Thursday, 25 July 2013

It is One Week

It is one week until the longest flight ever... and the most amazing holiday. Back Home... Back to Mother Russia!
I actually cannot wait. It has been two years... Two very long years! Don't get me wrong, I love my life here, I did meet the most amazing people and most amazing things. I moved 3 times in last 2 years... and it was stressful. Last time I went home I run away from my hubby's injury and being on a lot of painkillers, so many that I had to wake up twice a night to make sure he took his meds and were not in pain.
But anywho... I'm looking forwards to spend time with family. To be pampered and not to think about anything. I just switch off. I guess in the way it is an amazing luxury, when you can just switch off and think about other things. I rarely worry about my peeps in Chelyabinks (yeap, that it's one complicated name for a hometown) well apart from that space attack in February. 

Some fun facts about my hometown. 

I'm from South of the Ural mountains... These mountains are actually a natural boarder between Europe and Asia. And there are sings to prove it... 

One side of this pointy thing says Asia another Europe. 
Population if Chelly city is around two million people that it almost population of Sunny Wales where my hubby is from. Although in some ways we are still considered to be "deep into a country" place. Funny and ironic. 
On the flag of the city there is a Camel
Not because we have camels there but because of the silk route going near to the town. 
During the WWII Chelly city was referred to as Tankograd (Tank building city). There are a lot of tank there..

Now you know a bit about my home town.

I cannot wait to fly home... Oh yeah, I will be leaving Brum at 4am on 1st August and I land in Chelly at 5am 2nd August. Mad right?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Our beautiful garden

It has been a really long time since we had a garden. 
When we were looking for a place here in Birmingham one of major requirement we had was to have a garden.

These Marigolds are huge now!

It is actually super fun to plant stuff and watch it grow... would be better if Daisy did not like to eat the plants and neighbors cat didn't like to do its dirty business between geraniums!

But it is beautiful! 
I find it rather peaceful to weed it.... and enjoy watching tomato plants growing tomatoes, aubergines getting into the bloom and munching the strawberries off the plant. 

Two problems, noisy neighbors and not enough sunshine. The last I guess the whole of UK problem.

There are a lot of flowers on aubergines, I guess we will be eating a lot of them soon!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Amazing evening. Best £5 spent

Do you know the expression that you should always spend money on experiences and memories rather than on things... I can easily say that it was one of the best £5 I have ever spent.

I love to read... and I pretty much read everything: romance, mysteries, fantasy, classics... I actually read one or two Twilight books then I decided I have better things to do than to read that trash, no offence guys, but I can write better. Charlaine Harris' books are my guilty pleasure, I was not as hooked on Harper Connolly series as much as Aurora Teagarden and of course Sookie Stackhouse. Aurora's adventures are more normal and usually I am ok if I put the book down, Sookie novels are different story. I love the characters... with True Blood series the leads are more livid in my head then before the series. I cannot wait to get tuck in to the last book but then I am also trying to postpone that. I will get sad that there would be no more books after this one... 

So on the facebook and Charlaine'e website (note to self: must read her blog more often) it was announced that she is visiting UK. I was over the moon, I live in the big city now and surely she would be here. And she was. 
The queue was massive... I should think so because so many people do not read! I never been to a book signing before, it was a fascinating experience. Very diverse crowd, all ages. Some cool feminist roller derby girls, pink haired girls, their mothers, housewives, old chaps, men who appreciate easy reading urban novel, bloggers, writers, pretensions idiots... And we all were very hot, it was sticky hot. I imagine just like in Louisiana. 

Ms Harris told us about the next things she is working on, including the graphic novel. About the last book a bit, that some people actually send her death threats... How horrible is that? She was very upset about this, and not looking forward to do another long series of books, I mean surely she is but not at the same time. 

She had a lovely southern accents, and was very funny... She speaks like she writes... fun and inspiring. It was also very nice of her to answer the questions from the audience, that was fascinating. I do think she was quiet uncertain about the Brummie accent. 

