Sunday, 14 January 2018

It’s been a year

So I think it has been year since I last laced up my trainers and went for a run. 
So pretty much every day since about 5th of January I was trying to get my shit together and go for a run. 
A wish to run was there but the motivation and the will power wasn’t. Also the storms were not fun! 
So after few days of procrastination I have finally decieded it was time and put the run into school run, after dropping of Eggy to school I run home... 
Putting my winter running gear after a year of no runs was a bit... I felt like a sausage, everything was very clingy, and a not tight. It might be due to the fact that I didn’t wear tight head to toe, and well I have put on a little bit of weight understandably.  
In total I run just over 4km in about 25minutes... 
I should and could have been faster. What I didn’t consider before I set off it that everything was icy. I had to really concentrate on where each foot went. At first it was not relaxing. Runs are there to clear head. This was not happening I was thingking to just give up and run home but before I knew it my feet carried me further and the sun was getting warmer and icy patches on the pavement were not where to be seen. 

How cool is this graffiti I saw on my run? Not sure what’s the deal with a rooster but hey it’s pretty awesome! 
And as predicted I felt great after the run. Even if next day I was and still am rather sore, 4 days later. 
Running makes me feel like I can really do it! No matter what it is. 
I saw my old running club on Wednesday. And I really want go out running with them but this being winter and it’s being dark so early think I will just stick to school runs...  

Monday, 1 January 2018

Well hello 2018

And just like that another year has finished and the new one started. 
It has been a busy and eventful year. But I am very much looking forward to the new challenges and events of 2018. 

So this year I am hoping to:
-cook more and use new recipes at least once a month
-run a half marathon
-become fitter
-travel to Russia and somewhere else too
-get the job (losing my permit really messed me up this year in job search. Would you employ anyone with no passport on hand? But I have a suspicion that my doncuments are in post sorting office waiting to be picked up tomorrow) 
-read more
-be a bit more healthier
-use less plastic and recycle more
-grow more plants, fruit and vegetables 
-make more, craft and all! 

Have you made any plans and resolutions?
I think all these things are easily achievable. I am just hoping for a better year. And I wish you the same! 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Things I have learnt this Christmas

As you know I have been out in charge of Christmas dinner. And by default, husband was away, I had to sort out all the presents... and school engagements... 
And I wished the Christmas would be here already some time around 15th December. 
I found it all super stressful... 

But as this blog post title suggests I learnt few things too. 
Firstly I understand how stressful it is to cook the Christmas dinner/lunch. We agreed that next year we are doing it together. 
Then it’s totally ok to ask for stuff that you want. But I did find it odd to do so and for the 1st time I bought stuff that hubby wanted and not to think about it my self. Made me feel very strange. But now I have the sleepers I wanted and tickets to see Scummy Mummies show. 
It’s super fun to be just at home with just family. We didn’t have anyone over, just us. We did what we wanted and when we wanted. 

And in the end of the day it is all about kids. 
We played with new toys. At some point husband and the child were jamming together on new toy guitar and toy piano. 

Hope you too had good holidays! Lots of love x

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Tea advent review.

This year I thought instead of the rather pricy beauty advents I shall get myself a tea advent. 
I got this one from Amazon for like £15 

It seems like a good idea at the time... 
Today is 26th of December and it’s only half drunk. 
Some teas are great but I have this feeling that whoever designed these just chucked everything in. 
Like just now I had Moroccan Spice which is herbal tea with cinnamon, chicory, licorice, peppermint, ginger and orange and all I could taste was licorice and mint. Maybe my palet isn’t that refined but so is your average person...
So in total the tea discovery was interesting and fun, I most definitely don’t like roiboosh tea, but only 13 flavours and it got kind of boring. I will not be getting it again. Or maybe I just was so busy all December long... 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Christmas traditions

I didn’t celebrate Christmas till 2006... yes, you read it right. And no I wasn’t in any cult or religions that doesn’t do Christmas. I just lived in Russia where Christmas is on 7th January for starters and we mainly celebrate New Year’s Eve... 

