Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Do you love Great British Bake Off? Or Baking Show, I believe that is the alternative US version name for his amazing show. Well I am a sucker for any sort of amazing home crafter and makers show, like sewing bee or a pottery throw down. Yea that's a thing here in UK. I don't know how much of it is a real thing but it is super fun! So... 
Nadiya was a winner of bake off last year. And she owned it! 

After awesome winner speech like this she is back in BBC in a new show. To be perfectly honest I knew she was up to something since she has been on a lot of magazine covers. However it makes you wonder if press needed some awesome hijab wearing woman.... Oh nevermind all the marketing and all the representation issue aside, she is one super inspiring young lady. 

Chronicles of Nadiya was right after new season of bake off last week. Clever BBC  scheduling here! And don't think it's just another cooking show. Nadiya talked about her family, Bangladesh, being a Muslim in UK, being a mother and many other things. Not only she is very talented she is also very brave and opinionated lady and a feminist. Even if she is just touching this territory and is being a truly scare of this. Love her love her lover. 
I actually almost cried when she was telling about the arrange marriages and the pictures of her cousin's wedding were so heartbreaking... 
I cannot encourage you enough to watch it! Seek it out even if it's not available in your country, damn BBC for only showing thins within the UK... 
I hate to say that you some of us seeing a lady in hijab we think she is oppressed. One of my old coworkers converted to Islam and she said hay it was a choice to wear or not to wear, to adopt modesty clothing or not, or in simpler words it is up to you how you want to celebrate your beauty! And once again wear what you want... You are an amazing lady and it is your choice what to wear and what to be!! 
Nadiya I love you and I cannot wait to new the episode tomorrow!! Yay! 

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