person ever (big thank you to all off you who took time to comment on my Facebook, your kind comments and word really helped!) I relaxed and when we picked him up he was happy and cheery and even giggled at his dada. He also said bye to other kiddies and staff. He still didn't eat but he was happy. And all day he was very affectionate and very well behaved. 
And he went to sleep without getting naked or any similar shenanigans. We didn't sleep much but that's another thing all together. 
Basically I just need to man up... And maybe find something constructive to do when he is at nursery... He is just fine. 

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