Thursday, 27 September 2012

Well I Went To The Cinema

Four times this week actually.
Well one must entertain one self on week off while not being able to leave the passport.
I saw Paranorman... very Halloween-y! And quiet dark actually...

Highly enjoyable! And if you love cartoons as much as I do I would highly recommend it! In this spirit I also look forward to Frankenweeny and Hotel Transylvania! 

I also met us with Dessy to see Anna Karenina... 
Gosh I'm not a fan of Tolstoi as it is... To be honest the film was beautifully done, very original. But they way they perverted Russian language... And Keira Knightley is divine! 

She is a wonderful actress! I must say that, she was amazing in Dangerous Method. But this film bored  me to no end. I guess it's because I'm Russian and really was really bored by Russian classics all my teen years:)  
After the film we went for vino and chat! It was so much more fun then the film....

And then Viera came too... we also decided that she should meet Dessy's cute brother. But I will need to have passport first, so we can go and enjoy Bulgaria to the fullest!

Then me and hubby went to see Total Recall... Action packed and different to the original... 

What bothers me that some people don't know that it is a remake... But then again I didn't realised that Sabrina with Harrison Ford was a remake too! 

And today I have treated my self to some men candy... And some danger .... Oh Savages how good it was! Sex and drugs...
Beautiful actors Aaron Taylor-Johnson and my favorite Canadian men candy Taylor Kitsch...

Also super hottie Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro and Blake Lively. 
Well I would recommend all the films... If you have time why not! 

Well our holiday comes to the end.. Really sad, but happy that I almost did nothing but just enjoying my self... 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hairy Bikers Skinny Cooking

In our household we LOVE food! and cooking! Hairy bikers always been one of the favourite shows, but every time I saw them smothering something in butter or double cream my heart actually stopped... 

You know whom I'm talking about right? It these guys! I love them:) 
You can really relate to them as chefs, they just so homely!

All this cream and butter lead to health issues I guess, so they did Hairy Dieters book... Hubby said that he wouldn't mind having it... 

So he got himself one and I got him one as a surprise... and ever since then the book has been sitting on the counter... That is until yesterday! I finally cooked!

Mushroom, feta and tomato stuffed peppers... 

And here is the ingredients:

4 sun-dried tomatoes pieces in oil, drained well.
175g chestnut mushrooms
20g blanched hazelnuts, roughly chopped
1 garlic clove peeled and crushed
50g of dried bread crumbs
chilli flakes
100g feta cheese
2 smallish peppers...

Well I didn't have any hazelnuts and used hand full of pumpkin seeds! Love them! Also how cool is the word pumpkin, just love the sound of it... much more exciting then squash... 

I also had only one pepper, well actually I was the only one who was going to eat them so I only made one pepper. And it was delish!

Basically you need to pan fry the shrooms, I added some Italian herb mix to it. The one I got from the shop. Fried them in some oil, adding chilli flakes and crushed garlic. Mix all the veg in the bowl, and stuff the peppers. Cook in the preheated oven at 200 degrees covered with foil for about 25min then take the foil off and cook for further 10min. 

I am was very pleased with these. You can of course stuff some other veg, we are thinking of going some stuffed courgettes or maybe aubergines... Going to experiment some more and report back! 

Monday, 17 September 2012


Stephen is the most patient person I know... he has to endure all my crazy.... wake up early on race day to see me at the start and finish...look after me when I'm ill...

I love you so very much!!

And he also said that one of the happiest moments was on our wedding day....

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Oh... Plans I've Made

Remember how after my last race I was going to do lots of things, make stuff, tidy the flay and watch films... My plans were so exciting! 

Well another epic fail! 

Somehow that days just went away from me. 
Me and my friend Owen went to the cinema and beer after....

We saw Lawless... Well he saw it again and me for the 1st time. Before you watch the trailer got to tell you its a bit... well graphic!

It is a very very good film... But I don't think I will be watching it again. Too real! I like to think that the world is full of rainbows and unicorns! This was too real... It's like film with Casey Affleck (coincidently my favourite Affleck brother) Killer inside me. It is a very very good film but too graphic and too real. 

Both of the films a must see... but just be prepared... 

So after this I did not do much... 

I was going to make a make-up bag for Dessy so she can stop walking around with that Hello Kitty one. I was going redesign my old Jack Daniels top which I still have from the bar I used to work for years in. And I was going to make me a sleeping mask so I can stop being a ostrich hiding my head under the pillow... 

I only made these....

Skull beads were bought in Affleck's in Manchester... But annoyingly I cannot wear them to work. Tiny boring earrings are only allowed. 

But on the plus Viera and I went to see Marzena on Monday. She's very pregnant! 

And really did not want to have her picture taken! 
One thing I should really have finished by now is that blanket I started to make for this bump! 

