Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Chocolate Egg Day everyone!

Had a really boring weekend at work. There was so little to do... 

We were bored out of my mind! 

But I have chatted to some amazing people... 

I have met a couple who prior to their check in actually went and made their own wedding bands. How cool is that? Amazing!! They were stunning.... They showed me the picture!

Also I have met a 60 year old who had a massive brain injury and been told "Mate, you will never ride a bike again" well he rides about 300 miles a week and not on the stationary bike either!! How amazing!

Well hope you're weekend was better than mine and not filled in with work! 

And here is Daisy filling in for Easter Bunny!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Names names names...

Me "well that is a bit American, don't you think?"
Stephen :" Agr! The baby is half Welsh half Russian! What sort of name you want?"

Yeah and that it is. We have few names in mind but we will wait. See what he looks like... We might want to name him one thing but he really wouldn't look like one. 

I do think that out mate Owen really looks like Owen, same way Stephen looks like Stephen/Steve

However think about your friends and think if they look like their name.... Like my bestie looks like Nick or Nicolas even but he doesn't look like Kolya (what we call him in Russia)

So we have.... as options: Jack, Seth, Chase, Trent.... Nate (if I have my way), Dylan .... But at the moment baby is a Lentil or Raziel Jr if you prefer it. 

We are waiting.. and I'm so not obsessing about what would we name Lentil. Can we name him Lentil? 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

We are on the move again...

as you guessed it from the title we are moving again. Bigger place more suited for us and the bump when he is born. Proper warm home with more manageable garden. 

But it is packing... and more packing. And taking furniture down... That is actually rather satisfying. I also look forward to the time when I will be on leave and repainting stuff, redecorating and such... 

Like this chest I was painting before I went on holidays and hubby left my tin on pain in the garden and its got knocked over by wind and spilled all over the place... 

These handles are so cute! Like Oh My God  I love these. I just need to get willow green wood paint again and finish these things, I have this chest to finish and another one. The bigger one will go to the bathroom I think. Maybe it will be different colour. Our new bathroom that I am really excited about, cool bath and sink and loo. With delightful rectangular white tiles. 
Speaking of DIY and crafts, I am making a baby blanket. Something you can easily buy or order but it is not quiet the same. I am not as handy with knitting needles like my mother, she made Steve a jumper and making a "shrunk" version for the baby. And I'm making this 

And really enjoying the process... It is rather rewarding know you are creating something tangible. 

I am really looking forward to unpack and that house our new home, source some furniture, making the baby room, repainting the furniture and such. Oh the stress of moving... 
On this note I think I have to get my move on and continue packing. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Few fun things I saw and took pics off

Exterior wall art... 

Hearts are everywhere... Just like Drew Berrymore's book

Festive? No?

Awesome retro looking mosaic in the pool I go to

HOW CUTE IS THAT!! Want that jacket!!

This just made me laugh.... Also I really don't get the British Tea with Milk thing. What is wrong with you people?!

Totoro with NoFace mask. Need I say more?

Otter figureine. Didn't get it, coz it is not quiet there.... But it is very very cute

And for the 1st time ever I actually won in lottery. Not a million but better than nothing I guess. And I won £2.10 today too:) #winning

Spring is in full bloom! Check out these colours.... 

In other news we are on the move. Nothing major, no city change. It is actually nice just to move to the new house, so we are covered in boxes, packing tape... 
It is actually bit tricky to do with the bump attached. But he is being a good sport and doesn't make me hurt much.

Friday, 4 April 2014

worries....bit of a personal note.

My hubby is amazing, he is like super supportive even if he s calling me things... I know he means it with love.

I am freaking out.... 

I really not in control of my body, this upsets me great deal. My joints clicking, my hips are hurting... and many other unpleasant things pregnancy related, sore and bigger boobies are just the start. I do not think I will be able to run the half marathon this year... Sad face. 

I'm super worried about the birth it self..... (do not think I need to elaborate on this)

My emotions are running high and crazy.... doesn't help that I cannot unwind and slightly overworked. Well I guess I need to find the way how to, that doesn't involve me running fast on tread mill listening to shouty and loud music... Shopping is not that same either. It's just stress, all I see if the things I cannot wear, so no cardio a la Carrie Bradshaw. 

Stephen said to me that he feels more maternal than I am... Well I did not expect to be pregnant so fast, I did not expect to react to this like that.... Well I guess you never know until it actually happens.

But do not get me wrong, I am super excited to have my baby boy. Teach him things. Watch him grow. Go roller skating with him. See if he can draw like me and cook like his father. ... I guess I'm just really really scared. And I really want to meet this baby already, he been kicking a treat lately. Soon even Steve will be able to feel him move. 

Apart from emotional craziness and bit of physical pain and exhaustion, the pregnancy is going good...  

Any advice anyone? 

Well in the end I guess I just need to deal with it.. with less craziness. 

Trip to V&A

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