Monday, 30 March 2015

Window shopping

It has been raining so when trying to avoid the rain and things I would walk around the shops every so often.... and did some window shopping! Here is what I found!
Why do these bunny and chicks things look so damn cute!!

or little piggies? By the way have you been to Tiger shop in Cardiff? I love that place!

I didn't know I need all these things... well I supposed I don't actually need these things... but aren't they pretty!
This window at John Lewis is just dreamy! Want to have one of these for Sir Poops-a-Lot!
and one have to prepare for the rugby world cup!! 

But I did actually get myself a present. I spotted these in My Little World magazine from awesome My little box. In case you can't see these are beans...bean patterned leggings. How cute are these? Got them from White Pepper. Very cool website with fun clothes, and I got the 10% off from my 1st order. Got to love the discount. Not sure however what to wear them with but hey beans on my legs!! Oh and the packaging was so cute with little polka dots all over it!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Wear Yellow for Seth!

I think we are super lucky with Egg. Our delivery was complicated and super traumatic. But our little man is happy and healthy boy... 

Some people aren't that lucky! 
I came across little Seth story on Facebook, some one shared this video.

So here we are wearing yellow! 

And now I know for what cause to run... It would have to be for children's hospital. 

You can read about this brave little man here!  

Seth! You are very brave! Keep up your good work and get better soon xx

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

love for random chatter

There are so many social media platforms out there.... Like waaay too much. And to keep up with these you will need to have so much free time, perhaps what's why my Pinterest account haven't been updated in months of not years. I actually didn't really get the whole Pinteresnt idea. Just seem like bit too much.... Love the pretty pictures, I guess that's' why I am Instagram obsessed!!

Nothing can stop me from Instagraming. Even my baby boy, he is the main theme of my instagram at the moment. So want to see more of handsome little man or more of everyday life follow me on it @verysmallfeet. Wonder if I can copywirte this name?....

However I want to talk about YouTube. The surprising thing I didn't actually know that YouTube is only 10 years old! Mad right, feels like it's been thee forever! I have subscribed to lots of variety of channels, from cooking to crafting. And I love how one can always find a tutorial for pretty much anything. I did my wedding make up after learning it on YouTube channel. 
I found it super useful for when I was preparing for Edgar to arrive, like packing your bag and things. Although there are some graphic videos about child birth and most of hospital bags video were American vloggers based so didn't really worked for me all the way but at least I got the idea!
I love how after looking for a bit I can find cartoons for Edgar same ones as I watched growing up in Russia. Or my very favourite Sailor Moon!! 
I love watching Mr Kate, love how cookie she is.

I also want all or most of her shoe collection! 
 I love love love Kym Non Stop  as I have been mentioning all the time.
 Love Martha Stuart network, guess coz we really don't the her much here in UK. And with Fab Life becoming just Mary Elizabeth, I actually enjoying it a little bit more:) 

But I don't get much of the beauty vloggers and all of their hauls... I mean one or two might be fun to watch... But really?! I supposed I not their ragwort audience.... I think I should stick  to funny cats and BabyBellyKelli, her videos some how I can relate to.... And she is grown up. 
Saying that I truly admire Zoella and what she has a give in her tender age, but I don't see how she is a celebrity.... Might read her book, it is a very curious subject after all! 
oh have a look on my profile for what people I am watching in YouTube. Maybe you would like them too! 
And something I have recently discovered and a big fan of are podcasts. I walk with little man every day and for over one hour at least and sometimes I do not feel like music, I want banter. 
My favourite are No such Thing as a Fish from QI elves! These are guys do the most random facts ever, and very funny. Answer me this! a bit similar but these guys are dealing with actual questions from listeners and my 1st podcast love is Wittertainment. Which is not really about the films but these are also covered. 
There is so much to see and listen to... However I chose wisely, podcast must be fun and educational in a way. And videos should be inspiring... but don't forget there is always time for funny cats!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Baby smiles

I think Edgar started teething when he was about 4 months old... Everything was a chew toy, drool. 

