Saturday, 12 November 2016


I am a feminist. Always wanted better representation for women for as long as I can remember. Especially growing up in Russia. 
Don't get the wrong it is a nice country to be in, but it is very traditional in its gender roles. Men who stay at home now are being laughed at and considered to be under the thumb. Men also can chose to stay at home. 
At the moment I am a stay at home mum and this is no way makes me less of the feminist. We together made this choice. Besides my work stayed in Birmingham in the middle of UK and we ourselves moved back to South Wales. 

(he is the best but I do need contact with grownups... This is an old photo)

Growing up in the country where women are all thin with long hair and wear heels all the time when I love comfort of flats. No I love beautiful shoes with heels I just walk a lot and these things don't mix for me. Shoes should be good quality and nice and comfy. Last two are together. Hey I don't really fit in into Russian woman model. I am a little rebel in flip flops (these are only for the pool or indoor use here in motherland) who what's better representation for women in Russia. 
I get that they pay gap and sexism is everywhere and we should strive to dismantle patriarchy (I am a feminist but this phrase make me giggle) in Russia I see it on the whole different level! Like way up high and way too stupid to ignore. Yet women are ok with advert for menopausal tables where crazy looking cartoon for a very young woman is given pills by her hubby and then as if by magic she turns into a pretty collected version of herself. I say what a fuck?! How is this ok?! 
Or that advert with stripper like air hostesses I blogged about last time I have visited. How is this ok? Why is no one kicks of? 
Are there feminist in Russia? Or are they busy providing for them selves and building lives for their kids? Is there hope? 

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