Friday, 23 September 2016

Job hunting. Stepping away from hospitality

As you know I have been looking for a job... I had few phone interviews and few in person. One of them actually went really well but the shifts patterns isn't fitting in with child care. And is what the trouble is.
Child care is also expensive and I pretty much will be working for nursery but that's ok. Edgar will have more of social life with other kids and it would be nice for me to get out of the house and actually speak to grown ups. Even if I am totally shitting myself about how Egg will cope, how I would cope. I am most definitely not doing it for money I am doing it for sanity.
Also I have only worked in hospitality industry and not many people seem to get that hotel reception is like super extensive admin experience and managing... like of everything. Every employers but the employment agencies. Well they are either in for the money or actually know their stuff...

I actually spoke to one of my mates who is a manager in a busy coffee shop saying how work requirement, flexible working hours and weekends seem to eliminate all of the stay at home parents. And he finds this really unfair! I'm glad working force also thinks that too. 
But for now I just stay annoyed sleep-deprived mama. We all have been rather poorly this past week and think that might be a reason why the little man wakes up when it is still night... 
However did you hear about Flex Appeal? It's this wonderful flash mob - campaign to urge the employers to be more flexible with 9-5 Monday to Friday! They did the cutest dance demonstration I guess in London few weeks back. And in this post Mother Pukka explains pro of this system. 
I suppose I can do the agency work. This will give me flexibility with work I need but nursery aren't as flexible either. I love our nursery but they have only limited spaces  and once I commit to days selected it they aren't to flexible to change and agency aren't a steady work. So what is this? Catch 22 all over again? I really hope I would find something soon... Ish. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bad moms

"Let's be bad moms" says Mila Kunis in this gem of the film in answer to the pressure of being this picture perfect mother, that bakes, cleans, helps with homework, works and also lost all her baby weight and always looks amazing... (and all this in one sentence!!)

I would like to applaud, actually make like a one woman standing ovation, to all the people who made this film.
This film feels real, about every day mumming struggles. I have to confess that good few times I wanted to clap or shout "You go girl!" during the film.

Basically it is about mothers, PTA, schools, children and mama gang. With mainly female cast too. There are only few men in this film, and they do not have a center stage. One particular actor is there just to look very very good. And boy he is does this so well.... 

This film made me laugh so hard that I have cried and almost peed my self. 
There is however some criticism about how Mila Kunis' heroine doesn't look tired. Well we are not allowed. Damn all this pressure on mums to be perfect... But yay, lets just be bad moms! 

Oh and do watch the end credits. These are just sooo sweet! 

I miss having a mama gang. So Cardiff mama's if you are reading... Get in touch! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Size vs hot mama bod!

Thinking oh it overall I have enjoyed being pregnant. Also I had an easy pregnancy and once I let go of that feeling that I have lost control over my body I was awesome!
My body is amazing. However at the moment I find shopping for clothes and shoes an absolute nightmare. I have no idea what size I am. With shoes it is easy no real undressing involved. Just pop the shoe off and try try try. 

But clothes... A lot of my pre Egg clothes don't fit which is, I have accepted, OK, I went throw major thing with producing a massive 9.4lb baby... So I am actually in need of new clothes. I started to look for stuff I can go to interview in, checked the clothes I had, I still have few things but I needed trousers and maybe a dress... Oh dear god! I know I am short that always been a struggle but finding trousers that fit around the waist and don't bobble up in front is actually almost impossible. And the high street shops are no help. Either I don't like he material, looking at you primark with strange polyester trousers that look sad, or size confusion, yes H&M UK you got your European size relatively right but it is wrong when it comes to UK size. Like size 34 is not size 8 you're numbties it's a 6! But then also I couldn't fit into jeans with 30inch waist when I am usually 28 or not 26 on a good day. 

(all pretty for the wedding few months ago) 

And please don't tell me about the apps that help you with sizing since every shop is different. But why is that?! Shopping should be fun! Infuriating actually. I don't have much time to spend in the shop since the offspring is either being looked after someone or really rather impatient I don't have time to check the silly app. Then it won't help since I don't actually know what size I am. 
And shopping used to make me happy ... It's just stress now...  
Usually I would pop to the shop grab something I like, normally a top... But over the summer they were all cropped. I don't like having my belly out... or just having that sexy midriff showing. Damn, why! Not all of us want a unicorn tee with belly button hanging out. 

Talking about H&M, have you seen that size shaming photo? 

despite all that how hot is this girl! Curves and balls! Awesome girl! 

But I love H&M I will not stop shopping there. I also love love their kids stuff. And I got some cute stuff lately from them... 

I just need to accept that I might be size 12. And maybe sometimes 14. I am dreading what size I will be in topshop. But never mind as long as I look good I don't care what size I am.
It is like buying a bra, as Bravissimo ladies told me you should always try things on. 
Must remember that... Size like age is just a number as long as you feel good and amazing unicorn that you are this number doesn't matter! 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Food circus

Street food circus. Silly name for a fun foodie faire. 
We have been last year when it was behind Radisson in Cardiff. This year they have moved to nicer surroundings of Sophia Gardens. And this time me and my girl Viera went in the evening. Me out on Friday night?! What?! I thought I'd never see the day! 
It was nice to be out in the evening! 
They had a fab selection of awesome makers and cooks! 

We had reclette thing. Melted wheel of cheese scraped over potatoes with some serano ham, shallots, crunchy pickles.and I don't like pickles! 
Then we head over to brûlée bar! These were little pots of creamy haven, you chose from set toppings or make your own. Too much choice really! 
And we washed it down with prosecco cocktail from the tiny prosecco van. I tell you what we all need one of these in our gardens!
It was good fun but mainly it was nice to do this with a friend and to catch up!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Face mask form H&M

I love H&M despite their issues with sizing and such. Well stay tuned for that post, it's coming. 
In case you don't know anything and lived somewhere isolate line under the rock they have launched the beauty and makeup range. 
And it is lovely, good quality and affordable! I got couple of things form their range including this face mask 

How cool is the minimal design! And it's a one pot kind of a deal. So if you are doing it every so often it's perfect size... I sometimes forget that I need to buyout is or clean, in this case, a deep clean... 
Skin is our biggest organ and we do not take much care if it. At the moment I am all about cleansing and moisturising. Mama must stay pretty and young!

Well and so she does!!
It was a super nice texture and extra nice smell. They actually add perfume to it so I was distracted by it, like a natural sent of product. It felt smooth when I was putting it on but it felt incompatible drying out. But this might be that I have oily skin and I was using it while having a bath. 
After washing the mask off my face felt clean and moisturized. It felt clean. And lovely. So if I was to get it again I would use in the morning for a fresh feel all day. 
In conclusion, didn't like the sent and thought it was rather off putting but the result, quality and consistency are top notch! 
Also speaking of H&M beauty I also got the lip melt. 

Colour pigment is awesome. Not my usual safe ones more of a dark shade. Mama fancied a bit of the change I guess. It is a bit dry when you put it on and take a bit of time to make it all pretty on the lips but lips feel soft and lovely after. Once again top marks! 

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