Sunday, 21 August 2016

Me vs Chicken pox

So I thought Egg had chicken pox about 6 months ago. It turned out to be just a teething rush. 

I had chicken pox when I was 21 and it was horrible. And from what I can gather it is much better to have it when you are little... And so Edgar got this disease for his birthday. Damn!

He can't tell what's up and how he feels coz he doesn't talk yet... Oh well. 

I am very sleep deprived at the moment. He is walking up a lot itchy all over and super grouchy. I can't take him out since he is still contagious, there goes our nursery settling, he is going mad in the house. 

And the spots are everywhere, poor guy. 

He is still mainly happy little boy but restless... And annoyed and very irritable... So is his mama. At this very moment I'm listening to him fighting the nap time while being in need of one too. Go to nap!!! Go to nap now! 

Basically being sick sucks! But watching your child being sick and there isn't much you can do to relieve his suffering is much worse... Oh joys of parenting. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

So Egg man is two...

Yay we kept him alive for two whole years... I said this to hubby. But what I didn't say is that I remembered the birth. Also known as the very 1st time I have been in hospital, I was so scared, tired, in pain and the staff messed it up. 
I'm sure that there are worst sorties out there ...
But what we must know and remember there are some truly amazing ones! For example my uni frowns gave birth in 4hours to a very hansome little boy. 
Why can't we tell heart birth stories? Why can't local media say one day that in so and so hospital lots of babie been born today and all happy and healthy went home...

Looking into his little face as he begins to be more grown up... 

And I don't care how he came to this world I am just super happy to have him

New things. Exciting life of the toddler

We have been busy and doing a lot of fun stuff... 
Like just going to the pool. Not usual swimming lesson but just swimming. And Egg loved it. Kicking the water all the time and jumping off the side. Not independently thanks goodness but almost there.... I think he jumps 3 times without holding my hands.
We also had a really good time in Wagamama and little man eat most of his food, also Daddy's chilli squid and most of my noodles! 

We also had a coffee date just few days ago... I really needed a latte and little man had a babycinno. Well he enjoyed sticking the spoon into it and swish it about.

And we also had our very first cinema trip. Finding Dory was lovely. I had to go see it again because we had a wonder around and he had enough after about a half a film. Which is good I thought. 
We came in early so he could see what the cinema was all about and the popcorn of course. 

It is wonderful that there are these early showings, mainly families in the audience. So they don't really mind the noise and other joyful stuff of young children in the screening. I would actually advise to anyone who wants to take their tiny people to the cinema is to come in later. The adverts were too much for our almost two year old... 
Also the side on he cot is off... 

And my little boy is turning two tomorrow. 
I feel excited that he is turning into a big boy and very scared of what is to come!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Cinema gower me

In few weeks I caught up with some of the biggest films this summer. 
Star Track Beyond
Suicide Squad (twice)

I never read any Dahl. I am Russian we didn't read this growing up. I have no fuzzy feelings for the book and didn't know what it was about. But it was lovely. Funny moments funny, sad moments sad.

 You know just what you want it to be. Special effects were truly something else, the giant land was awesome! 
In the screen was a big groups of young ladies and relatives... So they needed the loo break and run right to the screen for the exit and then they climbed the sits to get to the exit. It was really funny and I truly didn't mind the code of conduct being broken with little cuties like little monkeys. Think a lot of people in audience thought the same, since we all giggles at them. 
Then I saw the reboot of Ghostbasters. Coz I love in a happy bubble I haven't hear about any of misogynistic trolling this film got. Makes you wonder what is, don't think it should make any difference who are the main leads are in the film.

Besides it is not many films made with female cast. I got to say I have enjoyed i. Funny bits were funny, scary bits were scary and the characters were top notch! Even their silly receptionist was funny and I didn't think he was well showing silly men folk I a bad way.

Then me and hubby went to see Star Track. It was great! Interesting plot, great action and the usual sci-fi awesomeness. But I was sad about Anton... It was very touching to see the dedication to Leonard Nemoy and Anton. 
Then it was Suicide Squad. We went in the morning while little one was in nursery. For a 9am showing it was actually busy.

