Monday, 26 December 2016


The beautician I see every time I go to motherland said that my skin is awesome. Listen up people with oily skin (or whereabouts) due to its extra oils and such we have more natural occurring collagen and this means we age at slower rate. Unless you do not look after yourself.

Awesome news really. I was never a huge fan of my skin but hey, slower ageing trumps all the little pimples. Damn them.

So I figure got to love my awesome oily skin and get it proper care and attention. I have started to pay more attention to cleansing. I got me Hot Cloth Cleaning Balm from Boots very own Botanics range, which I love and use. Price was great for a tester session too.
Actually the idea of hot cleansing was put into my head by Salli Hughes who was on one of the episodes of Scummy Mummies who I adore.

Since I have been using this cleansing method, mind you only in the evenings when I put big man into a bath, I have notices couple of things:

my skin feels cleaner
my skin is clearer (yeah I have an occasional outbreak but it happens when I don't do my face)
my mind loves the routine, and 
everything in my bathroom is in better order.
I did not realise that having a new routine would have so many positive outcomes, however with this boots cleanser my hair gets dirty faster. The balm is pretty oily. And my sink needs to be cleaned more often but the gunk I see floating to the drain makes me wonder why didn't I do this before? 

I did try different balm cleaner too from my M&S Advent Calendar and it is less oily but cleanses just as well I guess it would be better textured product since it is definitely is more expensive. 
Oh you can go to my Instagram page to have a look at the awesome advent things I got  @verysmallfeet 

Now I am planning the Ikea trip to get more washcloths. 

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