I also work in catering and hospitality so this means a lot of drunks and mischief so you really start to resent holidays a bit. 
But my husband love Christmas so I sort of love Christmas too! It rubbed off on me!

(Egg is ready to decorate the tree)

 All the tasty food, wonderful gifts, family time and fab Christmas specials on tele. Yes I am this excited about Dr Who! And also early bed if you want to... 
With arrival of Edgar our priority changed. House has to be very magical, Santa should be met... but Edgar is only three and really doesn’t care much. He wasn’t impressed with meeting Santa last year and really didn’t care about making cookies with Dada on Christmas Eve.... and he pulled the tree down last year and stayed under it not making noise and breaking his baby’s first Christmas bauble... 
But this little munchkin grew up so much even in last few months and Dada has 6 days off over Christmas so we are going to do many things. 
We made cards with little one. They still need some grownup adjustment and we made just couple... (so if you won’t get these don’t be upset)
We decorated the tree together. Some snow globes didn’t make it... 
We are going to make cookies and set a plate for Santa.
We are having a book advent. (Well almost) 
I will be introducing Christmas Eve box.
And we also going to go to Welsh Caroling service. 
And it’s just going to be three of us. So not to overwhelm little guy. We will be staying with family before the day. 
And mama is cooking Christmas lunch. I already did it twice and I think I know now what I am doing!

I had a make roasts twice. I never actually roasted anything in my life! Yeah shocker I know. So 1st attempt was a disaster chicken was undercooked so were the carrots, parspins but roasted potatoes were burnt! But the picture above is the second attempt and a success! 
So yeah if you never cooked the festive lunch before I would advise to try the dishes up and definilu follow the recipe! 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas business

I guess we can all agree that sometimes Christmas hype and shopping starts waaaay to early. Oh I am not objecting to start the shopping early to spread the coast but the advertising is too pushy and shops being decked out way too early. And advertising to kids, I just think it’s immoral. Not everyone can afford the newest and super pricy toys. I just wish there would be some law against it, or about being ethical when advertising... 
But some adverts are .. well full of Christmas spirit and are just so wonderful. 
Remember the man on the moon or the alarm clock for the bear from John Lewis? Actually brought me to tears both of these adverts!
And this year M&S with Paddington bear just made me so happy! We haven’t seen the second film yet but 1st film is like a cinematic hug and a favourite of my boy! 

But then every single email or insta post was raging about Black Friday, or urge to “check out our Christmas advert” and/or to shop from independent shops and local retailers... 
I would love to be able only to buy from independent shops, and I vote with my money as much as I can but there are limits to what I can afford. I am sure it is same for everyone else, we do what we can...
So basically what I am saying is that stop pushing adverts at kids and make more lovely ones like these two from this year!

I do hope the your holiday season will be just as warm and fuzzy as Moz and Paddington.
Lots of love x

Sunday, 26 November 2017


A friend of mine got in touch yesterday. We haven’t seen each other for years, I think it might be about 8 years if not more, he said our colleague when we all used to work in the bar has passed away and it was almost 2 years ago. He just found out. I had no idea either... 
This truly is shocking she was so young. And what I found more shocking that I had no idea this had happened. 
This news made me think about how life is busy and complicated. And short. How I don’t actually talk to people I used to live with, or people I used to work with... how all his social media meant to keep us connected but it is clearly not doing its job. But don’t worry I won’t forget to say happy birthday on your birthday, my Facebook will remind me. 
I suppose it is narual that not all our relationship meant to last... and how we know about what celebrity died and not a girl you used to work with for over a year. What does this say about our culture and society?! (It’s a rhetorical, and food for thought) 
Hopefully catching up for a drink soon with this friend of mine. It is well over due! 

It’s been a year

So I think it has been year since I last laced up my trainers and went for a run.  So pretty much every day since about 5th of January I was...