Monday, 31 August 2015

Fail fail fail!

So we had a pretty standard morning.... But it all ended up with a quick trip to emergency. 
Some one face planted into the shelf... And will now possibly have a small scar.... Thanks goodness he didn't need stitches and was a real trooper until the nurse was popping the glue and paper stitches on. 
However that made me feel terrible. Am I a bad mother? 
I really don't think I am. I m doing a good job, just need to be remind of it. 
But babies learn explore and do fall, bump and faceplant.... It is all part of growing up! 
But the guilt! The people would say that I m terrible mother... Why are we being judged?! ... 
That' s all for today. I shall go now and keep feeling guilty!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fun Sexy Spy Movie

 When you hear that Guy Ritchie makes a new film... You get excited. Well I got excited. Then I saw the trailer.... It was like old style Bond had a facelift and so much fun! 
I sort of forgot about the RDJ Sherlock Holmes, so in my mind I only had his fun crime and gangster films. 
Speaking of which, are you watching The Bake off? Or better yet the Jo Brand's Extra Slice? Well actor from Lock Stock is a big fan and was on the show. So fun! Honestly give it a try!

But back to the film. I have been informed that the original show was a good fun, and has been enjoyed by many. Well being Russian and that it hasn't been daubed, so I have no idea!!
However I sure enjoyed the film

Great plot! Fun plot... Not necessary believable in some places (I mean it should have been more complicated to get some one out of East Berlin), but that makes a fun spy film. 
Go see it. I do not want to give any spoilers... But it was fun, with a traditional Guy Ritchie twist.

And the cast! Oh the major men candy! 

See... and more candy!

Armie Hammer is so tall and handsome (not sweet like he normally is).but all so broodingly handsome.... 
Also I officially have a new woman crush... Oh Alicia Vikander. The best Swedish export yet!

This film is fun, super stylish and I cannot wait for more! Please give us more! 
Oh and be on the look out for David Beckham cameo. It's really rather funny. Oh and he speaks Russian! Well he tried... 

Friday, 28 August 2015


Babies are wierd.... They come out bright red and screaming.... and then they will be in you heart forever. 
Earlier this month our little Egg turned one! 
He was so small....

And now he is so much more fun and interesting....
Here is he is trying to eat or kiss his little egg toys... Too cute!

We had a small get together, with barbie, fun and lots of attention for little man... so he didn't nap and was super grouchy when we took the cake out. Well he actually had a full on cry! Perhaps we got the wrong kind of cake.... or maybe he resented the fact that it wasn't his actual birthday. His birthday was a day after. We went to Wagamama... and Edgar had his own food.... Which he didn't eat much... Do not think we are ready for restaurant food just yet... But it will be nice when he will.

It was strangely emotional realising that my baby got older.... And that we were parents for over a year now. ... come to think of this again.... It is MAD!! 

(Oh and this photo is a little tradition... we have one just like that on the day we were going home from the hospital)

And all I feel.... apart form tired.... is love! A lot and lot of Love! 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Things we saw...

When we wondered to Roath to feed the pigs. These aren't actual pig but guinea pigs:)

So as you can see Cardiff is a wonderful diverse city! 
Also piggies were so grateful that I fed them they went out and got me a bottle of red wine!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mum v Identity

Some of you might know that I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up... So I sort of always had an identity crisis. When I fell pregnant I thought "Oh nothing will change!"... yeah right! That so well I don't want to say naive.... but yeah totally is.

I struggled a lot with becoming a mother. Do not get me wrong motherhood is the most awesome thing ever! But going through the change, having some one coming out of you is ... well extraordinary and so very challenging. I had a slight baby blues but luckily I was over that fairly quickly. But then I had hard time calling my self a mummy, or refer to Egg Man is my son.

So I prefer mama, and that seem to make a difference. Feels more fun! Mummy is too traditional, too sweet, then mama is different and fun. Yes, I thought about this for a while.

It is hard not to be just mama.. Especially if you are staying at home with mini me. All you become is mama. It is great if you can shift the baby weight and are socially active, but what if you are struggling with these things? or what about that horrid stigma on breastfeeding in public? (I found it very difficult, not only because Edgar wouldn't latch on straight away but also because of being out).

One thing made me usual happy self was running... when I run I am not a mama, or just mama, I am a runner! I am unbeatable (just by faster people) I can run 10k in 59 minutes!

Also what is the deal with being  "oh I am just a mum"... We should stop saying that! It is super hard work, not matter how you go about doing it, we are superheros! We are mamas!! 

inside out

Well Pixar did it again! Inside out was brilliant! 

Look how cute they all are! And they live in everyone's head. The last title screens were soo funny especially the cat ones.
However, it stressed me out no end. ... I saw it through the panic mama's eyes. Would my baby be feeling this way? Would he be able to express his feelings?


And then there was the imaginary friend.... sobs! But it was really funny and very clever. 
You know how sometimes cartoons are sex based, like Cars are for boys, so is the Toy Story and obliviously Frozen is for girls, this is not this kind of cartoon. Same way Lego Movie is for everyone really! 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A good day mumming

Yesterday was a good day! Firstly we managed to nap for decent amount of time (read more than 40min). Then I discovered that Amber necklace  for little one has arrived. We are giving it a try, it won't make things worst. It's super cute and from Baltic source, I got it from Etsy

(and Edgar had some jelly... it also was amazing!)

Out pool adventures have improved. I guess it has something to do won't is being on holidays for such a long time and haven't attended the swimming classes that Egg Man decided he doe t like it much... But slowly we are improving! 
And then in the park we met Emily and her Russian mum Kate! It's so cool to meet some one just out of the blue and I think we will get along well! 
As I mentioned previously mothers need other mothers... Not only to keep us  being alto to communicate to other adults but to keep us sane... 
Oh and I won some tea from Pukka teas!

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