Nothing will ever stop me from making plans. A week off is coming soon so I'm busy thinking of what to do. Hope I will manage to stick with my plans.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Things I Saw On My Run

Races are always special! 

Things you see are so inspiring and fun. After all these runners are as crazy as me!
Here is what I saw:

...3000 me included doing Usain Bolt's lighting...
....a man running next to his partner to hi-five her while she was running...
....a man running with the the beginning he almost crushed it into a wall...Hubby said that he finished in under 40min and the baby was sleeping!
....a toy story... I bet the guy who was dressed as Buzz was so hot! Apparently there was also a gorilla runner, who finished way before me!
... and I also saw 3-4 men with no tops on...

Today is day two after the race... My abs are sore, my legs are hurting and the back is also not in the best shape. And now I'm off to the gym!

Monday, 10 September 2012

What did you do today? Well I ran 10K!!

I did it!! Don't know the official time but it was not too good. My last 10K I did in 63min, this one looks like same time as last year 66 mins and a bit. Well but I do not want to die after it....

It was a very hard road race... My knees are bit funny right now. The sun was out and it got hot on the 5km.
Runners are amazing people! Supporters were great too, well I guess it was 3000 runners and most of us have a least one person to cheer for us.
I had with me 4 people and a dog! Lovely Claire-bear and Jess with sausage dog Ruby came over to cheer for me and Annalie! Dessy popped over before work to take picture of me in with my running number on... And she said that she only wants pretty pictures of me, not the sweaty ones! She makes me laugh every time! Darling you are a very special friend!

Runner couple were hi-fiving next to every kilometre. It was so cute! They look proud of being a part of a race and challenging themselves.

Before the race actually stared all 3000 runners did Usain Bolt's bolt:) It was so funny, set the right tone to my run as well.

This year organisers did not forget about the water station. Little kiddies were giving bottles of water...

The support was amazing! So many people standing there clapping and cheering... Some girls were doing the bolts at them, so funny. Partners running up to their runners hi-fiving and giving them water... Such a wonderful experience.

Also because it was so hot a lot of men with no tops on... ans they were actually men candy fit!
Almost walked in into one of them looking for my guys :)

It was so nice to see my guys at the finish waving and clapping:) Thank you for your support!:)

I finally chucked my water bottle... it went flying... sorry bin people but I couldn't carry it any longer! It the battle with me and my water bottle every single race. This time bottle lost...

 Had a well deserved pint of cider after ..

And my medal display looks awesome!

Next stop is Movember run! Dash in the tash here we come!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Quick Note...

Cardiff 10K is tomorrow... feeling like I want to get it over with! But I'm sure this will be fine. Have so many supporters coming! Thank you in advance guys:) 

In relation to the Happy Place post husband says that I will never get fitter since I drink wine like water... Well I am going to prove him wrong... and will stop with wine! 

Lots of love xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Happy Place

As a child I was not allowed to do any sports... Nothing! So I couldn't run, play volleyball... I was always skinny in school, young fast metabolism. I miss it a lot!

Then I got older, start eating bad food and discovered alcohol. When I came back from my Swiss studies home I was about 60kg... Trust me for some one with my frame it shows!
So I've joined the gym. I was doing dance classes only, it was great fun! Combine this with no time to eat I dropped a dress size in no time...

Then I moved here to UK. I have joined one gym but didn't have time to go due to my work. I have joined the other gym... Then another gym a small independent gym with awesome classes and went with lovely V. Oh fun we had, working together, gymming together! But their lease run out and they were moving...

I went back to the old gym and was very happy until they decided to improve. It was horrible, stuff everywhere and even less space... I felt like a sardine in the tin!

And now I'm finally happy.... New gym is beautiful! Lots of space, shiny equipment and 10min from home

Also my very small feet are so small that it really hard to find trainers... These are boy's trainers!

Now I'm busy improving my little self! So careful new hot bod under construction! Still hoping to get that tummy flat.. However might not pierce the belly button my current piercing is still healing for 2 months now! 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Few More Days Till Cardiff 10K

Only few more days till the race. I'm working till then, well 8 days in the row really. Just like the last year.

This time I am managing to train more, but I still remember how hard this race was last year and how in pain I was after it. Perhaps that's why I do not get super excited about this unlike the Race for Life races!

But the training is going well I guess, I can just leave the house and but out running for an hour or so. Like last night I came home tired from work got dressed into running kit and off I went...

Since the sun was out there where lots of people out running... I also saw a cute squirrel and a magpie eating the blackberry. Last one was like a picture, quiet surreal for some reason.

Also the outdoor fitness guys almost run me over... There I was running listening to music enjoying my self next thing I see lots of people running from the side of me into my path! Oh dear!! 

On the way home I realised that I must have been gone for a while the sun was setting...

Beautiful, isn't it?

