So last month or even actually begin it off the year was a bit lousy.  Lots of personal family stuff isn’t going right, lots of work, like week before last I worked so much and child slept so little that I eneded up napping all the time!

Be more cat! Nap!!

However I am thinking about many new things to post about, from Egg’s not talking, Marie Kondo and to crafting and thrifting. So please stick with me I will be back!

Snow beast

So the snow watch 2019 happened much earlier than last year and here in Cardiff it was well a bit poo... 

Snow was sparse and not long lasting but we had school closed and scared people into going out so work was too very very quiet.  I was annoyed at all the disruption it caused with so little and well I realised how much I do miss proper winter with snow and cold. 

This picture is taken on the same day, but where my parents are in Russia. 
Also I wished it was more of snow purely for the little one to play with. He was so keen but there was barely any, not even to build a snowman or anything. Mother says they can dig a massive igloo with what they had. Oh well, maybe next year we will go to Russia for some real winter fun. Or I don’t know Switzerland. 

School trip

This week we had yet another school trip, to Bristol Zoo.  One of us had to go with out little Eggman, just to ensure everything will be ok.  I was rather anxious about the whole thing, what if he won’t listen, what if he won’t like animals and many other scenarios played in my head.  But...

 I need not worry. He loved it. Yes we did wonder off occasionally to find more fun stuff like these rocking cars. Does everyone hates them as much as me?! He just had a little play and then just got off and run with me to find the rest of the class.  Gorillas were fantastic, we got there at the feeding time and it was great! There even was a baby gorilla attached to it’s mother’s back.  Penguins diving and sea horses were a great hit with my son too.  The bus journey there and back of course was loud but I have a whole new found appreciation for the teachers. They are doing such an amazing job! 
And now we are planning our trip to the Zoo as a family! 

2019 (insert inspirational thing)

2018 was a busy year. I finally rejoined the work force, Egg started big school and we got a cat. Also marched in Processions, spend 3 weeks in Russia and one week in Portugal, and Egg is starting slowly to talk!  And this was the 1st Christmas that the big guy actually got into spirit and opened all his presents...
But this post is about what I hope to achieve in a new year. 

I want to use less single use plastic and buy more sustainably, like from small family run brands and shops, or second hand. I have already wrote about this new greener ambition of mine.  I want to read more. It was truly hit and miss last year. If I was into it I was like an addict reading and not doing anything, I don’t think that is the way.  I want to be more organised. This is more of a having a plan and everything to have its own place. I think it might take a while. Even Netflix showing Marie Kondo tidying up show and it is glorious! I have folded and sorted some of my clothes arealdy. Also this new shiny year …

Some days are just better

Some days are just better than others and more eventful.  Good few weeks ago I had a really long work week, and on the way to work I found out via podcast that Guilty Feminist creator will be showing the film in Cardiff as part of the International Welsh Film Festival... I was however unsure, I really needed a bath and some well deserved rest but after talking to hubby who said “it’s a one off thing and will not happen again, you should go” so off I went. The film is called Say My Name and it is very very good. Strong adventurous female lead, fun story totally passes 6 laugh test and I even teared up at one moment. However it is unclear if more people will see it on the big screen. I never knew how complicated film distribution is. I have tweeted about it and got likes and retweets form creators and cast. I was so chuffed! Well still am, like this is my claim to fame!  Then after the world stanges Q&A I got to meet Deborah Francis-White, we chatted about the film her tour and she sig…

A little better...

A while back I bought these massive bottles of shampoo and conditioner. They were fair trade and organic and smelled delightfully of lavender.  Then I also had a lush shampoo bar.  But the big bottles run out and so did the shampoo bar, so I got new shampoo bar and then that run out I discovered that lush didn’t have my favourite New shampoo bar in store due to “problem with an ingredient” I got another one instead that did work as well for me. However before I picked up a solid shampoo I did look at regular shampoos and all I could it plastic plastic plastic, cruelty free but still plastic. However my lovely coworker Chloe did say that some shampoo bottles are made from beach plastics.... I don’t usually have much time to read the labels I just look for absence of palm oil!
Few months ago I wrote about sustainability in fashion and how I feel we don’t really need this much stuff, but making swaps for plastic alternatives seems a very important subject too.  I’m not going to preach about …

No sleep till ...

No sleep till Booklyn ... what no! But every day when I wake up at 5am curtsey of my son that’s what plays in my head. And I want to cry.

It started couple of weeks ago his regular 5.45-6am get up suddenly changed to 5 or 4 am sometimes.  And I’m the one who gets up with him. It’s ok if I didn’t go to work or had a lay in once a week but with Holiday season here means work is intense for both me and hubby. So when I can sleep I m at work. And it’s great I have a job! But I also miss sleep. 
Week one of no sleep I blamed it on full moon.  But now I honestly don’t know what to think. Day before he woke up at 4am but I just preserved with my day and mind went a bit blank when I couldn’t work out why it feels like I have been awake for hours at 2pm... well silly me it’s because I was awake for hours!  Yesterday he got up at 5am... I almost cried but he was so happy and so energetic, so after school drop off and gettting some essential I went for a nap. For 3 hours.  So today’s 5.25am didn’t bot…