Tuesday, 16 September 2014

One Month

On the 15th August my waters broke... Then on the 17th I heard my Milky Boy scream... 

We had a really bad bad labour and a very long one, ended up with failed attempt with forceps and then a c section. So much for never being in hospital... 

Milky Boy is a big boy, he was 9 pounds 4 ounces, 4kg 200gr for my metric friend... And he eats loads! 

Considering how awful the labour has been, having my baby here is amazing! I still feel funny about being a mother, I'd rather not think about this as a life changing thing or as a new role. I take it every day as it comes and one problem at the time... that includes being peed on!

So far I had a bit of baby blues... amazing it did not turn into full on depression! 
Just holding him makes me so happy. We also discovered the joys of formula milk, that baby of ours eats soo much, so we have to top him up. And joys of dummy. Last one is very recent and saved me from being used as a dummy and now I can actually wear clothes and leave the house!! Also in the end, poo is just poo.

Everyone has been so great, cards, presents and all warm wishes. We feel very special and thank you all! 

So far, I know that babies are hard work. But oh so wonderful!! 

Happy 1st month Edgar, I love you so very much xx

Trip to V&A

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