Thursday, 31 December 2015

New me bs

Well here we go I am doing this! I am making resolutions... No I am setting goals for new year. Goals are better then resolutions, more achievements rather and absolute pants! 
Well I don't think I know anyone who actually managed to keep up with theirs. Neither have I! Well I only made these one year, it's in right of the beginning of this blog. 

Taking my birthday meltdown into considered I think setting goals is more achievable than resolutions. And it doesn't sounds so dramatic!
So I only hope to achieve few things in the new year. 
I want to go back to work. Just so I can have some adult conversation and Egg man can spend time with children and other people. 
I want to loose a bit of flab. Hate to admired by my mother by saying that I got fat is actually right. I am rather cuddly . I also want to get as fitter as I can be because in the end of the year I want to start growing a new life:)
With regards of getting back into a real life and work I want to do something different so retraining is definitely something I looking to achieve in the new year. 
And the general serenity in life. All aspects of it. Just chill and be nice! It has been brought to my attention that I have been rather mean to people... I do hope I will be able to achieve this. 
So here we have it. I am giving in into this ba of a new me! But it is more of things j would like to do next year, not resolutions. 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I probably should stop lie

About my age. I have been saying that I am 23 or 25 for about 5 years now. 
Truth is today I have turned 30. 

(these beauties are from my boys)

And it scares me! It's one of these scary milestones that you are not in your care free twenties and really should have achieved stuff in life... I think I just thought I will have more things to prove that I am adult. 
I am married. Very serious thing to do. But we never are too serious. 
We have this amazing toddler running a riot! Now that's a great thing to prove that you are an adult! But then again if I will be too serious I wouldn't be me at mumming! 
We just bought a house. Now that an insanely grown-up thing to do but then again I wasn't really involved in the buying more in picking.
Maybe I am over-thinking this... I won't be a stereotype they all expect form a 30 year olds...  
It's my birthday today! Yay!!
From becoming older I just hope to become better person. But at the moment my brain is still recovering from having made a baby. I just want to be more zen... 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

New home or why I hate moving in December

Second year in the row we moved in December. Worst time ever!
I have complicated relationships with December. I always worked in hospitality so for everyone it is most wonderful time of the year for us it the busiest time of the year. It's mad! And by the end of that I really can't be bothered with all the Christmas thing and especially not the new year. I have seen too many drinks on that holidays. If it was in. Russia then yes please let's have New Year's party but here no no and no again. But for me December it is also my birthday. It is hard to get friends to come in due to Christmas parties for they are away so I would rather not celebrate sometimes. I know it is no one's fault but I do feel very needy and very alone when my peeps can't make it. But I understand!
So last year we also moved from Brum back to Wales.... It all went terribly wrong with the rental so when I was supposed to plan holidays and enjoy my 4 month old looking at the Christmas lights for the very 1st time I was running around Cardiff looking for a place!

This time me and a little man went to Russia while daddy got the keys to our lovely home....  He did the amazing job with moving. He came to meet us and was telling me how Ikea stuff didn't arrive and how I will have tones and tons to unpack. Imagine my shock and outer delight when I saw all the rooms done, all the furniture in place and assembled. That monkey engaged family and friends to help him out on our another epic December move...

And then he was back to work, We were jet legged... and boxes had the best of me. 

I find December tiring. I like the Christmas in the air and pretty lights. But Cardiff is a small city and the weekend are unbearable. There is also a matter of my birthday the day when I want to have a party but most of people are super busy with going away or have previous engagement with office parties.... 

So we are still have boxes to unpack. It is impossible to do with a toddler...

But we are in the house we can finally call a home. 
December sucks for me... last two years we had a stress to move and unpack. But this year is was lifted of me by my lovely husband.. and no he is not making me write that! 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Double Standards...

I am glad my baby is a boy. It is easier for boys. I mean, no one will pay him less, or look at his chest when talking to him.... It is all about double standards. Man can get mad but if woman will get mad, she is nuts, emotional or hormonal. Or many other unpleasant labels. 
So even if we are in the 21st century there is still place for gender inequality and sexism in general. 
But then again it might be unfair on boys now... the girlies are being empowered all the time. Boys not so much... 
And then I see this...

I saw the billboard and something in the back of my mind bothered me.. I didn't know what it was at first. But then it hit me... Like with Marvel merchandise: no female characters on the poster. 
I have been outraged about the Marvel and Disney merch already. I guess they never learn. I was just surprised by Sky Movies.... 
I do understand Black Widow and Scarlet Witch aren't the leads but neither is Hulk... Or Thor... 
And then I was in Russia. Russia is different. Russians are different. We can be traditional and yet morden in our views. Hubby been saying how I do adapt the culture of Russian stay at home mum. Well he hasn't met them. These women can do anything. They are fit, not because they are super healthy, they mostly don't eat. They clean, cook and are mothers. I don't know how, I would love to know. Really. 
But then I saw this....

And I was horrified. 
I was lost for words. 
I was angry.... why did no one said something. 
and then I didn't care. I was busy with my baby boy... 
Why are we so dismissive of such sexism?! Are Russian women so weak that they don't want to make their voices heard?! and scarier or all... are they ok with this? 
I know I am not. And Tinkoff Bank..... these women aren't stuardesses... The title is an air hostess. No one wear such short skirts at work in the plane... and WHY DON'T YOU KEEP YOUR DIRTY MIND TO YOUR BEDROOM! 

Body remembers

We are all in the know that when it comes to running and races I am a bit crazy... So here is my other crazy, not only I have barely trained before the Mo running race I also was flying with a toddler to middle of Russia... 