I enjoyed it. It was fun and entertaining with some excellent acting. Yeah it was an origin story and bit too much back stories but it was good. Maybe not Cara Delevingne dancing thing but otherwise it was good fun. 
I do believe if you find yourself entertained for few hours film was a success! 
Yay to cinema. Oh the reason I saw it twice it that I was worried about the time, and one scene didn't make me believe I guess. But upon reviewing it again I still find it a bit flat... But it's just one moment, I can't quiet express it. It just didn't feel right... 
Oh and my new favourite female characters is definitely Harley Quinn!! 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Separation anxiety

So me and Edgar were pretty much just me and Edgar... And daddy on his days off. But mainly for almost two years it was just me and little man. 
It was wonderful, fun, learning experience , super tiring, and all sort of other craziness that mumming comes with. But from the last month we committed to nursery and started to go there from 1st of August. 

Our nursery offers settling sessions. So two out of four were great. He came in happy and went off playing straight away. They just can't feed him. But that will come. The last two sessions he had to be pulled off me by staff. Tears and screams. And my heart was breaking. My brain understands that it is just an act and it's won't be like this all the time... But my heart still breaking. 
For the 1st time he was staying longer than two hours yesterday. And the tears! His little face was all red and wet from being so upset about me leaving him. But then after I have stopped feeling like the worst person ever (big thank you to all off you who took time to comment on my Facebook, your kind comments and word really helped!) I relaxed and when we picked him up he was happy and cheery and even giggled at his dada. He also said bye to other kiddies and staff. He still didn't eat but he was happy. And all day he was very affectionate and very well behaved. 
And he went to sleep without getting naked or any similar shenanigans. We didn't sleep much but that's another thing all together. 
Basically I just need to man up... And maybe find something constructive to do when he is at nursery... He is just fine. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Everything will be alright

Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not alright then it is not the end... 

Last Saturday I had my last lobster roll and Eggy had his last bounce around the bankettes and 1st burger. One of the funnest restaurant's of Cardiff Burger and Lonster closed its doors. 
You hear of people being made redunded  and places closing but you never think it will happened to you... 
My thoughts are with awesome staff of the restaurant. You guys will be fine. I know it seems a bit too much at the moment, but everything will be alright. You just have to believe in this! 

Just putting this out there and hoping this will generate some positive wibes ❤️

Monday, 25 July 2016

Hot oil hair treatment. Lush. Review

So this will be a sort of review. But I am so not girly in this way that it shall be called thoughts on the matter of the hot oil treatment from Lush.
Oh I love Lush. Love the products, love the shops design, minimalist packaging and totally love the cruelty free and vegan stuff. Even if I am not a vegan. It's nice to have company that cares about things like that.
But I got off topic here. 
So the hot oil treatment looks funny. Like the posh hot chocolate spoons you get over Christmas period. Well the idea is the same, you melt these busy stirring in hot water. Cute and easy to follow really. However I have found it really tricky to put the hot mixture on. Perhaps coz j have a lot of hair or maybe I just didn't know the trick... Is there a trick?

Got to say it smells heavenly. And texture was rather pleasant and a bit hot. Should keep this one for 20mins and then shampoo. 
This I actually prefer. There are so many different fancy hair treatments that you need to put on after the wash or in wet hair and then keep it on for 20min. Guess what I don't have time like this.... But this slather it on and mooch around. In my case I was trying to get a small child to use the potty and trying to heard him into the shower... 
I always take the hair care things seriously. It is advised to brush the conditioner in and I do so. I guess I did a really good job on the treatment it was super difficult to wash off. Or maybe I have a lot of hair... That I most certainly do. On day two I still find bits of it in my mop... 
Oh but never mind. My hair was straight. Not like wierd straight that you will get from irons. Well maybe not you, but I cannot get my hair look natural when using the straightners. And I didn't even use the hairdryer. 

And it's still looks rather good a day after but maybe since I haven't have much time to wash it out a bit greasy. But still very nice looking and straight. Even after sleeping and pulling it into a bun, pony tail and just the usual look I have hair but I cannot be bothered type of hair do. 
I will defiantly use it again and again. But maybe when I don't have a small child hogging the shower with me.