Saturday, 17 March 2018

Sore legs and bruised ego

You remember how excited I was to start running again. And how amazed I was at the fact that a year off and no training I some how got faster... 

(One of my current books, I am all into my running)

I even felt brave enough to rejoin the world of fun races and singed up for 10k and 5k races. 
However due to poor health, thank you preschool, I didn’t run for over a month. With my new shiny phone that works like magic. 
Also due to Snowmaggedon the 10k race is postponed until further notice. Honestly, I will not be signing up for St David’s Day race ever again. It’s second time something went wrong, even if the 1st time around I couldn’t be bothered to get you out of bed. It’s doomed I say!
But I did the 5k last Sunday. It was nice little race about 200 people, fun organisation and I almost got lifted by young weight lifting champion. I would have crushed the poor fella! 
As for the run it self it was a good route around the park, pretty standard actually for the races that take place in Bute Park. But it suddenly got really warm. And I was warm. Also my new wireless headphones aren’t actually great for running... 
And my old phone gps tracker was off... like by a kilometre! 
I crossed the finish line at 32 minutes and 35 minute on my Runkeeper app (I stated the app a bit early, fool). 

Even the time was disappointing I understand that I didn’t train much. And my race day was anything but perfect. See that red face, yeah I was too hot. But I did enjoy the race day, fun to get to bunch of other lunatics and just go for it then crush onto the ground with a chocolate and water while looking at your new race bling! 

The round medal was about 3 years ago and this one this year! Will possibly be getting a next year one too!
So at that point I still didn’t know that my old gps was off... I went for a run on Tuesday to loosen up the tight muscles. And in January the same route was just under 5k this week it was under 4k. And then I understood I didn’t get faster. I mean no one gets faster without training! 
Well know I have all the facts and all the data. I am not sure if I would be able to go back to running club, they really helped get the 10k under an hour if just but few seconds... but I have rejoined the gym. 
And I am excited about it! 
There is work to be done! A lot of work... like lose a bit of flab and get strong again!
But for now I am nursing yet another cold! My whole family has it. Thank you preschool... 

Friday, 9 March 2018

Marigolds everywhere

As you are already aware I am a big animation fan. Sometimes because I have to sometimes because I want to. So Rhian and I went to dinner drink and movie, which was the Pixar’s new offering Coco. 

When it was 1st announced I had very mixed feelings, music and day of the dead we had it before in glorious Book of Life! Then I came across the tweet from Guillermo Del Toro saying that any film about Mexican culture is an excellent new addition to he world. Well so true! 
I believe that at Pixar after making Coco they started celebrate day of the dead. Which is frankly the holiday we all should have. You set up the photos of you deseased relatives and their favoured food, maybe their favourite things and objects. (That’s what I gathered) 
There were a lot of wonderful songs and very funny jokes! I especially loved Frida jokes. 

This film was also very emotional. We are yet to see Good dinosaur, it’s seems a bit pants, and only seen Cars 3 once, it made me think of how I cried at inside out. Here is the same. You die once again when people who remembered you are no longer and the super emotional moment when we know and finally caught up, I just sat in the dark and let the tears run down my face. It was truly a great film! 
As for comparison to Book of life, well they are both very good films on the same day. 

And now I want everything Mexican and Frida in my house. Mind you I always gravitated towards folk and traditional design... but now I also want to have marigolds around me at all times! 
And it also made me think about how families are always different and have their own quirks... 

Saturday, 3 March 2018


If you don’t live in UK you have probably seen it on the news... whole country is snowed in and actually stopped. 
Schools been cancelled so is St David’s Day and World’s book day... 
and it’s stay inside read a book and cuddle with pets kind of weather... unless you have to brave it and go to work like my hubby for example. Even if only for an hour... or you have a small child who turns out is a very big fan of snow! 

The joy of running into the snow drift. Jumping! Picking it up and throwing high in the air! 
And we are properly dressed, these trousers are suitable for Russian winter acually. And speaking of Russia, don’t think Egg remembers the snow when he was in Russia. He was far too young to remember. 
But I have mixed feeling about it all... 
I understand that UK is unprepared to deal with snow, and that equipment is super expensive. Like we have winter tires, but it would too expensive for here. While back in motherland it’s a legal requirement for winter driving. But people who speed in these conditions should be arrested! Yes I said it! You can’t drive on this so why would you speed?! 
And grit... gritting everything isn’t a solution. The solution is to clear it. Grit would like make sludge and will ice over in the night ... 
bBet we all came together. Neighbours are checking on each other, people pushing cars out, there were even reposts of owners 4*4 are driving NHS staff to work! 
My winter boots from Jack Woolfskin are finely wet I am done with snow for this year. Also all my daffodils froze and died... 
So now I have a wish list for snowy weather:
Snow shovel 

Stay warm! 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Turn of events

Last week I had not one but two interviews. 
Busy week full of stress as you can imangine. 
Had to present my self in the best light answer all the questions and such. 
I felt it went well. 

