So last Friday night I was waking to the kitchen. Next thing I know I almost fall down and the pain.... the pain! I tripped on the vacuum cleaner “nose” and twisted my ankle.... I have never done anything like this before. The shock the pain. And of course I thought I broke my foot and how would I get to A&E because let’s face it the hospitals are the last place you want to be in current situation... 
I am pleased to report that after two days of pretty much just bed. I can walk again. 

Yeah foot is all shades of the rainbow and walking to the shop to pick up some recycling bags took it’s toll.... but you know I am sore but I can move.
My men folk were super stars and actually left me alone for two days. I had iPad, snacks and wine in bed. But I did have to come out by the evening and feel more social. Kid of course grabbed my foot because well why is it resting on the cushion after all?! I see his point really. But I felt rested.
I’m not fully recovered. Sadly it might take another 5…

Marketing plot

It’s funny how launch of Disney + in UK was around the start of the lockdown. Marketing planning? Did they plant a virus... but all jokes aside we love it! 
Unless the internet isn’t working which happens on occasion. But yeah, kid been watching lots is Pixar, I have tried to push Nat Geo animal documentaries but he wasn’t having it. Also we discovered all the short films! Oh my the Float made us both cry and hold little one tight.
If husband started with Simpsons I feel into the hole is Star Wars! And there is so much of it and I never even see these before. Oh it keeps me busy when I don’t fancy watching a film or anything (like hubby playing his mine craft) 
I guess I was always a fan of fantasy sci fiction fan. I just didn’t have the access to it. But I just enjoy it for what it is, fun escaping and great story telling. I don’t have an issue with new trilogy and with Jar Jar Bings even thought the prequels were well so long and boring. 

(Here is my little light things, called Rex afte…


Lockdown continues. But I have to say we were really lucky with weather and we are lucky to have garden. And we managed to do all the jobs we meant to do about 2 years ago... like painting, clearing the gravel things (aka cats littler box, all the cats, including ours)

And this is only before and after! I actually found it rather calming. Just watch the paint adhere to surface... 

We also met some snails... this is Trevor. He helps with homeschooling. 

I guess we keep busy, we keep active... 
But now I am waiting for everything to grow, flowers, herbs, tomatoes. I even potted some of the forgotten potatoes. 
Oh with gravel gone cats now poop on flower bed. Anyone had any advice on that? I am hoping that once the flowers will appear the pooping will stop. But now they are just tiny things rather than full tall blooms. 
I did asked the little man to help me with pea potting. He got so excited and shook the pea packed... so I have peas growing form flower bed too. But it’s nice that the child …


City centre of Cardiff is full of chains... restaurants, shops and rarely you see the independent business. But they will have the nicer space, more unique stuff and well will be like home. But it will be a little more expensive. But with your money you will be paying for a family holiday or a ballet class... Depends on where you are in the world these businesses wary. But there are online spaces with makers, vintage dealers.  So I try to do my bit. It’s not always I can afford to shop independent but I try.  When the quarantine hit, I realised I am out of craft supply and the famous river named retailer was out too. Down I went to my little local kid shop Honeycomb, I got art supplies, few creative toys that the child loves 

And well I couldn’t be happier. Later I also bought another toy from there and the owner delivered it to my door. How great is that! Save time for postie and personal service. And lower carbon emission. 
Then some of these small businesses are zero waste. I have been…

Unprecedented indeed

Unless you lived under the rock you know that 2020 is pretty much cancelled... some one sneezed, didn’t wash hands and didn’t think that handles are dirty. And well we have it. The world is on standby the world is social distancing and self isolating... that is a responsible thing to do.
It’s scary and uncertain. 
But it’s spring. 

Nature is waking up and it’s beautiful. 
It’s worrying that some of us are off work, kids are off school.... but this too shall pass, like everything else. 
It is normal to worry and stress but how often you are in the house with either just yourself of the others? The  opportunity and endless and are only limited by tour of creativity. 
And with internet there are so many positive things at your finger tips from cats videos and singing people in high rise Italian cites and news that water in Venice is so clear that the fish came back. 
Stay strong, stay positive! I will be too... 


A while ago my friend and former work colleague said that she has been to a pottery class in my local coffee shop. I though I never did ceramics I would love to have a go...

I made a little house-tea light holder. It is wonky. And I really found it challenging. I had to only concentrate on task at hand, it required lost of procedures and well I didn’t enjoy it. So naturally I though I must do this again!  And sure enough this year the new course was announced and I’m stranding some of the classes. 

Couple of weeks ago the theme was animals. And you know free building was more enjoyable. Or maybe it is because I leaned to be more in the moment and concentrate on just one thing, making this animal.  Yesterday we were making candles holders... it was a bit different story.... 

These three guys were made using different techniques and well it was super interring to learn how to and what are the differences. I found the building several from several pieces is harder and requires more attention …

Like stars alined

Wee man pointed on his shoe. His shoelace came undone, so there I was one knee down on pavement fixing his shoelace drama. He is very particular about some things, I guess it’s quirks of his condition. I digress. So there I was and I looked a little to the side and saw this guy 

Just on the floor, looking sad and wet. It’s a succulent I m not sure what it is called but I know what it would look like after some time. It will be amazing. 
So a while back I met this lady, she is an independent business owner and she is looking to grow it. So we got talking and I started working for her part time for now.  And then some drama happened so I had to leave my catering job. That job that I m good at but I never wanted and was only mean to stay for a year. Now it was almost two years...
After I gave my notice and and now at my other job I felt like .... I can have pink hair now, and/or an visible arm tattoo, I can do all these things I am afraid of and deems as inappropriate in a 4-5 star environme…