Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sunny day out. RHS flower show

This post is mainly picture. ... we were at the flower show in Bute Park in Cardiff. Here is what we saw and enjoyed looking at.


The RHS makes a lovely day out. Weather was glorious, flowers were fragrant, what more can you wish on your weekend in April. 
They also have good few kiddie activities. We're we're even newly hatched chicks for little ones to look at, story time... If you think they only have flowers and garden stuff you are mistaken, there is also a food quarter and bunch of craft stalls. We will be going again next year! Will you? 

Toy overload. Parenting hack.

We are the only one with a child so we get a lot of toys given. And it is wonderful, however...
  • Toys took over our living space
  • Egg didn't show any interest in any
  • Mess was everywhere
  • Noisy toys are the worst!
  • All the storage is for toys 
  • Egg empties everything 
This has to stop! But how to you tell people that enough of toys please and do not sound like an ungrateful SOB? Well for Christmas we set the limit that if you are getting Egg a toy get just one.
Yeah that worked.... I suppose grand parents are here to spoil! But we also got a lot of book, and this is actually super awesome! Thank you great grand mama aka Snowy. 
So after spending yet another evening mainly putting the toys away I have decided to sort and hide. So I put away all the little toys and ones he hasn't really play with since being a little baba. 
Then I put all the wooden blocks, wooden cars, wooden train track together and took it to the spare room. Same happened to noisy toys... now I have to say these were hidden very fast and pretty much aren't coming back in batches. Some toys were just put together coz I couldn't categorize them... and the abundance of soft toys were put into these lovely bags you vacuum the air out of. He just isn't into them. I mean I have left some around, like talking Rock, Elmo and a rattly caterpillar we got from the monthly box
We had wooden toys out for a while so I finally took them away and left the school bus and Twirlywoos... 
The child played with them for 40min in the morning. 
And later refused to go out since he was busy playing 


So here we have a happy boy about to make a ramp out of the sofa's cushion... 
Well he is happy and it's less to tidy after. I call it a win win situation! 
I understand that it might not work for everyone, we are lucky enough to have space to hide this hoard of toys. 
One of my mates from high school actually was giving her daughter a box full of certain toys a day to play with. Same result! 
I am actually amazed and a bit proud of this post, a parenting hack! Who would have thought I would be doing this! 

Monday, 10 April 2017


I finally went to see Logan last week... 
... Damn! 
So let me start form the beginning. I enjoy X men franchise... but I haven't seen them all. I missed the Wolverine  and the X Men Apocalypse (from few summers ago). But unfortunately I have seen the last stand... it was poo.

 But nether the less I do enjoy my superheroes with mutant flare. 
I have heard good things about Logan. But also that it has very graphic violence and is a very different film to all the others... and weren't these people right!

Good story telling, and truly heart breaking throughout. You know when you see a film where kids are in peril it is sad but when you are a parent and ... well I was in tears good few times. 
It is also a good stand alone film. Like Fantastic beasts. You don't have to be invested into the universe. But you still can enjoy the film. 
The young Dafne Keen is great, such a excellent performance from such a young actor. 
Now the big question is if I would see it again.... and you know. Yes I would. Not this year perhaps but I would love to see it again. 
I am just working my way through the old X Men films... and they hold pretty good. 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Geekery. Got it from my hubby.

We have this fab saying in Russian you get your traits from people you are with. Well I guess this is true. All my expressions and mannerisms are very very similar to my mother. But then again she is my mother so I guess that's ok. 
I also picked up a lot of expressions and words from husband. Well I suppose if some one says "poo" to a lot of things for over 11 years you sort stray doing it too... 
However what I didn't expect is how much I am influenced in my choices for "crap TV" and films by him. I recently started to enjoy watching wrestling... I know my Marvel from DC. And I really love Dr Who. 
I even marked out calendar when the great doctor is back on BBC! 


I actually remember watching Christopher Eccelston becoming the new Doctor. I was waiting for the train back to Neuchatel from my place of training in Chaux de Fonds, I had BBC on in changing room... but I didn't think twice about it until I moved in with hubby in 2006. 
But as wrestling I am more of an expert that I was. I love that they stopped having female wrestlers just as an eye candy, they are proper athletes and have their own belt. There is still issues with it, but WWE are moving forward and evolving. Oh and yes I loved their life shows that I have attended... I have wrote about this before
Hubby doesn't like Star Wars he is more Star Trek... I on the other hand not the Star Trek. Well I like the new films, but so not series. I guess we still have own interests but are influenced by each other in some way... I am so excited to get Rogue One on blue ray next week! 

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