Monday, 29 February 2016


Back in the, was it 90s or early naughties when Madonna came back with awesome Ray of Light album and new fitness thing yoga? Well ever since then I was very interested. Mother of course saw it as a cult and wouldn't let me go. With time I forgot about it and when I did remember thought that one must be super educated in the whole thing yoga before attending. So it never happens.
Pilates yes, even Wii Fit Yoga happened but never the actual yoga. I was still too scared. And I did crossfit class few times?! 
I also like the idea of yoga... You know the whole Zen feeling calmness and no violence way. Considering I was pushing myself all last year to get a PB in 10k. I know I seem controversial but hey I am a woman therefore I am a mystery. Or you know crazy. Which ever you prefer. 
So adding more to this confusion my mother now is a fan! And while I m here I in Chelyabinsk city I went to her class. Terrified. I was also late. So I couldn't talk j will probably fall down in some poses. Oh well.

One can definitely clear one's mind with this skyline.

At 1st when I came in and listened to all the instructions about the calmness and freeing ones mind I though damn right it's not for me! But longer I stretched and listened to my body the more into yoga I became. We did few dynamic circuits if you like and then I felt like home... But without loud music. I was sweating like a ... Today my body is aches from stretching and holding poses but I am so ready for more! 
So where to find yoga in Cardiff anyone? I am definitely a fan! 
Oh! We have DDP yoga at home this one is definitely dynamic. 
Now I'm trying to revive my tired we body in the pool and little hammam. 

The teacher I had also sells the awesome  sweets and other treats! These lovely people are so nice and inspiring that we will be rolling some at home in few days!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Walking snowmen

We are actually away in Russia on holidays. Seeing the family, playing in the snow.
Hubby for the 1st time ever seen the real snow if you like. If you are from United Kingdom you know that we, or you, don't do snow. It's all panic and everything stops. Here in Russia we, they, just get in with it. Stephen couldn't get it why my parents weren't excited that it was snowing? He on the other hand had a sparkle in his eye like a small kid at Christmas time second he spotted a snowflake coming down.
We just returning back from our 1st time snowboarding! Oh my! This was so much fun.
We had an instructor for one hour to explains the basics and show us bits and bobs. Excellent lady by the way called Anna. Imagine the snowboarding girl and you will see her, fresh blond smiley! Considering that a lot of my school mates and my step sister are very keen and always comes winter on the snowboard I never even stood on one. 

But now I can tell you blime! I really didn't think it would be that hard. Yet starngely satisfying when you finally make it down without falling down:)
I really wish we could go up to the moutains again and again ... I need to perfect my skills... Well I need to leant to fall down less. Same goes for Stephen. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Girl power!

So when I say girl power I don't want to talk about spice girls... But they were empowering and awesome! And some of them became power houses, look at Posh Spice... 

Oh sorry kids who were born after 1999 this is Victoria Beckham. 
Finally strong females are taking slowly the centre stage! About freaking time I say... 
Firstly it is Katniss Everdeen. Admittedly in later films she became a big damaged girl but she's strong! And on my never ending list of things to read. 
But how refreshing are shows like Agent Carter. She is not only a super woman but she understands that point in time she was very accepting of her less special role and that "I know what I'm worth" . Gosh just the fact that she knows she's a badass female and doesn't need any male approval.... 

Then I came across the Blindspot. Not so sure about that but Jane, Jaimie Alexandre cars yet, most definitely a strong female. 
But one I really want to talk about is from the Galaxy far far away... Rey from Star Wars. Force Awakens. This Star Wars film I actually went to see twice. You see I wasn't sure if the hype I felt after seeing it once was the correct feeling. 

After the second time with giggles and sheer Aww I decided that star war was for me. Not the original, which was a hit stiff for my liking  (and how on earth this is PG) and definite not the reboot the prequel (no more JarJar brings) this new JJ Abrams version is for me. It is all about Rey and what she is about to become. She comes to the rescue even if she a not sure how to help yet, has integrity, talent and just believe in her own powers. She is like agent Peggy Carter, knows her worth. Can't wait to see more of this! 
Now what I also want to see is more awesome females and that they will be recognised! 

Monday, 1 February 2016

It's just hard

Get your minds out of the gutter! 

Mumming..... Who knew it is hard to deal with super active toddler. Did you know that aged between 12-24 months or so they have tantrums!... 
And it is normal... 

It is very hard to deal with. The big man cannot quiet express himself ... So he screams and screams and some time throws stuff. More often when I pick him up to soothe hit flaps is arms around and I get slapped a lot... Or he bangs his head on the floor as a protest. 
And this is normal. Who knew?! 
Toddlers cannot quiet say or express what they hey want or need so tanties are happening.
My Facebook mamas said that it will pass and I just need to relax and not to worry. That it is only a stage... 
Basically motherhood is kicking my butt at the moment it's not fun... 
We are also started using reusable nappies with hope that big man will realise when he needs to go and will be willing to sit in the potty.. But so far he is still sits in it like a chicken: feel in the bowl and squats down as if keeping his eggs safe... 
Potty training is another thing that bugs me... 
And the usual sleeping issues. He doesn't sleep throw the night. And he wakes up a lot. And sleeps with us. And wakes up early... 
So there we have it mumming is driving me banana... And sometimes I feel like a failure... 
But some times, he would just come up to me and give and a kiss and then I think I am doing a pretty good job!

Date night - Stephen's Christmas present

I just love presents that give more than things, that give experiences and emotions. So the awesome gift he got was the tickets to see Ed Byrne

My dearest said that he will always make this lovely face .... 

It was the 3rd time we saw him. Steve himself saw him 4 times. And every time we laughed so hard...

It is also very nice to see how his comedy changes with his circumstances. Now he is a parents and talks a lot about his kids. We can definitely relate to that! 
Mr Burn also comes across as a feminist. Which is awesome! But he has his own reasons for that... So freaking funny! 
Actually he did talk about the important stuff. But in a funny way. 
And I must say if my child picks up his own clothes they do not have to be gender specific... So hooray for pink shoes and leggings!
And we are so getting a DVD when it is finally released. Loved you Ed! 

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