Monday, 27 February 2017

Visions of Red and Black. Oscars 2017

Oh all the right people won. Even despite that awkward moment we all be talking for years to come... Here is the outfits that made me really happy. And predominantly these are red and black. 

Can I please have the Viola Davies' cold shoulder number? 

Now that's a movie star Taraji P Henson!

Here are some honorable mentions that don't fall into my red and black obsession.

Golden girl Emma Stone like female Oscar 

Halle Berry's natural hair is a thing of beauty

 Oh Naomie Harris is super beautiful in this white structure galore with pretties asymmetric shoes. 

Oh and Hailee Steinfeld dressed like in a beautiful cloud of light fabric.... Just aww!

As for gentlemen it is of course the smart cut tailoring. I truly loved Riz Ahmed 

Or maybe it is because every time I see him I think of his character in Rogue One after he send the message to rebels... Heart breaks!!

And this... 

Pretty sure it is like a rule of Oscars, when in doubt bring your mama! 
I just cannot bring myself to watch Lion just yet. It is different viewing of sad film involving small kids when you become a parent. 
But I am off to see Moonlight tonight. Very excited about that! 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


People come and go.. we change we are busy we priorities.... my little monkey comes first so I don't have time for anyone but him. Well you all can cook and wipe your own butts. 
Yes being a mother is amazing... but it is also super hard demanding and isolating. If you have one mum friend cosider yourself lucky. I have them but hey aren't near! I love you mamas but you aren't in arms reach. And you have mamas within 2 or 3 doors to you.. you are so lucky!! 

(I love Rhian hat much that even let her snapchat filer me!)

I thought I had that friend thing figured out... oh boy was I wrong. My freaking maid of honour turned out to be someone else. Not someone I want to maintain relationship with... it is hard to make friends when you are older... but some how I have couple of people I am fond of! And we don't need to talk all the time...  
Actually had some homemade cake and good company and a nice chat and sushi and secco later in a week... and I had my old friend over for silly film and wine a week before... feels nice to have people in your life who don't need their bums whipped by you...

Love you bitches we need to hang more! 


Monday, 20 February 2017

Learning to sit down...

I guess we all know what Pinterest is. That magical place that shows you what you can do, what you can have... they actually have some great activities boards for little ones. 
Then we have instamums ... these pretty women with their immaculately dressed kids posing for photos... Or these kids that actually sit down to do stuff and they don't run around... 
Well part of me know it is all a lie. And they, instamums, say them self do not trust the pictures. My old school friend posted the awesome crafting photo with her two year old boy. I was in aww, he just sat there and painted the cut up egg carton.... my Egg would have spill stuff everywhere and wouldn't paint so delicately for a two year old. So my friend replies do not believe the picture before this was taken her little boy had to be cleaned off the paint and was running around like a mad loony... so there we have it do not believe the picture. 
And as we all know behind a good instargam there is someone who is actually taking this photo for that person... I mainly get selfies with my kid. Do you?
All children are different. And in a way I am sort of jealous of these calm munchkins who want to sit and play quietly. I just went to the kitchen to get more coffee I was gone maybe 5 mins... Egg pulled all he sofa cushions down moved his table in the middle of the room and turned off the internet. So thinking of him sitting down and doing something quietly was... I didn't think it would be possible 

Admittedly this didn't last long. But now I know that I can get him to do something quietly for about 15 minutes. But under the supervision... about 10 mins after this been taken Egg learned to squish these beads and started throwing them around. 


I do not think there's such thing as prefect parents... we are all great in our own way. 
My kid is spirited and very strong willed but I knew that for a while. We both are learning to manage this lovely family trait. Think if he will sit down more regularly for a quiet activity he might in the end lean to be patient. 
I am doing the best I can. I do not feel guilty about sticking him in front of the telly. We all need a bit of peace... chances are he won't be watching it as such but looking for more mischief to accomplish.  