There are so many parents around who are having sleepless nights because the little ones are grumpy and in pain. My cousin's little boy had everything, high temperature, diarrhoea on top of sleepless nights. 

I was mentally preparing for this since November. And we got some grouchy days when we wanted just cuddles and teething gels. Some nights he would wake up nibbling on his blanket... And no teeth in sight! 

So imagine my shock when he smiled at me yesterday showing two little teeth on the way out. One happy baby and one super happy mama! 

I don't know if this will be always like this ... One can hope! 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Race DAY!!!

My hubby hates race days... Normally this would mean I would jump out of bed insanely early to get ready. I would be pumped!!!! Aaaaa!!! And then I would drag him out of the house way too early he would complain and he will need to take before and after picture with my shiny new medal, and seconds later giving me a Sneakers to swallow whole since I would be starving!
When we moved away from Cardiff I think I only did two races in total and due to circumstances Stephen missed them both.

This time the logistics was more complicated, some one must watch little man. We were actually planning to do this race together. The only time we were meant to run together I fell down the stairs a day before my leg and hopping around for next few days. But we are still have Cardiff 10K coming up.

We have great friends who love little Edgar and happily volunteers to baby sit. Big big thank you Dickie and Karly for your help!! So my race day was happening. I only singed up for the race on Monday so it was a bit of a spare of the moment kind of thing.

Speaking of Egg he was a real trooper slept well and woke up just after 6.30am... this makes for a lovely lay in. Mama's life! But I have jumped out pumped as usual!!

The race it self was rather small. Well last two I did were massive Bupa Half and Survival of the Fittest. So little 5k race with over barely 300 people was refreshing and super nice. The route was excellent, road mainly. Marshalls all the way around with lots of ambulance chaps because quiet few runners have actually suffered a stroke before and you can never be too careful. The warm up was fun, made by dudes from Nike running club I believe, and actually needed despite all the sunshine we had in the afternoon it was still cold in the morning.
One extra thing I was well impressed is the finish line and a goodie runnie bag. You get a banana after the race! Healthy! And amazing! So people were handing out water bottles, medals, nanas and bags.

One gets all kind of things in these bags... Toothpaste, cereals, dvd... this time is was so cute!
Small water bottle little cuddly bunny... and pot noodles... Well I suppose you get sponsors where you can.

I felt amazing doing it. Mind free... However it was a bit too old and I was not prepared for that and I just got too excited and started but too fast... Was too scared to fall behind! Despite all these reasons I did this 1st race in over a year and 7 months after having a baby in very respectable 29 minutes. 
After I had shower we went for lobster and some wine to celebrate the race day!! 

P.S. on closer inspection the little bunny is from Persil. Definitely more pleasant than a washing powder sample.

Saturday, 21 March 2015


I went to see Home... The trailer for it looked ever so cute. Dancing alien, dancing purple alien!!!

I didn't really pay much attention to the trailer to be perfectly honest and did not know much about the film. I was pleased that they didn't put every funny moment into the trailer. However it took me forever to pinpoint the voices... 
Jim Parsons is fab and most people knows him as Sheldon Cooper. I love The Big Bang, even Milky Boy has a Bazzinga onesie. However his O character seems rather like Sheldon Cooper... but alien! I understand that the alien is written this way, but in a way seems that Mr Parsons been cast for his fame is Sheldon! But saying that I know that kids never seen BBT would enjoy Home! 
Watching the movie all I could think of is why is there so much Rhianna songs... Then it hit me. Oh she is doing the voice for Tip. Don't know what the writer of this firm smoked to name his leading character Gratuity!!! 
Yeah, I don't care for Rhianna... But I don't mind. She did a good voice. 

But the movie is very enjoyable. I'm certain that Edgar will enjoy it later in life as much if not more than I did. It is a good story teaches all the correct things. But one should not go to a Boov party or eat Van Gough! 
Take your mini me to the cinema! Home is cute and you will enjoy it too!