I have actually participted at the very 1st Welsh Mo Run... It was so small. Like super small. About 300 people or even less. There was only the 10K event.It was nice. I thought I did get the PB at that point. I was just starting out running. But the result didn't reflect that. They actually recounted them after and I was super fast that time. 

This year it was massive! So many people. Not like say Cardiff 10K, but so many people! And two distances, amazing! A mate of mine did the 5k and I haven't seen you Luka! It's been too long by the way and you haven't met the Egg man. 
Actually this race was made possible by my amazing Mother in Law who was on the Egg watch. And took some of these awesome pictures. Check out these naked man photobomb! 

Just before the start I met an awesome lady who just took up running! she was aiming to finish in about 80 minutes. I think it is awesome that she've chosen the longer and harder distance! Amazing job. I did tell her about my super pals in Nike Running Cardiff. Some of whom I have actually met just before the start. These guys are awesome and super fast!

And some how.... I was super fast too. I really felt it... It was super hard. I knew I messed up my pace. I did not think I would get the PB... But I have finally beat the hour mark! 59 minutes! Body remembered and just did it. 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Today we are all French

I'm just speechless...  

I have been learning about France all my adolescence. We Russians love us anything French... I have never been to France but it is on my to do list. To see Paris and all these wonders we have been leaning about in school.... 

But this is just .... #PrayForParis #PrayFor Humanity 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Time flies

I simply cannot believe we are in Christmas mode already. The year just few by... And when I look at the little man sometimes I just do not understand where my tiny baby gone and who replaced him with this toddler?! 
Look just how grown up he looks at this photo 

I never felt like "oh I'm so sad my baby grows up so quickly" I am excited that he learns new things becoming a small individual with his own personal tastes. And then I blink and he looks so grow up!    I actually don't remember what it was like when he was just a little baby. I might have just blocked this out, who knows... Or maybe it is just a lack of sleep! 
Have you seen these parenting motivation pic? Like if you are not crazy you are not doing it right?
I am totally bananas now. So crazy that after no training what so ever (I maybe been out for a run 3 times since Cardiff 10K) I'm doing the Movember 10k this Sunday and then on Monday little man and I are travelling to snowy and cold Russia...
Think motherhood made me unstoppable 

Friday, 6 November 2015


I can say it is fail! I just cannot to bring my self to blog at the moment... 
A lot of things are happening. Egg man is growing and being super active. This child never stops:) we are in the process of packing and possibly moving... Buying a house proves to be super complicated!
I am all getting into Christmas mode and want to channel my inner Martha and play a perfect wifey... Yeah that's gonna last! 
Me and the little man are heading to mother Russia in a bit... And yet I just can't bring my self to boot the tiny blue laptop of mine and write shit down. 
So many things are happening. I shall get around to that! 
Lots of love... 
And mamma shall be better and blogging and be more fun 

Friday, 2 October 2015


So I am Russian. I will be getting British passport next year so I had to get a visa to go on holidays with family to Portugal this weekend. 
It's proven to be very difficult. Hard to find the website, then it was all in Portuguese. So took me absolute forever but the appointment I could get was this Tuesday when we fly on Saturday.... I really didn't think I would be making this holidays....

However.... The lady who I had interview with was very helpful and I had my passport with new shiny visa just few hours later. 
To be honest all the staff in Consilate General were very helpful. Even if you had to wait for a bit but everyone were leaving very happy. 
And I also had an interesting day out. I had an protein juice thing from this place... As we know juicing is in right now.

Then I wondered around the shops. Couldn't really go very far.... So Antropologie fun, I just want to live in that shop. Or buy everything! So many wonderful things they have. 

Then wondered in Carnaby street. 

Check out these awesome light-bulb as decorations! 
Mama also had some sushi from Itsu and Wasabi... Wonder why there isn't either of these in Cardiff. We have lots of burger places why not sushi chains too?
But the bus journey proved all too much for me, was so totally exhausted after....
But holidays here we come!!! 

Thursday, 1 October 2015


You might already know that I love the monthly subscription boxes. However I have cancelled my much loved Little Box. It was sad but had to be done, my drawers are full of stuff I don't have time to use. Or even energy. Being a Mombie (it's a real thing!) last thing I want to deal with make up and such.
But husband pointed out these little things make me happy so I though I give something else a go... And here we are 
Fun idea, box of goodies for your little one depending on how old they are getting and such. It's nice. They also offer great introductory discounts, check out their Twitter and Facebook pages. But I think I found it is a bit strange like some one else picking up stuff for your preciouse little one and it is a bit too much money for my liking. 
Don't get me wrong they send great stuff, but I needed up with more stacking cups... But grown up cup will be super useful and I always use the bowls from Munchkin. The cutlery set solved my future dilemma and Egg totally loves his new bath toys... And this fun guy 

But the feeling of something arriving gone away after £30 monthly and that weird feeling of some one butting in your child's toy buying... 
So i have been trying to cancel the account. And that's when I got really unhappy. 
It took me few attempts to get b touch with some one, there was no option on the website. And then they have emailed me that we are still getting the next box due to their cancellation policy. I didn't even think twice about that since Birchbox and My Little Box were so easy to start and cancel. I guess I should have looked into that in more details. Silly me but I am not impressed. We were meant to get like a gadget box or a mainly box of some sort for a change. 
Over all good idea but ... Strange and too much cash. Give it a try but beware of the cancellation policy. 

Monday, 28 September 2015

motivation and career....

So what do you do? Do you love what you do? