Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Everything will be alright

Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not alright then it is not the end... 

Last Saturday I had my last lobster roll and Eggy had his last bounce around the bankettes and 1st burger. One of the funnest restaurant's of Cardiff Burger and Lonster closed its doors. 
You hear of people being made redunded  and places closing but you never think it will happened to you... 
My thoughts are with awesome staff of the restaurant. You guys will be fine. I know it seems a bit too much at the moment, but everything will be alright. You just have to believe in this! 

Just putting this out there and hoping this will generate some positive wibes ❤️

Monday, 25 July 2016

Hot oil hair treatment. Lush. Review

So this will be a sort of review. But I am so not girly in this way that it shall be called thoughts on the matter of the hot oil treatment from Lush.
Oh I love Lush. Love the products, love the shops design, minimalist packaging and totally love the cruelty free and vegan stuff. Even if I am not a vegan. It's nice to have company that cares about things like that.
But I got off topic here. 
So the hot oil treatment looks funny. Like the posh hot chocolate spoons you get over Christmas period. Well the idea is the same, you melt these busy stirring in hot water. Cute and easy to follow really. However I have found it really tricky to put the hot mixture on. Perhaps coz j have a lot of hair or maybe I just didn't know the trick... Is there a trick?

Got to say it smells heavenly. And texture was rather pleasant and a bit hot. Should keep this one for 20mins and then shampoo. 
This I actually prefer. There are so many different fancy hair treatments that you need to put on after the wash or in wet hair and then keep it on for 20min. Guess what I don't have time like this.... But this slather it on and mooch around. In my case I was trying to get a small child to use the potty and trying to heard him into the shower... 
I always take the hair care things seriously. It is advised to brush the conditioner in and I do so. I guess I did a really good job on the treatment it was super difficult to wash off. Or maybe I have a lot of hair... That I most certainly do. On day two I still find bits of it in my mop... 
Oh but never mind. My hair was straight. Not like wierd straight that you will get from irons. Well maybe not you, but I cannot get my hair look natural when using the straightners. And I didn't even use the hairdryer. 

And it's still looks rather good a day after but maybe since I haven't have much time to wash it out a bit greasy. But still very nice looking and straight. Even after sleeping and pulling it into a bun, pony tail and just the usual look I have hair but I cannot be bothered type of hair do. 
I will defiantly use it again and again. But maybe when I don't have a small child hogging the shower with me. 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Race for life 2016

I looked throw my emails and it was the 5th year me doing it by myself. In 2010 I did it with a coworker. It is rather special race for me since it is the one I have started running.
I wasn't going to run it this year but one of the girls from the club was doing it and I though oh why not! 
It was super busy. Super muggy. I have lost my bib prior to the race, fail! And Edgar being a truly annoying little monkey got up at dawn. Like at 4am! 

But I have pulled my self together had a two hour nap before scoffing down food and making a run for the admin tent. Lucky they told me to come in early, by 10.20 they queue was so long I would have lost the will to anything!! 
This year I was surprised to see a lot of young children participating. Mamas with their boys broods, and some of these boys got into the race for life spirit and wore lots of pink! 

I saw and elderly lady who I can only describe and a Fairy Run Mother. She run with bunch of people who as she was overtaking them she cheered and also way asked how they were doing. And when we were getting into the finishing loop as spectator cheered she cheered back. Truly inspiring. 

But I will not be doing this again. I think I outgrew the race for life... It's too many walkers and I'm just really into my running at this point in life. 
But if you are new to running it is one super awesome event to do! With tutu or without... 

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Body image. Rant

I was very mad today... someone said to my mother that I could do with losing some weight.... And my mother being my mother and being outraged too told me. So here are my angry thoughts on the matter.

Russian girls worship the beauty. Any beauty. Sometimes at any costs. I never was skinny, I always had curves, not lumps and bumps but very prominent hips and occasional belly. This is the way I am. And it is hard just to be able to accept it. And I am lucky to be with amazing man who doesn't care what shape I am and if I giggle and wiggle. 

In my culture it is common for relatives to lay a hand with new addition to the family. Like my step dad's friends recently became grandparents and are at their daughter's almost every day. Well you know so she can have a shower and such I was told. I make do, for me to have shower alone with no one touching my belly button or shoving me around the bath tub is a rare treat... That said I truly miss the physical exertion of the good workout. 

