Sunday, 21 August 2016

Me vs Chicken pox

So I thought Egg had chicken pox about 6 months ago. It turned out to be just a teething rush. 

I had chicken pox when I was 21 and it was horrible. And from what I can gather it is much better to have it when you are little... And so Edgar got this disease for his birthday. Damn!

He can't tell what's up and how he feels coz he doesn't talk yet... Oh well. 

I am very sleep deprived at the moment. He is walking up a lot itchy all over and super grouchy. I can't take him out since he is still contagious, there goes our nursery settling, he is going mad in the house. 

And the spots are everywhere, poor guy. 

He is still mainly happy little boy but restless... And annoyed and very irritable... So is his mama. At this very moment I'm listening to him fighting the nap time while being in need of one too. Go to nap!!! Go to nap now! 

Basically being sick sucks! But watching your child being sick and there isn't much you can do to relieve his suffering is much worse... Oh joys of parenting. 

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