Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cumberbacth in 4DX

My dearest hubby came home one day last week and said... "go to the cinema or something" So I went to see Doctor Strange.

I thought I was in for regular 3D but I was in for a surprise of a 4D showing... Totally forgot that the Cardiff Cineworld was getting it installed when we went on holiday. 

Film was good, entertaining and introduced the characters and the special powers. I had few giggles and really felt for Dr Strange. If you like your Marvel films you will like this one. Oh and one of the Easter eggs are so funny with sexy Thor in it. It's like a major men-candy of Easter eggs.
But I want to tell you about the 4DX thing... Would this be breaking code of conduct as set by Kermode and Mayo? Well I thought it was fun but I think I would avoid this experience, just object to pay for this, even with my unlimited card. Yes I am this tight with money. 
The chairs were moving with the screen, the air pumping into the ears and the chair also mimics the fight. Now that was a fun feeling, kind of like a massage. Or a bad massage. However I am not sure if on taller person it would be feeling the same? But I did turn the water off. It is too cold for this. And I wasn't fussed on the cinema's option of incenses sticks burning. 
With all of this shaking about and stuff I didn't feel distracted from the film. But I also do not think it was enriching the experience. Just something different to the cinema trip I guess. 

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