Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I made things...

When I went to see my friend Charl to model for her she gave me leaving present. 

I didn't know I had one:) 

I love it! Husband loves it! These guys are just too cute! 
Thank babes x

So she did say that it would have been super cool to have one of them in 3D.... Well...

Here to please really... So Charlotte when are we meeting next so I can give you this dude? 
But then again, if there is something being made another hand-made thing is coming too...

Took me absolute forever to remember how to do this, but I think results it great!
Must make some more... Would you buy them? I think I can take my Esty shopping into selling... 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Let's make dinner

And whatever hubby says there is always food in the fridge. Just have to make it!

First I made a green soup few days back... Took some lovely broccoli  with some strange triangle like veg (also like broccoli) that I got in my weekly veg delivery form lovely people at Riverford! Great service by the way! 
So I took an onion (also from my veg delivery), some garlic and sweated them together in our shiny pot, seasoned them too. Peeled and chopped a medium size potato and kept on stirring these guys in the pot, then added the green things:) Add the stock in. I simply used the chicken stock cube, simmer all these veggies till tatoes are soft. To make it extra nice I have blended it in our blender... oh it was not a margarita but still delicious! 

I did not add any cream, butter or would have been nice, I am staying good... more or less:) 
However hubby did bring some nice artisan bread with sun-dried tomatoes and olives... dunked into the green soup was extra special! 

Then I also made a fake-away form my new favorite cook-book The Hairy Dieters by Dave Myeres and Si King (The lovable hairy bikers!)... Chicken korma!
I have never made a curry from scratch, it was quiet and experience.  

Also after trying to blend the sauce in the blender... well actually trying to get it out I have decided to spend some money on the hand blender. Easier to clean too! 
Would you like me to share the recipe??

And earlier today I had seafood pasta in cream with leeks... 
One has to clean up the fridge sometimes. I have some leeks and some cooked seafood... so the pasta dish was born!
I took a bit of my giant organic leek (again form my super veg delivery), copped it nicely. I also copped up 2 cloves of garlic (OH I LOVE GARLIC!). Sweated these chappies together chucked in the seafood to warm up and added a dash of double cream. 
It all went very nice with wholegrain spaghetti and some freshly grounded pepper... 

Dinner today was fixed by hubby... 

Need I say more? The trouble was that these particular oysters were enormous!! And was very tricky to eat, but I have managed!
Big happy face! 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Changing Colour is Simple!

Well this post will be about crafting mainly.... 

My work had a staff party on Monday, the theme was Casino Royal... hens boys dressed in suits and girls in pretty dresses. 

I really did not feel like going to getting a new dress, besides what would be the odds to come in to the party and some one else has the same dress. I would have been mortified. So I thought I'd wear a suit.

Hubby said "NO woman wear a dress!" friend Viera said "But you have so many beautiful vintage dresses"...

Oh yes, I do have tons of unique vintage pieces obtained on ebay. But I don't fit in most of them... or so I though... 

I got this lilac beauty by accident.. well it's ebay it happens! But I could never zip it up. And for 2 years it just stayed in the wardrobe...
The belt and hem need fixing and I just need an occasion to wear it to!
 But for this even I needed something less romantic... 

I bought an emerald green strapless dress... it was fading on bones that hold the top together... What to do? 
But then youtube came to the rescue!

Next day after watching this I headed out to HobbyCraft store. 
It could not be simpler. The only hassle I had is to measure everything out and stirring the dress in the tiny bucket I had... 
And here is the result...

This is with Instragram filter on... but check out how intense the colour came out to be!

My unique vintage dress been given a new life!

Would I dye something again? You bet! 

But now I'm having a bleaching project in mind... also this time I will not forget to take picture before!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

We actually got to spend some time together...

Well we were supposed to have this week together but at the very last moment hubby's second week holiday been cancelled....
But we went to eat some lovely Japanese food in Ichiban... by the way it is one amazing Japanese restaurant on Cowbridge Road in Cardiff! 
I had some dead cold delicious fish and we shared some sake... Mad! It was a lovely evening! Well and it was raining loads!!

We had that awesome Sunday lunch together, then we saw Felix do that jump!

Then we went to see super tall and funny man Greg Davies. Back of his mum's head was very funny, unless you are a bonsai tree (go see it, he is funny!!)! 

I can say that he is my favorite comedian at the moment! 
And all I want is the picture next to him... Him being all tall and me being... well super short!!
It would be so funny!
My friend Andrew actually met the guy and says he is super nice.

We also tried to shop for a suit... luckily he went with other boys from work to hire some instead. And I'm so please I was not involved!
Today hubby got some amazing cheese and bread for us... Oh cheese.... oh!!
Yeah it's actually night and I'm still snaking on cheese. Bad! But hey I went for a run today.... 
And we cooked! Will be sharing this tomorrow! 

Just enjoying my time off really

I think it is a well deserved holiday! Especially considering that I had 9 days of work in a row with 3 split shifts... very draining! But hey I made most of my time... by doing as little as I can.. 

So the highlights were...

My friend Charlotte needed models for her portfolio... Yes it is that serious! 
So far she published these 

It was a bit surreal... she did not like me pulling faces! It is so hard not to stick the toungue out to the camera. But she was truly great, told me lots of times that I'm doing great and how beautiful I was.. Oh you!! 
So, Charl, I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures.
We also drunk wine, talked tattoos, films and men! 

