Saturday, 30 June 2012

I heart cinema

I m a very busy bee... I would like to be more busy but I will have to be more organised. I hope I will get there... sooner rather then later. But I always find time to visit my local  cinema, well I have that unlimited card. So lately I have seen....

Fast girls... every girl runner must! I felt so incredibly inspired, I just wanted to get my trainers on and go for a run! Its a bit predictable but very very lovely film.

Prometheus... I haven't seen Alien and not a big fan of scary space things... but why not just give it a go. I did not regret it. Leading actress Noomi Rapace really kicks @ss.. And I stick to her as Lisbeth Salander not the american version of the film!

And then my hubby made me watch this.....

And this was .... well ... strange I guess. Very nineties... people who were around will know what I mean... Like early nineties... Try see if you like it... but it can be some what disturbing....

Today I have been sent home from work since I'm feeling like death... Don't know what's wrong, must be a flu... I will be watching these...

Simply because these make me giggle... but now I think I will have a nap.... since it has healing powers!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

1st race of the year

Well I was supposed to do the 1st race in March.. depression got the best of me and I didn't go... 
Very ashamed of my self.... But the Race of Life made me remember how much I love running!!

My mother and my good friend Dessy were running with me... We had a blast!! 

We travelled to Bridgend to do this 5K... and we arrived to the sea of pink! Mother never seen anything like that before, neither did Dessy. They got super excited! There is something about the races that gets you all tingly! One of very few places when I really enjoy being surrounded by other women is the Race for Life. There is no bitchiness, no competition just girl power!

Mum's English isn't great she s still learning... She said when she was running she was reading the back sings of other girls and it made her almost cry... "We could run for memory of you Gran.... " 

Usually my lovely Hubby waits for me at the finish line... and takes the picture "after the race".... Not this time, he wondered off with Dessy's husband Mike to have breakfast!! They both were in so much trouble!!

We showed the great time! I cut off few mins off my old time, mum did it in 28min (she tells her husband that she did it in 25min) and Dessy, who I'm super proud off, did her 1st race in 30min!

But we didn't raise my money .... If you want to help a good cause go to this link!

My next race is 12th July. 10K! I cannot wait!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Mel's 21st continued

Well I was training one of our new boys at work. And who do I see walking throw the door? Lovely couple I have met at Mel's birthday party some time back.
We got talking, so as a good employee I was telling them what great cocktails we have in the restaurant... Girl laughs and says that after my concoctions she was a bit dead...

And here are the recipes.... 

             one shot    Vodka
             one shot    Tripple Sec
             two shots   Cranberry juice (originally recipe calls for one but I prefer 2)
               squeeze of  Lime

Pour all the ingredients into a Boston Shaker, shake well and strain into Martini glass. 

              one shot  Whiskey
              one shot   Amaretto
               one shot  Tripple Sec
 Pour all the ingredients into a Boston Shaker, shake well to mix all of them. Serve over ice. 

Woo Woo ( its was a young crowed) 
                half a shot Vodka  
                half a shot Archers (peach schnapps)
               shot and a half Cranberry juice (add oj to make sex on the beach)
Pour all the ingredients into a glass over ice. Using bar spoon stir well.
Black Russian
               one shot Vodka
               one shot Tia Maria (of other coffee liqueur)
               two shots Coke (or diet) put cream to make white Russian
Pour all the ingredients into a glass over ice. Using bar spoon stir well and serve.
In case of White Russian all the ingredients need to be shaken well. 

Screaming Orgasm (yes I said it!)
                one shot Vodka
                one shot Kalua
                one shot Bailys  
 Pour vodka, then Irish cream, then kahlua into an old-fashioned glass over crushed ice. Stir. Use only high quality vodka as cheap vodka can cause the Irish cream to curdle.

As the party progressed we were running low on ingredients... Cocktails were mainly Screwdrivers.... But fun it was! 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Best Present Ever...

Well I have been asked few times at work to stay longer... Last time I was asked to stay "for a bit" a bit turned out to be extra 5hrs of work. So I jokey asked for a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes ....

Last week hubby called said that my lovely general manager Jamie  to ask if I can stay longer the next day. I said no. Then next day they both were asking me if I'd say at work longer... Well in the end I said yes... Next thing you know Jamie takes me outside and says "You know how I promise to get you a present?" and gives me tickets to see Mumford and Sons!!

Yay! Best night ever!

Pic quality is not great! But it was an amazing gig...Sigh no more they sang with no mics... St. Davids Hall has an amazing sound!

Even my hubby who never heard about them enjoyed him self... But he did say that even with me bouncing up and down he could still see pass my head!

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