Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dear Readres

Dear Readers you are actually make my day so much better... post after post... 
When I check who read what I just feel so much better, and pleased that I can write something that can be interesting...
And I would love to know more about you my dearies. I made number of questions for you to answer, so please please take few min to put your comment in.

So, on personal:

  1. I m 22 years old (well I am actually 27, but I like to think I am 22)
  2. I work in hospitality industry.
  3. I would love to do something more creative or/and active for living instead (like, writting, painting, crafting, or to be a personal trainer, maybe photographer or journalist, or maybe get into sewing professionally) I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up
  4. My favorite book at this very moment is The Help
  5. Love my pets, Daisy the bunny and rats with no names
  6. Clothes I cannot live without---are my dr martin boots
  7. Sushi is my absolute favorite food

So answer these questions in the comments... This way we will know each other better!

  1. How old are you?
  2. What do you do for living?
  3. What would do rather do? Dream Job?
  4. Favorite book?
  5. Pets?
  6. Clothes you cannot live without?
  7. Favorite food?

Lots of love 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

To my dear friend Dessy

Well about 2 years ago we had a new girl at work. We didn't like each other much... Very soon she became on of my very close friends.

(yeah we both are a bit crazy, hens the crazy eyes)

Happy birthday Dessy! Sorry I cannot be in Cardiff to go out and get shopped out and have vino with some nibbles! 

May all your dreams come true... Muchos love

P.S. Don't forget to wear your tiara, you are so allowed to wear it all day long, since it's your birthday!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Beautiful beautiful dresses... Oscars

Oh the glamour and the glitz of the tiny golden men awards... Oscars!!

I have recently been too tired but I woke up to this news... So please for lovely Jennifer Lawrence! She gave such a touching acceptance speech

I mean if you do take a tumble on the awards show it better be Oscars!
And what an amazing dress!
Fresh, young and very natural... 

 She just looks so beautiful, small understate jewelry and this gorgeous full skit in lovely fresh colour! Dream of award ceremony really! 

And my so very favorite Anna Hathaway... Doesn't she look just like Audrey Hepburn of modern world?

Loving her hair too! 
Knowing that she did so amazing in Les Miserable I am actually willing to watch this film!

My other favorite looks were:

With an amazing Lauren Bacall blond locks Reese Witherspoon.
And what a lovely gown, she looks very sophisticated. Blue is definitely her colour

Another amazing Oscar and proper Hollywood hair is Jessica Chastain. 
Vintage look suits her very well. I just can't help but think of her in Lawless.

And another amazing dress.

Now, AmyAdams' dress is a dream. Like Carrie Bradshaw in Paris... 

Somehow very traditional OTT Oscar gown.
I also absolutely adored Kelly Osborne's look

But then again, I am a bit biased when it comes to her. I just think she's fabulous. With all the tattoos and purple hair! 
Once again Miss Osborne makes me feel happy just looking at her, beautiful gown, simple jewelry  lovely hair and make up..

But then I saw Kirsten Stewart... 

I do not want to be mean or anything... But what's with the hair? It's Oscars, darling! You cannot just roll out of the bed. It's a grand event... And hair is very unfortunate. 

Also perhaps this is a bad angle but this dress does nothing for her. She's a beautiful young woman, but you really cannot see this. But koodos to her for arriving on crutches!

Other dresses I though were a bit strange are
Kelly Rowland in this black and white number

Very uncertain about the slit. 

Zoe Salanda

I guess these raffles break this dress. I supposed if it was not with splash of colour then it would seem like a wedding dress. But these shades of gray...

Anyway, I could not be happier with results. 
People that I wanted to win won, and deservedly so.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

clothes... fashion.. my love

I never wanted to be like everyone else...
Back home in kind of post soviet and in tradition of saving money there were always second hand places... And I always did some customizing, besides it is super fun.. but somehow I stopped doing this... I m hoping to get back my creative hat on! Besides there are so many people who truly inspire!

the amazing Alisa 

The crafty Emma and Elsie from Beautiful Mess

I think if there was a cyber space I can live in for few days I would say it would be definitely A beautiful mess blog. With all the delis cocktails and cakes!

And I love Kirsten and her glittery creations!

By the way this dress is made of curtains!! How cool is that! Up-cycling!

Well for now I just try to make the best of what I have ... 

Dress is second hand, jacket vintage and customized badly... 
Cannot wait for warmer weather to wear this bad boy again! 
I also very much looking forward to have some days off together so I can go investigate local vintage shops... And I just have been ebay shopping.
My very small feet fit better into vintage shoes... 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Onion soup

I miss having the veg delivery from lovey people at Riverford, they do deliver in Bath so I'm singing back on!

But we did have a lot of organic onions hanging about our pantry, so we spend our early morning making onion soup. Well there is however a bit of the problem with cooking onion soup from organic onions... these guys are so so strong!! I was weeping over the chopping board and had to give up in the end.

It also took quiet a while to cook the soup... but it was delicious! Lovely really hearty. We used as a basis this this recipe from Nigel Salter... Oh how I love his cooking show, just so pretty!

However we did add some garlic, and used red wine and chicken stock. Also few dashes of balsamic vinegar were added for extra sweetness.

I do think the trickiest thing was not to stir the onions, you have to let them be soft lightly brown and caramelized  That's the best kind!

I say give this a try, it was extra special with cheese baguette to dunk into it... Yam yam!

One of many perks of having hubby off work, he wants to cook! a lot:) That is why 1st thing today I go to the gym!

