Thursday, 31 December 2015

New me bs

Well here we go I am doing this! I am making resolutions... No I am setting goals for new year. Goals are better then resolutions, more achievements rather and absolute pants! 
Well I don't think I know anyone who actually managed to keep up with theirs. Neither have I! Well I only made these one year, it's in right of the beginning of this blog. 

Taking my birthday meltdown into considered I think setting goals is more achievable than resolutions. And it doesn't sounds so dramatic!
So I only hope to achieve few things in the new year. 
I want to go back to work. Just so I can have some adult conversation and Egg man can spend time with children and other people. 
I want to loose a bit of flab. Hate to admired by my mother by saying that I got fat is actually right. I am rather cuddly . I also want to get as fitter as I can be because in the end of the year I want to start growing a new life:)
With regards of getting back into a real life and work I want to do something different so retraining is definitely something I looking to achieve in the new year. 
And the general serenity in life. All aspects of it. Just chill and be nice! It has been brought to my attention that I have been rather mean to people... I do hope I will be able to achieve this. 
So here we have it. I am giving in into this ba of a new me! But it is more of things j would like to do next year, not resolutions. 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I probably should stop lie

About my age. I have been saying that I am 23 or 25 for about 5 years now. 
Truth is today I have turned 30. 

(these beauties are from my boys)

And it scares me! It's one of these scary milestones that you are not in your care free twenties and really should have achieved stuff in life... I think I just thought I will have more things to prove that I am adult. 
I am married. Very serious thing to do. But we never are too serious. 
We have this amazing toddler running a riot! Now that's a great thing to prove that you are an adult! But then again if I will be too serious I wouldn't be me at mumming! 
We just bought a house. Now that an insanely grown-up thing to do but then again I wasn't really involved in the buying more in picking.
Maybe I am over-thinking this... I won't be a stereotype they all expect form a 30 year olds...  
It's my birthday today! Yay!!
From becoming older I just hope to become better person. But at the moment my brain is still recovering from having made a baby. I just want to be more zen... 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

New home or why I hate moving in December

Second year in the row we moved in December. Worst time ever!
I have complicated relationships with December. I always worked in hospitality so for everyone it is most wonderful time of the year for us it the busiest time of the year. It's mad! And by the end of that I really can't be bothered with all the Christmas thing and especially not the new year. I have seen too many drinks on that holidays. If it was in. Russia then yes please let's have New Year's party but here no no and no again. But for me December it is also my birthday. It is hard to get friends to come in due to Christmas parties for they are away so I would rather not celebrate sometimes. I know it is no one's fault but I do feel very needy and very alone when my peeps can't make it. But I understand!
So last year we also moved from Brum back to Wales.... It all went terribly wrong with the rental so when I was supposed to plan holidays and enjoy my 4 month old looking at the Christmas lights for the very 1st time I was running around Cardiff looking for a place!

This time me and a little man went to Russia while daddy got the keys to our lovely home....  He did the amazing job with moving. He came to meet us and was telling me how Ikea stuff didn't arrive and how I will have tones and tons to unpack. Imagine my shock and outer delight when I saw all the rooms done, all the furniture in place and assembled. That monkey engaged family and friends to help him out on our another epic December move...

And then he was back to work, We were jet legged... and boxes had the best of me. 

I find December tiring. I like the Christmas in the air and pretty lights. But Cardiff is a small city and the weekend are unbearable. There is also a matter of my birthday the day when I want to have a party but most of people are super busy with going away or have previous engagement with office parties.... 

So we are still have boxes to unpack. It is impossible to do with a toddler...

But we are in the house we can finally call a home. 
December sucks for me... last two years we had a stress to move and unpack. But this year is was lifted of me by my lovely husband.. and no he is not making me write that! 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Double Standards...

I am glad my baby is a boy. It is easier for boys. I mean, no one will pay him less, or look at his chest when talking to him.... It is all about double standards. Man can get mad but if woman will get mad, she is nuts, emotional or hormonal. Or many other unpleasant labels. 
So even if we are in the 21st century there is still place for gender inequality and sexism in general. 
But then again it might be unfair on boys now... the girlies are being empowered all the time. Boys not so much... 
And then I see this...

I saw the billboard and something in the back of my mind bothered me.. I didn't know what it was at first. But then it hit me... Like with Marvel merchandise: no female characters on the poster. 
I have been outraged about the Marvel and Disney merch already. I guess they never learn. I was just surprised by Sky Movies.... 
I do understand Black Widow and Scarlet Witch aren't the leads but neither is Hulk... Or Thor... 
And then I was in Russia. Russia is different. Russians are different. We can be traditional and yet morden in our views. Hubby been saying how I do adapt the culture of Russian stay at home mum. Well he hasn't met them. These women can do anything. They are fit, not because they are super healthy, they mostly don't eat. They clean, cook and are mothers. I don't know how, I would love to know. Really. 
But then I saw this....

And I was horrified. 
I was lost for words. 
I was angry.... why did no one said something. 
and then I didn't care. I was busy with my baby boy... 
Why are we so dismissive of such sexism?! Are Russian women so weak that they don't want to make their voices heard?! and scarier or all... are they ok with this? 
I know I am not. And Tinkoff Bank..... these women aren't stuardesses... The title is an air hostess. No one wear such short skirts at work in the plane... and WHY DON'T YOU KEEP YOUR DIRTY MIND TO YOUR BEDROOM! 

Body remembers

We are all in the know that when it comes to running and races I am a bit crazy... So here is my other crazy, not only I have barely trained before the Mo running race I also was flying with a toddler to middle of Russia... 

I have actually participted at the very 1st Welsh Mo Run... It was so small. Like super small. About 300 people or even less. There was only the 10K event.It was nice. I thought I did get the PB at that point. I was just starting out running. But the result didn't reflect that. They actually recounted them after and I was super fast that time. 

This year it was massive! So many people. Not like say Cardiff 10K, but so many people! And two distances, amazing! A mate of mine did the 5k and I haven't seen you Luka! It's been too long by the way and you haven't met the Egg man. 
Actually this race was made possible by my amazing Mother in Law who was on the Egg watch. And took some of these awesome pictures. Check out these naked man photobomb! 

Just before the start I met an awesome lady who just took up running! she was aiming to finish in about 80 minutes. I think it is awesome that she've chosen the longer and harder distance! Amazing job. I did tell her about my super pals in Nike Running Cardiff. Some of whom I have actually met just before the start. These guys are awesome and super fast!

And some how.... I was super fast too. I really felt it... It was super hard. I knew I messed up my pace. I did not think I would get the PB... But I have finally beat the hour mark! 59 minutes! Body remembered and just did it. 

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