(not the best picture of me... I look preggers... and mom, no I am not with child!)
I also can bet I was the only Daria she was singing for... I'm very happy having met her and having a quick word. I did say that sometimes I would be sitting now moving reading her books, she said that some things are just that important. 

Really made my day.. 
Yes I am a bit geeky like that... I had a fabulous time. 

Thank you, Charlaine Harris, for writing such fun books!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

wondering around

So as you know I m not working much so I am wondering around a lot...
I wondered so much around that I got my self into 3 jobs interviews, one is a no, another is a yes and just waiting for an answer. Yeah, I do want the last one to yes, come work for us.... So you know I can get more shoes!

I also booked holidays to go home! I cannot actually wait. I haven't been in Russia for 2 years not and planning to have so much fun there... the downside it is still a 24hr travel day there. I will be leaving sunny Brum at 4am on the 1st August and getting to my home town just after 5am on 2nd August. Crazy right. A lot of time traveling to be done, 5 hour difference it is not a joke people!

But for now I am just enjoying my self as much as I can... I put some of our pictures in the house today. So it feels more like a home rather than a house. I just cannot stand bare walls, yes I know this is very very strange. 

I'm spending my time going to the gym... Got to lose some of my flabby bits before holidays and look more awesome. (Hey, one got to say nice things about oneself) 

I went to see cool Now You See Me...

 Stay tuned on that one I will be doing a post here about this gem.

And hopefully I will get to see more of our new city.... Actually we had a really nice tour yesterday... Walked around had lunch next to canals

Then been shown how compact the city center actually is... and then Phillipo took as into a most amazing, cutest pub ever Plough in Harborne

It was one amazing day. Very very hot day. Actually proud of husband not getting grumpy that he had to be out of the house in the heat. I guess it was because of Phillipo if it was just me and him he would have complain. 

And tonight I have something really fun and different planned so as usual, do not go anywhere

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Stephen's pre birthday festivities

It is hard when you move to the new place.... You do not really know where to go and what to do and most importantly you do not know who to do it with. Luckily our friends are amazing and always come to visit, and vice versa.
Owen came over for couple of days... and we were heading to Alton Towers. Well we thought we were.
We went to Dudley Zoo instead and clouds decided to clear out so we had a barbecue in the garden after.
For a smallish zoo only 30 mins away from our house it was actually quiet fun and big. 

Walking around lemur enclosure with them just running free next to you... 

Here is Owen talking to monkey... "Hey Monkey... Monkey!!! Hey Monkey..."

Actually he has a quiet a wild life whisperer... Do not know how long we would have waited for penguins to go to the water, if Owen didn't have a stern word with them. .. True Story!

For the barbecue I was supposed to clean it and make a dessert... Oh! Strawberries and marshmallows... 

We had a great day. Shame about of Alton Towers... but hey must make most of it! So we did!

When I will eventually figure out how to upload a video you can see how cute the otters were! Begging! and juggling with stones! So cute!!!

Monday, 1 July 2013

making most of it

I do not work as much as I should only about 15-19 hours a week so it leaves me with a lot of time to my self.

So what do it do with all this free time... I have learnt how to plant stuff and I spend a lot of time with pets. Daisy really loves it in the big house to run around but hates the slippery floors. It is very amusing to watch her slide across it. She sure loves the garden. She actually dug some holes there and did a roll once, she never rolled around before, don't think bunnies are designed that way.

But mainly I go to the gym and cinema... Gym is a must with race being very tough one and very very soon this September I need to push myself a bit more. I am mainly doing classes actually, what is a new thing to me but it seems to be working really well for me!

Cinema... Oh cinema!! I just came back actually from seeing The East and I saw Man Of Steel. Two very different films but equally amazing. 
Man of Steel is a massive budget blockbuster .... with not enough topless shots.

I blogged already about Man of Steel 

With a very fit leading man... and The East... well it's a whole different story! 

I though it was great! Very indi feel about it, I suppose film about eco terrorism can only be indi. 
I am on the hunt to feel my free time with work, but at the moment I will be making most of it... Or at least trying. 

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