Reflecting on the whole experience of cooking the onion soup...Well try not to cry, and it was surprisingly rich and filling. Something to do the the cheesy baguette me think:)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

random things found in Bath

Thank you camera phones for helping us remember all these fun things we saw. 
I do enjoy sharing these things with everyone...

So this pink thing is in a window of art gallery in Bath.

This awesome vintage car was park just near our house. I would love to have one of these... I guess I will have to learn how to drive 1st

On my break from work I wondered down to Waterstone's... This book caught my eye. It's is such a fun and geeky idea!

Bling-tastic belt! Holla!!
Bit trashy for me but really fun accessory...

I actually want this Owl art thing... Look how cool and so delightfully Victorian this thing is

Is a fish? Is it a glove? A very small hat?? 

First time I left our new home in Bath and saw this retro beauty... 
I think I really need to learn how to drive!

Timer... Almost bought this little guy since he looked so lonely!

Christmas tree graveyard... Holidays were over then

Moomins cookbook? what? Oh you crazy Finish people!

If you need a whisk why don't you have a whisk with Gorilla in it?! Really why not!

I really do not think any one will be using these are graters.... They are just too beautiful. 

This is my collection of randomness from Bath from January to mid February.. Hope you've enjoyed!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Cineworld vs Odeon

So when we moved to Bath I was devastated to find out that there is no Cineworld.... 

But good thing there is an Odeon. I never been to one until we went to see Django unchained with hubby few weeks back. 

I was surprised about the seating allocation, and how narrow the seats are...

Speaking of Django, so pleased that Christoph Waltz got a Bafta as best support actor!

I did not really give it much of a thought at the time it was until I came in today to see Beautiful Creatures... I was seating next to other people in a half empty screen... there was no leg room. Do not forget I am only 5ft all imagine how my hubby would feel with all his 6'1 ... I mean I understand to give the seats when the cinema is packed, but not the half empty one!? The screen itself was not very big... Also the staff were so grumpy and not very friendly  Lovely people at cineworld were much happier and easier to deal with... Also if you want people to wait in the waiting area would be great to have more then 3 chairs! 

I am really not happy... But the film was good, despite some emo kid sitting right next to me with his massively long legs in skinny jeans... 

So people who are in charge of Odeon in Bath... Sort it out! Make it more user friendly! I mean £9 a ticket.. come on! Customer service and make it happy place!

So have you seen the news today?

No the horse meat.... The meteor that hit central Russia...

That's my home town it hit....

Where my family is... 

So imagine my confusion when at 7am I woke up to text from mother saying everything is fine, we are ok, don't worry... 
Then later when I was actually awake she called and told me all about it... bright light, sonic wave, and bunch of kiddies that been hurt by broken glass...

It's just so much like a film and surreal. I was a bit shaken up most of the day... 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Oh I love Animation


Oh nothing makes me feel so good... But the good ones, not sponge bob. Please I have taste.
Lately my favorite Disney's things are... 

It is very cute and funny. As usual love wins and the big evil ends up dead!

Princess and the Frog

with Cajun flare and lots of jazz!

Lately I have been watching a lot of Studio Ghibli cartoons. Working throw the hole lot of them. They are delightful... and so cute. Husband says they are not futuristic and kind of lame, I say he has no taste!

How can you not love this cutie pie?
I also watched Howl's moving castle not doubt with just subtitles. It is like a whole new film, but it is still very nice... Howl's transformation is more touching. 

Cartoons make me happy. It's my another happy place, the made up world full of colour and magic!
Simply delightful!

From the latest releases I did enjoy Rise of the Guardians... Hugh Jackman as an Easter bunny, and Santa with tattoos... can this get any better?!

Just try to watch a good cartoon when you feel down it will cheer you up! I can guarantee it!

This amazing feeling...

Finally after 2 long months I am back in the gym!!!!

In December with lots of work I simply did not have any time for the gym.. I know it doesn't take long or much time but I just didn't have any energy left. Work sucked it all out of me...

January was the month of moving to England...So then I had to see what's where and how much they want. Have to say after paying £15 per month paying more is strange. 

But my new gym has a pool! I will be going to swim... Well that is the plan really:) also one great excuse to go shopping for a swimming costume.
Also I do want these....

The day after induction I woke up with muscular pain... So happy! I feel better already and I started eat better. Some how I always become very conscious of what I eat when I exercise.
A lot of miso soup that make me super happy

Speaking of miso soup... Is there an Asian food supermarket in Bath? Anyone?

And I feel like a super woman again! Love this feeling...

Friday, 1 February 2013

reunited with world wide web!

Being back online is like being brought back to life! I spend most of the day online chatting about rubbish with my mother, and then with my mother, aunt and uncle together. It was almost like being back at home in Chelyabinsk, but you know, virtually.

That is one of the cool new museums Chelyabinsk has... 

For hubby being back online means he can play his video games and watch wrestling. Cannot believe he missed like 4 weeks of it. Poor guy been avoiding his brother’s calls, just in case he would tell him anything… But he is back in the world of mine craft, so he’d DND.

All the devices been updated, everything works just great!
Catching up with blogging and blog reading… Oh just check out these beautiful posts!

from here

this exciting tomato beauty is from here!
Oh how I love Elsie and Emma!

And once again... everything brilliant is simple... just add some vision. 
From here
And then there are these beauties 

by our lovely Mellissa....

But then again… Makes you think on dependable we are on technology… Remember the plot of the last Die Hard with lovely lovely Justin Long in. Can we be without internet?

I sure prefer to have it! 

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...