Monday, 30 June 2014

Angelina love or Maleficient

We all knew that Maleficent will be good... it was long time in production and advertised to no end. And we all were aware that it is about the evil in Sleeping Beauty. Oh but was it?

I really did not know what to expect... I though a dull Disney film. But I was wrong and very pleasantly surprised.

The horrid evil act... Loss of wings... All men are evil said the film! and oh we believed that.

But truly Angelina was a real star of this film. She was magnificent! I would really recommend it to everyone... Beautifully made, beautiful actors, dark and Gothic as we all know I'm a fan of that!

Also I want these horns... and wings!! 

Oh and loved how they have reinvented the true loves kiss, very much like frozen too the act of the pure heart the same way! Very cute and not traditional at all.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Last day at work done!

I was actually looking forward to it for a very very long time... Last day at work!! WOOO kind of like day before holidays when you were at school, this super excitement.

I am very much looking forward not to deal with idiots, people who ask you obvious and same questions over and over again... Oh wait! I will have a baby, but then these guys do not actually know. But asking about car park charges and why are they so high... You damn ass it is city centre it s actually very reasonable!! And no just because it says check in time 2pm you do not have to arrive by 2pm or else we give away your room... Honestly!! See why sometimes I get grumpy at home because it seems rude to tell people "Just use your brain mate!" and you also cannot be patronising.... Even if you actually know better!
My work colleagues made me feel very special! I had a home baked cake. Which was insanely delishious... I mean you really cannot go wrong with chocolate brownie cake in white icing! And look how pretty and fun it is....

Kelly actually made the baby out of cake too and swaddle him in icing.... More icing and more cake!!!

I got some beautiful flowers, cards with sweet wishes and advice not to ask our GM to baby sit since he almost drowned his nephew... well the kid fell into the river while cycling with him.

Also got lots of hugs and wishes. Love hugs:) Some super soft socks for the mini me and gift voucher to spend in Mamas and Papas. We still have few things to get... Think like this might be never ending.

I felt very cared for and loved yesterday, big thank you to all you lovely people at work. And some amazing regular guests who also gave me presents for little one... That's like extra sweet!!

But now I feel strange...  I have been working for a while now and I realise "What on Earth I am going to do?" time off... with no holidays to fill in, no deadlines... It is scary.... Our lives are about to change. And there is nothing to do but prepare and wait for the baby to arrive... One very scary notion.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Stephen's happy place

I came home from work one day, it was just gone 11pm to find my other half still pottering around in the garden! Madness right?

I work out to unwind, gosh how I miss running! and Steve he gardens. 

Our current garden is more manageable and has more sun, which is amazing for me, since I adore the sun and the warms but not so great for his pale Welsh complexion. We have some sun screen stashed in the shed!:)

From the garden to the stove... In his awesome garden hat:)
He works tirelessly on his garden, yeah, it's his garden.... We have flowers, some grown from bulbs, "shake'n'rake" boxes and some ready bought. I couldn't really help out  much since every time I crouch down to dig or plant I would be tilting forward since my belly is so big now.

We also have a veg patch... 

I never grew anything before neither did he, so it is more and more impressive that we have tons of veggies sprouting. He even put up a cold frame, green house essentially. And we already had some homegrown radishes. By the way if you decide to grow these delicious root veggies, beware that they grow quickly and like weeds:)

Also the pride and joy of every men with a loan mower is .... drum roll... the lawn! It is not finished yet, but I'm finally allowed to walk on it.... However I just want to roll around in it, bump is in a way. Apparently the patches need to be seeded and the rest of the lawn need to be fixed. Not to be a pessimist or anything, but I do not think we will have this lawn finished before the baby comes:) Or hint hint get it going, Steve!!

Friday, 13 June 2014


Belly is big. I mean my preggers trousers are like super tight on the bump which is not ideal....

So few other interesting things I have discovered about being pregnant, I can probably write a book about this awesome and terrifying experience. 

Even if anyone tells you that pregnancy clothes are cute now.. well they are...they will cost you a fortune so I was determined to stay on low budget as possible. It doesn't however help that everything is tight, and actual clothes that still fit... well some one always who will tell you "oh you know her, well her clothes stretched and she couldn't wear them after the baby".... And then there is of course your loved ones tell you "oh get maternity clothes coz you are so uncomfortable"... And... Yet nothing fits! I'm too short for conventional maternity clothes....

This is a top... A very very ugly top. I mean what on earth are they expecting that short women will not have babies? So I m sticking to in what I can fit... And maternity trousers, jeans and shorts. 

Tip for you shorties and preggers, stretchy cheap clothes. You probably won't wear them again after baby, but al least you will be comfy. 
Other fun thing... 
Strange pain in the pelvic bones... Yes, you body is preparing it self to give birth. Yeah well tell me this to my hips and butt that hurt like hell if I walk a bit too long... I have to sleep with pillow between my legs and with anther under my belly and mostly on the left side. It is super tricky. 

This amazing feeling when you feel the baby move for the very first time... It's magical because lot of lucky of us can make life. It's a wonderful feeling. But then the more in this 39-40 weeks you are in the moves become more and more noticeable. Gosh my belly moves like there is an alien is about to come out. It's fun to watch... but then sometimes it is real painful. Oh also I am pretty sure I felt my baby boys foot. It felt like a big foot. .... 
So size... 
I have been sent to hospital to do the blood test and glucose test. They wanted to rule out few things, such as I might have too much water, or I might be diabetic, or other things. So I am not diabetic, I do not have to much water... I have a big baby. I have another two months to go. I am scared about giving birth... I think I might have to have a c section.... 
So this is things I can tell you about my belly and being pregnant so far. Stay tunes for more updates on this front!:)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


So I met a lady the other day she was in her 40s and was heading to her 1st gig ever... She was going to see New Kids on the Block in B'ham NIA. Well more like Old Dudes on the Block really...

That made me smile! A lot!!!

I finally been to the massive venue to see the gig. I got hubby tickets for Nine Inch Nails in Cardiff... So I though we will have fun, drinks and such. Well I didn't know I would be 7 months pregnant... 

But we had fun! I really do not know much of NIN but it was really fun and very different.

A lot of cool looking people, saw some great and rather strange tattoos. Dude with a penguin tattoo on his calf was rather cool!

And the gig it self...

A massive downside of a big venue and short height I cannot see much. 
But after looking a "spot" we found one.
Also being preggers and going to the gigs equals a lot of pee breaks!

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