Friday, 13 July 2018

Ichiko Bento box. Review

As you know I am a big fan of subscription box. I would try them all if I could! Well I am actually working on it! 
Well this one is about Japanese consmetics and I have been eyeing it for a while. So about 3 months ago I have signed up for three months. And was very excited when I got log in and such for website. Very professional looking very similar to Birchbox actually. 
From what I can understand its a small enterprise and I got to say I am very pleased with packaging. Looks like it been put together with great care and attention to detail. 
However it took 3 months for the 1st box to arrive. And when I tried to contact them I simply couldn’t find the link or details on the website. So I have cancelled after 2,5 months as it renews automatically with a message that I didn’t get anything and would like a refund or the stuff. Once again I didn’t hear anything back and then suddenly few weeks later the box arrived. No explanation no note or email... there is nothing I hate more than bad admin and poor customer service. 
But the selection of things is nice. 

I do love a sheet mask. There are also some toxin removing feet stickers thingys, think I have seen them on or similar website. There are few sample size products that look interesting.  I haven’t used any of these yet but the sleep lavender masked I have used before it is lovely. 
Not all the products have English translations but there is a list of product with their descriptions and how to use them. As I said it is cute but took so long to get. But I shall use some of these goodies and report back. 
It isn’t a bad review it’s just think the lady who is behind might need some admin help. But the selection is excellent! Good luck Ichiko bento lady. 

Ps currently I’m also waiting for the mindful box from So stay tuned! 

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Speaking Russian

Some one told me that apparently the Russians were taught how to smile for the football world cup.... but then when I met some of the higher management of the company I work for I was told I am the smiliest person they have met. I am currently a waitress... so you get the irony, Russians allegedly learning to smile not at their friends and family, but I have been hailed the smiliest person.
And when I was in Switzerland, while my Russian friends were happy to hang with each other and have Russian food parties (which actually were pretty fun, I have never craved Russian food), I would wonder off to my Asian classmates or with Brits in the pub. So one my mates once told me that I was a different Russian. 
When living abroad most people look for familiar language, food and such. I guess it’s a comfort thing. But, you know I am ok without it. I don’t have any Russian speaking friends, well yeah my doctor is from Russia but we don’t hang socially. And sometimes I don’t get my mothers jokes, but once again I am ok with it. However there are some things I will never get, like chip or crisp sandwiches, fishfinger sandwiches, rice puddings .... 
Some one asked me if I speak Russian to my son. Well, oddly I feel self concious, maybe coz I am worried my foreign status will be more visible. But also he doesn’t talk so we made a decision to speak less of it. He still understands, but it’s only through Masha and the Bear really. And if he wants to learn it later in life I will be more then happy to teach and help with it. 

Yeap in Russia there are a lot of tanks and things on display. 

I love some things about Russia. I love how big it is with forests and lakes and rivers. How every summer we would go the lake for a month. I love how if you come in for a visit people will try to feed you, coz if they don’t what sort of hosts are they is they don’t. Language itself is well magical, you can make up your own word and people will understand you. 
I love my mum and step dad and my mates. 

But other things not so much. I don’t like how patriarchal it is, how there some things are a crime and some that really should aren’t. How we treat people who are differnt and how the woman looks defines her worth... 

Well I am a proud liberal snowflake. And don’t worry I know how privileged I am. 
And I am ok with not speaking Russian but it is really special when I get to. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018


So last Sunday 10 June marked the centenary if women’s right to vote in UK. 
Ireland voted yes to repeal the 8th... 
It’s been few amazing weeks for women!

Emotions are running high... and frankly I didn’t cry while in the procession, even if it was so emotional and touching... but I balled my eyes today. Trigger was the silly series I watch and some sad stuff happened so I am crying about everything that has happened in few last weeks. 

I saw the processions advert in for a while but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it so I didn’t singed up... so like a 4-5 days before the event I realised that I am free and I so should do this. With my son. 

But he didn’t want to play to start with... so after a slow start and riding on my shoulders he walked most of the way in the sun with super fun processions. 
We saw some excellent banners ..

Heard some women sing beautifully. And girl guides chanting with all their might. You can see my bad videos of these on my instagram highlights, @verysmallfeet. We didn’t make it to the end but we were just a little bit too hot and tired and needed ice-cream...

