Saturday, 24 January 2015

Baby Weight

Having a baby is amazing! Woman's body is well simply wonderful we can make humans!!

I was very good during my pregnancy, didn't change my eating habits much. Was eating more fruit and veg and did allow my self eat cake, Krispy Kreams... I think it was because I couldn't eat mouldy cheese. Oh how I've missed it.... so when Edgar was out I had a massive plate of cheese so it gave poor guy bad tummy! Must not forget how much the breast milk is affected. So ladies when breastfeeding do not over indulge on dairy. Have it but in normal or lesser quantities.

I actually miss having a bump... what a bump I had!!! MASSIVE!!! 

But I tried to stay as healthy as possible, I was still going to the gym till about 4 months pregnant. Think it really had an effect, I could still reach my toes at 40 weeks, But then again I am not recommending this I was fit enough to do so and I had a low risk pregnancy, 
So with Edgar getting bigger and Hubby working less I finally have time to get back into shape. 
I got the app... as you know there is an app for everything... the app is essentially the HIIT (high intensity), but it's very gentle one, 9 different exercises over 7 minutes. Also if you keep at it it will unlock more workouts and such. I did slightly modify it... I'm not fit enough yet to do push up with a twist. I do more abdominal exercises, it is my main area of concern! And dear me it is super hard especially after C-section. Just think of it, your abdominal musculus were sliced and put back together.... 
Well actually from about 5th of January I have decided to do 30 squats for 30 days.... that still going on top of me running rarely (when Steve can watch Edgar and it is fairly early in a day) and my 7 minutes jumping about the house... I also do 30 different crunches.
I have a long way to go still but I am slowly getting there. I wish you the same. Set a goal and slowly make it there.... 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Moving is hard enough but try not to forget the subscriptions... that's a whole different thing. And I kinda did, and didn't. Birchbox was actually AWOL but they kindly sent me a replacement. Excellent customer service. Also must mention the My Little Box customer service is also excellent. But boxes arrived late and to my in laws address and I have finally got my mitts on them just few days ago... 
 And I loved them! 
Considering I do not actually wear nail varnish much I slapped on this model's own in seconds! And it stays on really well, I wash dished and my fingers being chewed on by one adorable baby who it teething at the moment. Poor little guy!

Well pleased with goodies from MLB as well. I look very cute in this headband. Their own brand of lippy has a nice texture and fun colour. Not going to bother mentioning the cream and lotion, you know they are awesome. Also loved the wrapping goodies and their cute magazine.... Can't wait to get January box!

In fact I actually also got the January box from Birchbox already. This one they collaborated with Women's Health. Yes gyms are packed and all the shops are showing their work out goods. But it is super motivation for me.... Stay tuned for that one. 

Check out these goodies! Cannot wait to try the tea. Hear and read many good thing about Matcha Tea, btw a friend of mine does this blog about healthy eating and cooking check Chloe out!
The resistant band is a bit easy for me and real stretchy but then again, I used to be a gym bunny and do have a big baby whom I carry around a lot... 

Once again opening these boxes made me feel like it is Christmas or my birthday! I do enjoy them a lot, would definitely recommend them to everyone!

Saturday, 10 January 2015


You know how I said that every January everyone is buying gym kits and memberships? 
Well I guess you can say that I am also jumping on the January band wagon and trying to improve myself. We got the juicer in the January sales and now I am mad juicing things! 

It's super easy to up your fruit and veg intake. In my case, I forget to eat properly so it is definitely a must!
When is everyone can just join the gym and go the gym I cannot. I have a 24hr mama job! I love it, but I miss being active. Hubby is way too busy with new opening but I am super excited I went and got some new kit, always need new one anyway and my new leggings are super fun with lots of stripes and ombre detailing! I actually think that becoming a mama made me adventurous in clothing choices... 
I haven't done anything since my 6 week post-partum check up. I ran home. Real fast! So now I am doing a set challenge. 30 day 30 squats. I also decided today to add 30 crunchies, different sorts. I want to be fitter than I was, I'm busier now and making one teething baby giggle is actually hard but ever so rewarding when you hear that cute laughter.... 

My goal is to fit in the dress below... Check out the size of my bump!! 

I think I was about 38-39 weeks pregnant there..... 
Also I have not been able to fit into this dress for about 3-4 years. It's a real challenge!

I even picked up some free passes to different gyms... So with luck I will have lots of sweat, energy, social life and be happier....

Speaking of social life... Anyone knows about any baby clubs in Cardiff? 

so much to blog but 1st things 1st

Hello! Happy New Year and such.

I know its has been absolute ages since I have blogged... well we have moved again! And it was a complicated one. We never had such trouble with renting a place, no offence to anyone but estate agents in Rhondda are s%$t. Actually shocking! But it worked out for the best.

Hubby got a new exciting job in Cardiff so we packed our bags and moved. Plan was to move near to Stephen's parents, that fell throw at the very last moment. Amateurs at The Landlords lettings in Talbot Green. Yes, I am naming names! Then I looked at a cute bijoux new build in Pontyclun but the owners had to think about the extra on the bond because of Molly Cat. Then they never rung, so I called back been told that they are showing the house to "some one else just to be fair".... I thought I was renting not buying. Oh well Watts & Morgan estate agent could have that property rented since December but it is still on the market. And we actually got a cute maisonette in Cardiff close to city centre local shops and Bute Park. It's not a home yet, but we are working on it. 

A big thank you to our amazing family and amazing friends who offered us a roof over our stressed out heads and helped loads with move and giving lifts to hubby back to Talbot Green and back to Cardiff. 

And getting internet and finding time and laptop... we are back we are happy! we are slowly settling! 

Birmingham been good to me, I have met some amazing people and I will miss them all! I do miss you all but it is home here... 

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...