I guess I was able to run for so long because I didn't have a route in mind, just went on where I haven't run before. It was a good run!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Journey to the North... well north parts of the UK

Steve went to Manchester to see Bush... I went to see Manchester, shop and then see Bush... You already know about my highlight... well Bush! I love Bush now...But also I heart Manchester...

Manchester... I want to move to Manchester... 

And I'm saying after staying there only for over 24 hours.... 

It made me think of London, if people in London were nicer, smile at you when walk by and have Manchester accent!

We did not have good weather when we got there.... or the next day... it was sort of like in Wales. But not as humid I guess...
And why does no one travels by canals any more?! It looks like so much more fun then rail...
I saw in there the shoes I want.... They looked .... like heaven.... But out of my price range.... but they did fit my very small feet!

Tiny pub we went after the gig... its under the bridge and has character! I miss character places with indi kids in... Oh god I just said indi kids?!
They want people to sing petition to prevent council in removing this graffiti... well I agree- its art! And rather epic art! 

Me and hubby decided that Cardiff lacks these cool independent places... where did they all go? Or just because we moved out from studenty area it all became chain shops, coffee shops and plane and boring?!

Next day hubby took me shopping to Afflecks where I finally got the replacement for my old khaki jacket. It's vintage with bleach stains and might need some patching soon. But its amazing and I love it... don't care if it is a bit big in the cuff area! 

Afflecks is like Camden but smaller and feels like home... with their cool shops around the palace itself.

Then it was lunch time... before we knew it... all I could think of is.. food. Man kind of food...I really wanted to eat something meaty! We stumble on Alchemist... Oh it was beautiful! 

How in style is that?
Steve's lamb tagine was so good I have even decide that I like lamb after it. I had a burger... it was pink... like meat should be served! (no wonder I failed my meet free Monday resolution)
And there is always time for a cocktail.... 

This is a booze free beauty with grapes, elderflower and something else equally delicious

I had breakfast at Tiffany's... Since I always wanted one, just like Audrey... But in mine I had Bombay, Cointreau, orange marmalade and some lime juice... 
It was amazing few days! 
Manchester! I <3 you!

Epic Fail!

I thought it is time to review all that I had planned for this year....My New Year's Resolutions. 
Here is how it's all started I wanted to make this blog venture craft-sport-food-life thingy... 

Let's see....
  • Be a better friend.... 
I know what I meant by this and I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm in touch with most of people I care about and really interested and happy with other people little exciting news from the new car or baby and marriage! 

And the older I get more babies and weddings there are! But hey, I'm still 23! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

One of my girls from school back home got married to a beautiful fighter for animals Damien. 

this is us two like years back... She's now somewhere in Australia me thinks and I'm in UK. 

  • Find a new job
Well I got new one! It's really different to anything I have done before but still in the same industry... 
  • Sent more cards and home-made gifts
Well Failed here... Haven't send girls present this year! bad friend! But I am still making this thing for Maggie's bump... making it very slowly!
  • Cook more (and I don't mean pasta and pesto)
Think I do cook more. It's really more fun when it is for some one who shares my love for couscous... 

But the cereal bar goes down very well!! 

  • Get a flat tummy (reward is a belly button piercing)
Still fat... well not fat but the abs aren't showing! 
  • Run four 10K
I think you are all well aware of the March race fiasco... I still can make two 5K but don't think another 10K will be possible!
  • Pain more (at least 4 decent things in this year)
Still can make this happened! 

  • Go somewhere nice on holidays
Still no passport... with luck I hope I will be able to say I went somewhere else then Manchester, Bristol Zoo and Weston-Super-Mare
  • Sew a dress
Not a slightest idea how I'm going to accomplish this... Might put it into a list of things to do before I am 30 :)
  • Train the rats
Well we have spent over a week feeding one with the spoon nursing a poor thing back to fat normal self... Can I consider this as training?! 
  • Learn to crochet
YES! Granny squares I can do! :)
  • Do meet free Mondays
Bacon... need I say more? But I do love veggie options.... not as often as I supposed to.
  • Go to see live shows more often
Think doing pretty well here... My last post... But definitely going to see one more this year. Got tickets to see funny man Greg Davies!! 
  • Recycle and up-cycle more
Well fail... Mice moved in with us. Not pet mice... 
  • Grow a veg or a fruit
I will say .... I don't have a garden! But I have grown a bunny! Cute one :)

  • Throw a party
Still to come I guess... Perhaps my birthday if I will be bothered this year...
  • Make 2 craft project a month (4 a month is a bit too ambitious) 
Fail fail fail!! Only Mrs Fox been done this year so far I think and that picture.... 

There is definitly still time till the end of the year and a lot of room to improve.... I want to see more bands! It was so much fun!
Also have big plan for beads I got at Afflecks in Manchester.... 
Have you managed to keep up with your resolutions? Are you planning to make some for 2013? Do tell!!! Comment!!! 

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