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Enjoyment vs Constrictive Criticism

I love cinema. Think I always did. 
When I was teen or in my early 20s I was more of art house, subtitled, strange movies kind of a gal. I enjoyed these films but I do not think I understood or actually remember them much, I think I just liked what people around me liked. Or maybe I was just pretentious... however I would alway try to see the film in original language. It just makes sense, movies are dubbed in artistic kind of way. And a lot get be lost in translation. 
For example last summer I went with my cousin to see Jurassic Wolrd back home in Russia. Film was in Russian. But I could spot a joke that was supposed to be there it sometimes they just didn't work in Russian. 
French films I love for their wackiness and just pure joy, think Amelie or Taxi (not the remake please, the original ones with Samuel Naseri and Frederick Diefenthal). 

But now I just watch films that bring me joy. Sing was definitely one of theses film. It is not Moana, but it has heart, great funny characters .... and come on pig in a shiny catsuit? What more do you want. Oh and totally feel like Rosita!
I saw La La Land... now here I don't know what has happened. I know I enjoyed it but I would not see it again. Well not in a while I think. It's a great film, all the musical numbers are great, beautifully made, great acting talents but somehow all the hype about this film made me have unrealistic expectations. This film is fab but I do not want to see it. But I wanted to see Rogue One again and again. Well it is also a great film but didn't have that crazy hype. Well it did but not in the arty farty way... Same as Amelie, Under the Tuscan Sun or even Star Trek Beyond... 

Lucky I have been an Unlimited Card holder to Cineworld for years now. And if want to see the film 3 times in the cinema I can. And I sort of ok I don't enjoy the film much.. however there is one more thing. If the movie is to make me cry like Lion or say Moster Calls... well I really wanted to see these but at that point in life I just didn't want to cry and be sad... I will watch them one day. Or maybe not... 
So here it goes I would watch pretty much any movie as long as it make me happy. I don't want to think about how great technical things are or direction, I just want to feel happy and warm inside after watching it. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

I love sleep!

Yesterday was good. Child had a fab morning with dada, I managed to do some studying. Then tot had a nap and picked on his dinner which was abit is downer  (guess he is still not 100% and still has that virus) but bed time was great. Fun in the bath, didn't fight with pijamas, I read him a story while he was sorting out his bedding... great day. I went to bed early in case he would get up again at 5am like he has been doing for past 5 days or so... 

I think this photo sums it up. He got up at 2.30am and that was that. I have tired everything ... more milk, teething gel, cuddles, take him to our bed...even woke husband up to help.... at 4.45am in the end he went to look into the gloomy night from his bedroom window so I hid in our bedroom while listening to him cooing and complaining until 5.30am
I am in a very shitty mood. I love sleep. I need to sleep to function well. I blamed the kid for being mean to me and I had for a brief moment questioned our decision to become parents... yes I am this grumpy today. 
Kid is not tired. He looks happy playing with his toy cars and watching Planes 2 Fire and Rescue. 
I am looking forward to be in better mood and being rested. Feel like an awful mother....  
I just want my healthy boy back that eats well and sleeps well until 6.30am and sometimes without waking up. 
At the moment I got a sleep terrorist and milkaholic... 

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Practice what you preach

Remember that post about the self care ... well I got busy again and again didn't look after my self. Well I guess when your kid is unwell too you kind of don't think about yourself.
So we all got this horrid virus. Not sure from where and how long I had it for. I know a lot of this going around and this virus is nasty. 
After almost a week of little man refusing to eat and not sleeping well for two days... well he is finally better and he sleeps and he eats! Yay! But still abbot snotty. Well it's nice to send you toddler to nursery but he does come back with most fun bugs. They all have snotty faces at this moment. 


I am not sure if husband is better but I tell you if you have this stuff sleeping helps. But I understand if you have toddlers it is virtually impossible. 
Oh and I finally went to see the doctor ... it's a virus. Nothing really can help me just do what I have been doing and chill. And try not to cough too much I guess... 
This is a reason you haven't seen me here for a while... 

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...