Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Size vs hot mama bod!

Thinking oh it overall I have enjoyed being pregnant. Also I had an easy pregnancy and once I let go of that feeling that I have lost control over my body I was awesome!
My body is amazing. However at the moment I find shopping for clothes and shoes an absolute nightmare. I have no idea what size I am. With shoes it is easy no real undressing involved. Just pop the shoe off and try try try. 

But clothes... A lot of my pre Egg clothes don't fit which is, I have accepted, OK, I went throw major thing with producing a massive 9.4lb baby... So I am actually in need of new clothes. I started to look for stuff I can go to interview in, checked the clothes I had, I still have few things but I needed trousers and maybe a dress... Oh dear god! I know I am short that always been a struggle but finding trousers that fit around the waist and don't bobble up in front is actually almost impossible. And the high street shops are no help. Either I don't like he material, looking at you primark with strange polyester trousers that look sad, or size confusion, yes H&M UK you got your European size relatively right but it is wrong when it comes to UK size. Like size 34 is not size 8 you're numbties it's a 6! But then also I couldn't fit into jeans with 30inch waist when I am usually 28 or not 26 on a good day. 

(all pretty for the wedding few months ago) 

And please don't tell me about the apps that help you with sizing since every shop is different. But why is that?! Shopping should be fun! Infuriating actually. I don't have much time to spend in the shop since the offspring is either being looked after someone or really rather impatient I don't have time to check the silly app. Then it won't help since I don't actually know what size I am. 
And shopping used to make me happy ... It's just stress now...  
Usually I would pop to the shop grab something I like, normally a top... But over the summer they were all cropped. I don't like having my belly out... or just having that sexy midriff showing. Damn, why! Not all of us want a unicorn tee with belly button hanging out. 

Talking about H&M, have you seen that size shaming photo? 

despite all that how hot is this girl! Curves and balls! Awesome girl! 

But I love H&M I will not stop shopping there. I also love love their kids stuff. And I got some cute stuff lately from them... 

I just need to accept that I might be size 12. And maybe sometimes 14. I am dreading what size I will be in topshop. But never mind as long as I look good I don't care what size I am.
It is like buying a bra, as Bravissimo ladies told me you should always try things on. 
Must remember that... Size like age is just a number as long as you feel good and amazing unicorn that you are this number doesn't matter! 

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