Friday, 20 March 2015

This Sunday

Some Sundays are for chilling in your PJ... but this Sunday I am doing the my very 1st race in over a year! I am super pumped!! 

It is a 5K run for Stroke association, and even if I am not fundraising I am however raising the awareness. I only tend to run for a good cause. 

Speaking of good cause, I have actually agreed to walk the three peak challenge... This time it is actually close to home, since it is in support of Lupus charity and one of our friends is in need of more research on this disease to hopefully improve her life! 

I am aiming at 30 min mark at this 5K. Not pushing my self too hard, even if I can run 5K with ease now. I do not think I am fit enough to beat my old PB on that one of 28mins. In fact I do not normally do 5K... I have literally signed up to do this on Monday and the race day is Sunday. Koodos to the organisers, got my race pack today! 

I didn't actually know there was a run on. Only by chance that I saw the banner advertising it in the Bute Park on the walk with Mr Yells-a-Lot. Shame they didn't advertise much, if you think how much publicity Race for Life gets! But then again perhaps they did I just did not look. I really must keep my eye on Find a Race! 

I have big plans run/race wise this year with extra activities like Three Peak and Survival. I cannot actually afford the gym, or have time for a gym, got to burn these calories the free way. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Food glorious food!

Superfoods.... well I also got excited about quinoa and kale... 

Although quinoa might be a bit boring. Frankly I am not very sure what to do with it but trial and error I guess. 

First things first, as you know I am a big fan of Kym Non-Stop... and that girl loves kale! Here is a video to prove it. It's just too funny!

I have massaged some kale... and made a fun salad. I loved it, hubby not so much. 

To make my fun and healthy salad you will need
Smoked Mackerel
Half a bulb of Fennel (medium size)
Cooked and cold quinoa
Some seeds for crunch
Olive Oil 

Massage some kale with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. It will make it tender and lovely. Just watch out if you have any cuts on the hands. It'll sting!! Chop up the fennel. Peel and cup up orange. Flake the mackerel. 
Now assemble this bad boy. I have layered all the ingredients starting with quinoa, kale, fennel, orange, mackerel and sprinkle some seeds. You can always squeeze some more lemon juice if you prefer. 

Do try. It is healthy! And really filling. 

Monday, 16 March 2015


I always was intrigued by decoupage. And I used to think it is a hard craft. I suppose everything is hard when you don't know... 

So with Eggy man going to sleep at 7pm I have evening to do things. This time I finally crafted something.

So I picked up this plate in charity shop ages ago. I needed a key bowl. 

Since then I found a much cooler and prettier glass and actually singed one so this one was going for the bin. And thought came to me, maybe I can do something with it. Make it more.... je ne sais quoi! 
I actually had to get it out of the bin. My own bin, don't freak I wasn't dumpster diving or anything... 

I have started by just painting it all black with acrylic paint, so it looked less African revival, but there is nothing I could do with little ridges. But hey it's my 1st time up-cycling. Then I couldn't find my massive jar of PVA glue, drama with moving and still unpacking! But thanks crafts for Tiger shop. Have you not been to one? It's Scandinavian goodness of things you did not know you needed like a wire basket shaped like a diamond! And also a decoupage glue. Next question would be what to decoupage with.... oh decisions! Then I had a lightbulb moment.... 
The Christmas box I got from Birchbox, remember this post

It came with instructions booklet with the same shiny stones design.... 
Here is the finished product!

And please meet my new lip balm bowl. Yes, it's a thing now. Well I tend to lose, misplace them and never use them and have dry lips. Also this idea, to keep things out in the open came from lovely and frankly my very favourite Red magazine.  

Friday, 13 March 2015


Hello, I am not AWOL... I am really busy with this one...

Look how he grown!

Mother's day is on Sunday... I think I should come with terms that this little monkey will call me mum, so I can accept this. But yet still I don't feel like all these mummies around. I am special bread of mummy not the conventional type. 

Motherhood is fun and amazing. But also time consuming and exhausting.... I would not change it for the world! 
So hopefully with this regime form me as well as from Edgar I will be able to blog more and more!

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