I was looking forward to be around grown ups and leave these two lunatics to them selves for two whole days and not only that little one would have attended nursery after preschool more. 
I would have joined the gym... 

For some reason I really build all this up in my head. 
I got one no last Friday. I was ok with it, the second interview seems more successful and I was very excited about working with a big team...
This morning however I got a very nice email about how I have scored very highly but they got some one a bit better... 
Now I feel very down. Which is silly coz I am upset about something that is in my head... 
So I must stay positive!

But there was an unexpected outcome. Husband said watching me being frustrated and not getting replies, he takes time to email or call everyone. Even people he didn’t invite for an interview. 
I truly wish people would take time to do this. Like one 4 star hotel didn’t bother to get in touch with me after an interview, that’s how they treat their potential employees can they truly provide exceptional service? 

We should all be more caring and mindful towards each other. 

Monday, 26 February 2018

On the wonder

 I do enjoy wonder around town and find these hidden jems... some more hidden than other. 

This little daft and orchid are tucked away in riverside! Who would have know. 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Last weekend

So last weekend was not only special that I went out on Friday night but also that we had Egg at grandparents so we were free to do why we wanted... 
with no routine, bedtime ... 
Strange feeling. Usually when baba is away Steve is working, and never have experienced the child free time. 

We started out time alone by shouting insults at each other. It’s was very dirty ones! Sort of got it out of the system and didn’t need to hold the toungue until bedtime. So funny, and I kept it up for a kind time. 
We did a bit of a tidy, sorted the abundance of t-shirts. Now I need to take them to H&M to recycle and to charity shop. 
Next day we went to the cinema, shopping and watched rugby with take out. We even went to Jacob’s Antiques which is impossible with the small active child!
But I was feeling like something was missing. My baby wasn’t home. And for the 1st time I really missed him. It is true that you are never alone once you have a child and sometimes when you are it is very strange felling of being incomplete... 
However Egg man had a great time, he finally discovered the piano. He is a bit fan of it. And he had to good play with his uncle and was dressed up as lightning McQueen... 

He refused to take the outfit off. Mama’s little racer! 
Now I actually have it hidden for special occasions or else he will be wearing it all the time! Even to preschool  

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Roller Derby Wannabe

I have this awesome friend, who I don’t see very often but I know she is always there for me. But on the rare occasions we do meet. And we talk, we eat, we drink we have fun. 
We used to see each other pretty much every day and if not at work then in the gym... 
this time I actually managed to get Egg man to his grandparents for the whole weekend. So no early wake up with a wine head. It should have been epic and it was coz few days before the X day I got the text asking if I wanted to go roller skating before dinner. 
Damn right I did. The to Drew Barrymore and Shauna Cross I was all roller derby since 2009 when Whip it! film came out. I even got the skates that year for Christmas. But I think I only used them once. 
Oh it was so fun. Slightly worried about all the kiddies around but fun and different activity. 

Physical fun followed by some awesome Italian food at an independent Italian place... 

And bottle of Vediccio and 2 Aperol cocktails... this mama was happy. 

So happy in fact that I want to revisit my dreams of derby. For now I want to find my DVD and lend Viera the book. 

Actually the roller skating was a good fun, legs remembered after a circle. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing. I was very apprehensive of the little ones around and sort of wished that it was adults only so if you do knock them over they can actually take it  and will not have protective parents around. 
Oh our event actually had some instructors on the rink too. And that lady was amazing. You know that song that tell you “move to the right, now every body clap your hands” she did the dance routine with bunch of adoring fans who were pushing 11! I never knew you can do Cha-cha in roller skates! 

Also discovered the Aperol Top. Basically orange, mint, ice and Aperol with tonic! Wonderful thing and no need to fuss with ‘Secco! 

Sore legs and bruised ego

You remember how excited I was to start running again . And how amazed I was at the fact that a year off and no training I some how got fa...