Thursday, 29 December 2016

Makers will make... but not very often

I used to love making stuff. When I was in school back in Russia we all made "friendship bracelets" all the girls had them. Sometimes up to an elbow. Mainly from beads but also once I have learnt my basic macrame knots I taught all the girls around me. Oh and you wear them till they broke. Yeah not very hygienic ... eek. My hobby was indulged by parents and relatives who were giving me books, taking me to haberdashery to stock up on beads. Mind you it wasn't as well developed as now, coming across clasps, earring hooks was impossible, but we recycled old granny's stuff and reuse everything.
Thinking of it my mother might still have most of my beads and books in the flat.
I also made clothes, mainly skirts, since they were easy, I customized existing outfits. There was a talk in school to ban me from wearing certain things but that never came to be. All this cam from wanting to be unlike everyone else. I still would hate if I see some one wearing same thing as I own... But moving to UK and discovering all this accessible and super cheap fashion took its toll my creative streak... I rarely make things now. I do not even remember when was the last time I used my sewing machine or/and draw anything.
I guess now that I have a kid I have an excuse but do I actually?
So this festive period I made stuff.. Nothing too complex, just easy with mainly stuff I already had in my craft stash, and even got big guy to help.

(simple card holder with baked dry oranges bells and some pegs)

(My friend Rhian has this now, and bet she is enjoying it too)

(this has no owner yet, its a broach. If you want this get in touch!)

(but I will not give this thing away... it is a Christmas crown!)

These are really simple things that I have made but seeing that I actually have made something and it is super fun and pretty made me feel very proud and happy. It gave me sense of worth in a way.... that I am not just a stay at home mum.
I think that for next few months I will try to make more stuff don't know yet what but I will...
Oh and it also make me very calm and content, mindful if you will. And speaking of crafting for mindfulness the magazine Project Calm is marvelous. Tad on a pricey side £9.99 but truly lovely and inspiring and has projects you can make easily with minimum efforts!

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