Saturday, 29 June 2013

I have been busy

This week seems a bit never ending... I spent two days on the trains from and back to Birmingham.

I went to Bath to tidy up the old flat...

Walking from the house back to the train station I was think that this city is very beautiful and I was very miserable there. I walked passed the old work and I did not come in to say hello, I am a little be confused about this. I do miss you guys! 

Then the next day I went to London to Russian Embassy to pick up my passport!! Woooo!!
The journey it self was good, apart from the dude next to me who was chatting on the phone to some one for the whole time! Like an hr and a half!! Crazy!
I was in a queue for my passport for one hour, this is not a great organisation I got to say... But I have it now  even if they did not spell my new married name correctly... 

To celebrate and kill some time before my train back I went to Camden. Oh Camden, wish I was where earlier and had more time to look for treasures. I did get a hand painted top from a cookie Korean painter. 
Market got bigger, and changed a bit too. I went to look for some vintage stuff and instead of these shops I found a building site for cafe... 

These stalls and horses sculptures where there at all when I lived in London. I guess it is for the best but I do truly hope that it (Camden Town) will stay as unique and as random as it always been. 

Now that I have my passport I still cannot go to Russia, not just yet. We all going away to Spain for my mother-in-law's birthday so being Russian I need to have a visa. I have an appointment on the 11th July for the visa application and do hope it won't take too long so I can escape the horrid British weather for hot summer in Motherland, besides it's has been almost 2 years since I have been there last.

Monday, 17 June 2013

I m back to the real world...

Now after we left Bath I can finally rejoin the "real" world...
Or as Viera put it Daria is a "happy bunny" world... 

I am back gymming to PureGym and just singed up for Cineworld unlimited card!

So I though I do it properly. So I singed up for not one but two classes at the gym, I did work out properly. And after that I was in a lot of pain for two whole days! But my legs and butt feel amazing!

And to test drive my new cineworld card I went to see Epic!

And it was soo cute!

Colin Farell with his sexy Irish accent.... Funny slug... Steven Tyler as a caterpillar... How cool could it get. 
Oh did I mention that they ride the birds and have cute little saddles on them?!

Although it is one doomed love story... 

Right well I better go back to unpacking

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Birmingham, it is so nice to meet you!

I walked to city center... I found many amazing things such as:

-It only take 45min walk to town from our home
-Cineworld and PureGym are in the same building
-People are very nice and have cute accent, sounds like a winy song
-These beautiful things....

the canal!! Love the organised water feature!

This awesome building will be opening in Septermer to house B'ham library! How cool?

Half of an Angel of the North? I do not know but it is just super cool art!

Beautiful fountain on Victoria's Square

Now this is a ceiling in massive Waterstones... you know how I love the book shops

And this is on the door of Watersones on New Street.

In last few days I have rejoined the "real" aka my world, I'm again a memeber of the Pure Gym and Cineworld Unlimited card! Woooo!!
Went to do two classes in the gym of Thursday today it is Sunday and my legs are still hurting. Will have a rock hard butt!!

Have an amazing day! 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

we are settling in

We moved to Birmingham.. its was a long day.
Yeah at some point I was entertaining the pets:) 

 Very special thank you to Viera, who was amazing and come to give us a hand in moving. 
As us girls went for a drinkie to the pub my amazing husband was left home to deal with all that madness of furniture, boxes and bags...
We only moved on Thusrday but already almost finished bedroom, mancave, living room and kitchen.

Although we had to rebuilt some things twice and Stephen shouted at me... He was so annoying that he made me laughed uncontrollebly. I was like in halves on the floor giggling away. Oh btw how do you like this wall paper, it actually glitters too and has soft bits. Seem to be expensive but still looks a bit like brothel wallpaper. It grows on me ... slowly!
Today we went for a wonder around... sat in the sun for a bit in Warley Wood

And then we played with our garden. I actually learn to plant stuff.

Stephen is very green-fingered... we weeded, racked, tidied the garden. Needs more work and more plants we think... But Daisy seem to like it.

She was digging for Britain in one of the flower beds, and then she eat that thing she was digging for. 
She was out in the house for the 1st time today too, well she doesn't like fake wood laminate... Bunny was dragging her back funny. But then she thought of chewing on the wallpaper in the living room... 
Daisy been told off and put to cage for the evening. Naughty bunny!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Busy few days

We had busy couple of days... Mother in law came to stay for couple of days. It is sunny for a change too. Did lots of tourist-y things. Oh also we know why there is not number 7 on The Circus in Bath: Nick Cage, you know that actor, took the number down so no one would know where he lives. Well he sold the house now but there is still no number. I guess it made Circus more of the tourist attraction. 

And then we went to Birmingham to sing for the house... We have a house now and moving on Thursday!! 

We will have garden after so many years without one.
And upstairs... and 2 bathrooms. 
And real shops, unlike in Bath. 
I am very much looking forward to move and live in a big city again!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

2 days of smiles, hugs and celebration all around

I was trying to run away to hometown for so long... Yet, I still cannot since I still do not have a passport. I mean how long should it take to make one?! Hmm...
So I did next best thing I went to Cardiff
It was a day of celebration... 
and half price food!

Hugged half of waiting stuff in the old office... 
Saw bunch of people I love! Darlings, I do miss you all here in Bath... 

Saw Katarina... that's her hand there holding the cow milk jug. By the way how cute is that?! She looked amazing, happy and moving to NZ soon! So pleased for her!

Then Rhian and Sarah started monkeying around... Monkeys! We had such fun shopping... still not sure how one supposed to wear that dress we couldn't work out between free of us. It had a boob cover and some rhinestones.. Crazy!

We all had things to celebrate... But some of them I am not allowed to talk about.

Main thing it was Owen's big Three O...

We went to Yard, saw some really fun band called Salvation. Then headed down to Irish Pub.. and next thing you know it was 3am...

This is how we look like after big breakfast and we only slept for 4 hours...

Then I spent time with my girls....
Viera made me try a pretzel. It was ok... very sesame... I guess it was actually covered in it.

And I haven't seen Marzena since Oliver been born... November last time I saw this girl! Mad!

We did have a really good time, wine, food... Chat chat! and more gossip!:) Wish that weekend was never ending... 

So the sad face... Dessy couldn't make it to Cardiff... Shame. And in the end I had to go back to stupid Bath. But on the way to the station we run into Xen who we all haven't seen well since forever... Group hug!
I got home after 9pm very tired... but very happy.

I miss you guys!

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