Don't get me wrong I wouldn't have it any other way. But I like my alone time, I can just chill and occasionally sit down and not do everything else. Not jump around the tv or curl up on the yoga mat, I just want quiet time. Motherhood is hard. 

I don't do diets, however I love veg and my healthy meals, but I also love puff pastry, cheese and wine. And not necessary in that order.

Yes, I have a post baby tummy (not to use the mum tum, I am proud of the fact that I have made a human, and I will not use this insult on mumming!) but I can still run really well. Hell, my legs and my whole body got so much stronger that I have finally beat that Nemesis of mine. I did 10K in less than an hour. 

The body confidence is hard. On everyone. No matter what shape. At this moment in time and in life I am size 10 sometime I opt for 12 because it is lose... it is hard to have your bits showing when you haven't had them... I know I am not at my best. But still I made a human and I showed that 10K who's the mummy! 

I can't wear dresses in hot weather because my thighs rub.. I opt for shorts. Longer shorts. That are hard to find on highstreet. But I love my super strong legs for pushing me harder... when I sprint, that happens really rarely, I fly. My feet go so fast that barely touch the ground and it is an amazing feeling... 

I know the person who said that was just inflicting pain and dealing with their own insecurities.. but dude, I can so outrun you. 

I don't want to be skinny, I want to be strong! 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Time... Stop! I am not ready!

Last week was the week of firsts... 
So Edgar climbed out of the his cot at his grand parents.... He just looked so pleased with himself. But I wasn't so. This means the nap time over there will be a nightmare. 
Some one also got his first scraped knee.  We were out in the park with the dog and Egg jumped off the bench and landed on some gravel. But he was very brave. Had a little cry and then was just fasinated by that new thing on his knee!
And finally my little boy is a little climber. If you are following me on Instagram you would have seen a post from few days ago... 

He can't quiet reach with his feet so he uses his knees. That kid is so smart! 
... But not when he is having a tantrum and headbutts the floor or the wall.... 

But thinking about him growing up so quickly I can't help but cry. God I am such a mum! 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Euro 2016 Stronger Together

Sporting events... These are usually fun I guess. But still I prefer figure skating to football. And would only watch rugby if Wales are playing. 

But the awesome news of Wales qualifying for Euros and actually playing is truly great!! 
My dad was watching Wales play in Russia and sang in the middle of the night when they won the 1st game. And was rather upset but yet excited when Wales kicked Russia's butt. 
And we even made it to fan zone in Millennium Stadium in Cardiff (yes, I am aware it is called Principality Staduim, I won't call it that). 

Well the fan zone was something else... And I guess it's cool that we went. But given an option again I think I speak for all 4 of us we won't go again. Small screens, drunk so called supporters, paper air-planes... Well I guess a lot of people just wanted to party. Which is cool but when a lot of people started to leave before the game ended... That's just bad form. Oh I am talking about Wales v Portugal game. 
Oh and on Friday the team received an awesome welcome home! Tons of people gathered on the streets and in the Cardiff City Stadium to celebrate the success of Welsh Football! Well done! They made us proud! 

P.S. I am aware that I am not actually Welsh but I lived here for long enough to be considered as the adopted Welsh. That's a thing! 

Sunday, 10 July 2016


Oh summer! I love the hot weather, splashes of water (lake, sea, ocean puddling pool) and I love going to see the family in Russia. 
So me and my big guy when for couple of weeks there. After the flight from hell we actually fianlly made it to Chelyabinsk. 

Weather was good. Or goodish. Warm and only few days of hot. What did amaze me is that Russian parents seem to freak out and over dress their offspring. Yeah I get it you are worried. But why on earth your kid is wearing a hat and a jacket while you are walking around in shorts?! Oh well nevermind, not my business I guess. Poor sweaty kiddies! 

Edgar was allowed to play in the cars in the driver sits... He loved that way too much! And he was also the usual confusing self... Won't do anything fun to start with but then of couse we couldn't stop him. Didn't want to go to sauna ( traditional Russian banya) but then he was in tears when we were taking him away. Same with puddling pool, won't go in but when finally with blue lips kicking up the fuss because evil mama is taking him away... 
He also got new endearing skills. My gran to taught him how to spit. Why?! 
And he is fan of getting naked in his cot before the nap time with all the charming other features.... 
And we have introduced the family to Paw Partol (oh these dogs...) and to awesomeness of Cars and Frozen. 
We had good time but at home in Cardiff daddy was busy making play room and living room into one big awesome space and getting new member of the family the dog... 

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