Thursday, 29 December 2016

Makers will make... but not very often

I used to love making stuff. When I was in school back in Russia we all made "friendship bracelets" all the girls had them. Sometimes up to an elbow. Mainly from beads but also once I have learnt my basic macrame knots I taught all the girls around me. Oh and you wear them till they broke. Yeah not very hygienic ... eek. My hobby was indulged by parents and relatives who were giving me books, taking me to haberdashery to stock up on beads. Mind you it wasn't as well developed as now, coming across clasps, earring hooks was impossible, but we recycled old granny's stuff and reuse everything.
Thinking of it my mother might still have most of my beads and books in the flat.
I also made clothes, mainly skirts, since they were easy, I customized existing outfits. There was a talk in school to ban me from wearing certain things but that never came to be. All this cam from wanting to be unlike everyone else. I still would hate if I see some one wearing same thing as I own... But moving to UK and discovering all this accessible and super cheap fashion took its toll my creative streak... I rarely make things now. I do not even remember when was the last time I used my sewing machine or/and draw anything.
I guess now that I have a kid I have an excuse but do I actually?
So this festive period I made stuff.. Nothing too complex, just easy with mainly stuff I already had in my craft stash, and even got big guy to help.

(simple card holder with baked dry oranges bells and some pegs)

(My friend Rhian has this now, and bet she is enjoying it too)

(this has no owner yet, its a broach. If you want this get in touch!)

(but I will not give this thing away... it is a Christmas crown!)

These are really simple things that I have made but seeing that I actually have made something and it is super fun and pretty made me feel very proud and happy. It gave me sense of worth in a way.... that I am not just a stay at home mum.
I think that for next few months I will try to make more stuff don't know yet what but I will...
Oh and it also make me very calm and content, mindful if you will. And speaking of crafting for mindfulness the magazine Project Calm is marvelous. Tad on a pricey side £9.99 but truly lovely and inspiring and has projects you can make easily with minimum efforts!

Monday, 26 December 2016


The beautician I see every time I go to motherland said that my skin is awesome. Listen up people with oily skin (or whereabouts) due to its extra oils and such we have more natural occurring collagen and this means we age at slower rate. Unless you do not look after yourself.

Awesome news really. I was never a huge fan of my skin but hey, slower ageing trumps all the little pimples. Damn them.

So I figure got to love my awesome oily skin and get it proper care and attention. I have started to pay more attention to cleansing. I got me Hot Cloth Cleaning Balm from Boots very own Botanics range, which I love and use. Price was great for a tester session too.
Actually the idea of hot cleansing was put into my head by Salli Hughes who was on one of the episodes of Scummy Mummies who I adore.

Since I have been using this cleansing method, mind you only in the evenings when I put big man into a bath, I have notices couple of things:

my skin feels cleaner
my skin is clearer (yeah I have an occasional outbreak but it happens when I don't do my face)
my mind loves the routine, and 
everything in my bathroom is in better order.
I did not realise that having a new routine would have so many positive outcomes, however with this boots cleanser my hair gets dirty faster. The balm is pretty oily. And my sink needs to be cleaned more often but the gunk I see floating to the drain makes me wonder why didn't I do this before? 

I did try different balm cleaner too from my M&S Advent Calendar and it is less oily but cleanses just as well I guess it would be better textured product since it is definitely is more expensive. 
Oh you can go to my Instagram page to have a look at the awesome advent things I got  @verysmallfeet 

Now I am planning the Ikea trip to get more washcloths. 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Wedding Ring

So my body changed and I put on weight. It's ok part of life I guess.

(sleep deprived selfie)

 But what I didn't realised, due to busy mumming life style, is that my wedding band and engagement rings were stuck... 
and not just stuck, but my finger even got bigger and was all swollen. And funny and sad thing I do not know how long ago this happened. Just too busy to look after myself. 
Like my entire family tried to remove it from me.. and nothing. Hubby tried but I was in so much pain that we had to stop. Did you know that where are tons of YouTube videos on how to remove the ring of the finger. The elastic method seems very good... don't wait to remove your rings how I did it. 
I went to see a jeweler to have it cut off in mother Russia. It's cheaper... I had the ring off and resized for about £10  how about this for value for money....
And again nothing it straight forward with me. The rings are stacked and only wedding band needed to be cut off. Koodos to that chap for doing amazing job and fashioning a little guard for my finger. But the down side was that it was from the metal so it got hot next to the tool he was using. It was the 1st one like this for him. Normally process would take like 5mins took about 15 mins we had to stop so I won't get a serious burn. I still got the burn but it wasn't anything major or that I cared much. 
My finger remained swollen for about a month after and with some body oil I finally removed the engagement ring off. It took another 3 weeks for me to be able to put one of the rings on... Still waiting to go back to normal to put engagement  ring on. 
It feels super strange being without both of my rings... 

And I thought of... and actually been thinking for a while since I do not look after my self enough. Like before I became a mother I would have noticed that my rings don't spin on my finger and that it swelled up. 
I keep coming seeing this phrase in many mums' Instagram "You can't pour out of an empty cup. Take care of yourself first" 

 For me Egg is my priority. I guess for all, well majority, of parents this statement is true. Kids come first... 
So I am trying to have more me time. Even if it is just having a snooze on the sofa while he is sleeping in the pram and make sure if I need me quiet time I try to get it. Like now I am actually writing this in a coffee shop while listening to music which I haven't done in ages. Have to force my self not to dance and sing along... 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hello December

December is here. Busy month usually stress to get everything done ready and organise. Try to do this with the toddler, I challenge you to toddler off... oh no I don't want our kids to fight I want us to achieve as much as possible...  and its also my birthday month. Yeah last bit sucks...

(made this one. Pre-cut joyful kit form Prima magazine)

So December arrived on Thursday. And we have been busy ever since.
Thursday we went to see the family in Talbot Green. Fab time.
Friday came like a blur with trip to nursery for the little man and me doing all the usual house things... then on Saturday our nursery hosted the Christmas event to raise some money for charity and for everyone to get into the spirit of it all. It was lovely. I didn't want to go at 1st, the start time was interfering with lunch time. But then it was a gathering rater then an activity. So after the trip to ikea for the necessities, like picture frames and candle snuffle, game changer by the way, we went to nursery after.

(here is some cleaver product placing)

Edgar is two and a bit and only been going to nursery for a little under 6 months, unlike the other kids who have been there for a good while... So I don't know any other parents or/and kids. But I was lucky enough to run into one of the very few people I knew and hang out with them for a while. Also it doesn't actually matter how long the kids been going to nursery they all thought that they were staying and were super clingy. Especially my little nugget, just holding on for a dear life... all was improved by some crafting together and a minced pie!
And today we attended the local Etsy fair. It was a different kind of thing. Tell you that my brother in law wasn't his cup of tea. But me and mother in law enjoyed it. Also it appears that avocado and unicorn are seriously trending!

(Etsy treasure. This says Merry Christmas in Welsh... oh and the pattern are this fab Welsh blanket)

As for the more of the traditional activities well I do not need an Elf on the Shelf, I have Egg. He pulled the tree down on himself... twice in the 1st morning he discovered it. Also I think I really don't think Egg would get it.... However I have seen a snap on Facebook of an elf being frozen by Elsa... now that is Elf on the shelf goals!!

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...