Sunday, 4 September 2016

Face mask form H&M

I love H&M despite their issues with sizing and such. Well stay tuned for that post, it's coming. 
In case you don't know anything and lived somewhere isolate line under the rock they have launched the beauty and makeup range. 
And it is lovely, good quality and affordable! I got couple of things form their range including this face mask 

How cool is the minimal design! And it's a one pot kind of a deal. So if you are doing it every so often it's perfect size... I sometimes forget that I need to buyout is or clean, in this case, a deep clean... 
Skin is our biggest organ and we do not take much care if it. At the moment I am all about cleansing and moisturising. Mama must stay pretty and young!

Well and so she does!!
It was a super nice texture and extra nice smell. They actually add perfume to it so I was distracted by it, like a natural sent of product. It felt smooth when I was putting it on but it felt incompatible drying out. But this might be that I have oily skin and I was using it while having a bath. 
After washing the mask off my face felt clean and moisturized. It felt clean. And lovely. So if I was to get it again I would use in the morning for a fresh feel all day. 
In conclusion, didn't like the sent and thought it was rather off putting but the result, quality and consistency are top notch! 
Also speaking of H&M beauty I also got the lip melt. 

Colour pigment is awesome. Not my usual safe ones more of a dark shade. Mama fancied a bit of the change I guess. It is a bit dry when you put it on and take a bit of time to make it all pretty on the lips but lips feel soft and lovely after. Once again top marks! 

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