At the start I felt a it silly since, well I never voted. I actually cannot in UK being Russian, but not voting in Russia well you know, the hassle and what it the point really... But as we were setting off for the march there was one of the oganisers with megaphone, telling us that we are here to celebrate history and be a part of history... and this thought made me all fuzzy inside and super proud to be there.

Now I feel very feminist. Very empowered and like I taught my almost 4 year old why votes for everyone is important for democracy to work. 
As for other feminist things, I am very much looking forward to Suffrageddon the musical when it will finally happen... And Debora Francis-White's book Guilty Feminist. Because I am feminist but... 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Authentic self

I think I was listening to Guilty Feminist podcast when Deborah Francis-White said that her authentic self wants to sit on the sofa and eat cake all where, so she made her habitual self to crave practically yoga ... and so her habitual self became her authentic self... with me so far?

And apparently for a habit to become the regural lifestyle and the way of life it should take 21 day... 

So here we are, I am trying to be fitter and have healthier habits than just not sleeping, just working and vegging out in front of tv... 
I also want to finally do Cardiff Half marathon and this would take some training... 

Meet the tallest box in the gym. And I managed to jump onto it for about 5 minutes. And I didn’t fall down but I felt so powerful!

I have been going to the gym for couple of month but not very frequently. But I am trying. 
Same what that I am also trying to eat a bit more helathy, drink less booze and be just more organised and such. Don’t tell hubby, he won’t believe this. But I am making a commitment to my self to improve me.
I am perfectly wonderful as I am but it will be more awesome to be stronger, tidier, better organised and healthier! Think we all can do with that. 

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Let’s go to the pictures

So this actually happened, I have cancelled my unlimited card. After not sure how many years this is fianally happened... 
Well I wasn’t going as often as I would like to and some months I won’t go at all an others I will go every week few times... and the cinema tickets are much cheaper than than they used to. So I finally said thank you but no thank you....

But this doesn’t mean that I stopped going, no I just do other things too. 
Like go to the gym, we go to cinema together and I don’t watch every film there is. 
I since I said no to unlimited I saw only few films. 
Avengers Infinity war, twice. Still am a bit shocked...

And Deadpool 2. 
Which I enjoyed and giggled at lot. Also I didn’t know that Josh Brolin is so hot! Now I know!

Now I am planning a visit to see Solo, of course. But then I don’t really have any plans. I should really try to catch up on my ever growing list of films I haven’t seen and want to watch. 
Oh and of course I need to see The Incredibles 2 and maybe attempt to take offspring to see it too. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

Funny people

We mainly go to see stand up and other variation on comedy. And well it’s fun. 
I gave hubby tickets to see David Baddiel’s My family. Not the sitcom show. See I didn’t actually know any of his stuff but I know he is my kind of funny and when I heard him on Guilty Feminist podcast (their 1st male guest in fact!) I thought we should go see the show.  
And it was great! It was funny and heart warming and we still do the red bull joke to one another. And I almost cried at the end. 
Also this happened... 

So wearing the same shirt! 
I can highly recommend this show! David Baddiel is very very funny. 

Then I recived tickets to see Scummy Mummies. I was over the moon when I found out, thank you Kirsty, that they are finally coming to Cardiff. 

I knew I love the ladies sense of humour and giggle a lot at the podcast but I was a bit worried about the live show and I was taking my mother in law ... 
But we laughed loudly, cheered and whooped. And told the world book day, swimming lessons and birthday party puritans to fuck off! 
Such a great show! 

And of course I cannot have a “normal” face when taking a pic. Oh and these catsuits are actually vaginas suits... 
I love how they make, sure not just me, feel ok about not being a prefect mom and that sometimes I want to ... well not be a mom. I love him to bits but it is super hard work. I can only say big big thank you for making us all feel normal and giving us a night out!

Have been silent for a bit

I have been absent from sharing and writing here for almost a month. Well I was busy with everything else. 
I have started work and trying to go to he gym regularly. Aiming at twice a week...
Then we of course went on our much anticipated holiday 

And now we all have a bit of holiday blues. And a bit of a cold. 
So a lot to catch up on and so little time to do that. But I shall try to do it all! 

Ichiko Bento box. Review

As you know I am a big fan of subscription box. I would try them all if I could! Well I am actually working on it!  Well this one is about J...