Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Loot Crate. Box Subscribtion

I am married to a geek. And it is contagious. Also it is awesome!
We watch Star Trek (not just the new shiny films with Chris Pine)


(coz she is the best)

Flash and many other amazing things. So it was only natural that we got the Loot Crate. Actually we got two of them due to confusion with actual subscription thing.
Mainly of course I got Loot Crate for hubby dearest... and he hated it. Well I guess hate is a strong word. He didn't like it. The theme was Speed. So now we have Cylone ship.... which no one in our household cares about, an Arrow car ornament  (I thought the idea was fun, but it is Arrow) the only things that got appreciated in out household was the bat-mobile key ring and the little replica of car Eleanor from gone in 60 seconds... by the little man.

Personally I still think it is a great concept but there is so much of Geekery out where, if I would pay more attention and the website wasn't too confusing ... we would have had a Marvel Box or The WWE one. 
So as I said the website was confusing so imagine my surprise when our account been debited for another loot crate. Had to run to their website and cancel the damn thing, and then just like Birchbox misleading: highlighting the pause button. God bless the marketing people for this feature, but good god this is annoying. It took me good few minutes to find the cancellation button.
Stephen didn't like the Halloween crate either. His brother had a great Tee out of it... I guess Steve just ins't a horror kind of guy. Although the Fred Krueger chop sticks are pretty cool!

Once again, I don't really know what to think. It is ok and good fun. Look out for some discount codes, like on podcasts (pretty sure No Such Thing As The Fish did a code), and pay attention to cancellation policy. 

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