Couple of days ago I was waiting for hubby to come home from work so...
I did some cross stitching... because of the size of this reindeer my hands were hurting so much... 

But it is super cute... and a start of Christmas project... I will make a little framed picture out this cross stitch! 
Also might be reusing this pattern to make a table runner... I have no idea how but I'm sure I will have tons of fun and sore hands doing it!
Yeah I am already planning for Christmas and quiet excited about it! 
I actually bought some presents already! 

Also me and hubby made Sunday dinner together... Well I turned the oven on and set the table

Also I made gravy! 

Food was glorious!

This is just a quick recap of what I was up to last few days... will be reporting more later today!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

So inspired... Survival of the fittest

Well my next race is not until November... it will be the amazing dash in the tash!:) Note to self get the tash, or come up with awesome drawing of some! I'm very excited! Especially since hubby is doing it too... fingers crossed he will get the running bug..

But today I went to see what Survival of the Fittest is all about... 
Also had a look at men's health link

On the way to the bay I came across this sing... well damn right runners! It was over 3000 people doing it today! How amazing!

The Bay looked super busy! People everywhere, music, runners.... it was like a sea of orange. The official Tees are orange. 
So I found the finish line with the Wall of Fame 

This is almost the final obstacle. The last one is the wet one:) with photographers on the other end. The relive  on runners (or shall I say survivors) faces is unreal. Don't think some of them believed they would make it this far.
I saw a man dancing on the wall, man doing Mo Farah's "M" and then laying down to do some show off crunchies!
I saw people helping each other on to the wall and from it.
Also 3 men who run in speedos only... that must be a sight so see, 3 almost naked men running throw town... 
5 or maybe 6 dudes dressed in Sambreros with fake tashes doing a bow together... 
I also saw some injuries, bruises and bloody knees... 
Nora, who I came to see also look relived to finish but also oh so happy

Also I spotted some awesome tattoos and some men candy! despite all the mud....

It turns out that to climb the wall... well there are no ropes... so just do it with your will power. 
I guess I will be needing a boost from some of the runners when I will be doing it next year. 
Should I start training now?? 

Got to say that guys and girls who did this event today are truly survivors... What an amazing achievement! Well done!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


When I was little mum use to knit a lot of my clothes, I was head to toe in knitted goodies. People even used to joke that she knitted me too...
Later she decided that knitting was boring and stopped... now she's crocheting like crazy. She made us a beautiful blanket to cover the bed... the only problem with it is the bright yellow colour...

I never liked knitting, takes too long and looks so complicated, however I always wanted to learn...
So I choose easier way of making something from yarn... crocheting!

Last time I was off I made this blanket for us

Hubby has some reservations against it... looks too much like a "Granny". Well yeah, it's a giant granny square! And it couldn't be easier to make! 

This pattern is stolen from here but mother taught me how! 

And now I finally finished the baby boy blanket... it took me so long to make, but it was so easy in the end when I got into my crocheting zone...

I actually need to be in the right zone to do many things... 

The baby isn't here yet... So Yammy Mummy Maggie please eat something spicy already I want to see that little dude smile and put his tiny feet into his mouth! 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

part of getting older

Well more and more of my friends are getting married and having babies... And yet, the only wedding I have been was my own. That's understandable since I'm always somewhere else...  
So here we go...

Me and Katerina went to the same school, she was a year below me. Last time we met we were in the airport waiting for our connecting flights, she was going to Paris with her mother and sister I was going home to Wales. We chatted like old friends for 2-3 hours, yet we never been really close, I guess we just fell in friend's love for each other. And we stayed in touch. Later she announce that her boyfriend proposed ..  

Winter wedding, everything is white and snowy! Pretty! 
Now they have a baby girl Sonya, she looks just like her dad with gorgeous red hair!
Now that's a young lady I'm hoping to meet next time I'm in Russia.

Out of nowhere the news that my old friend from school Tanya changed her name and her profile picture...  to this one

One radiant bride! I'm truly so happy for them. 
We been friend for as long as I remember but then she changed school... It was sad but we are staying in touch. Not as much as we should but you know she is training to be a doctor!

Last time I spoke to my friend Anna, she was all about... oh you know I think I'm ready to get married and have babies...

She wore that beautiful knee length dress with some marabou feathers, very cute!
And now these two have 8 month old baby girl called Aphrodite, very unusual name... very unique. I suppose I never expected anything else! 

and then where was the secret wedding in Mozambique... 
My old friend Maria currently living in Australia  her other half is protecting wild life in Africa, so she's somewhere around... and next thing I know they got married!
I think I actually screamed with delight when I saw the news on Facebook.

At the time they were in Mozambique talking to their friends saying how they want but cannot get married since they are never for long in any country ... so 2 phone calls later they were getting married the next morning in local church.
She said they really didn't understand they preacher since everything was in Portuguese. 
She wore a simple white dress she got from the market, flowers were picked from around the area... 
this was just such a hear warming story... 

I am so very happy for all of the people mentioned above and ones I haven't mentioned... There are a lot of them. It's a part of getting older: more and more people I know are getting married, having little ones... 
This part of getting older is much nicer then having greys!

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...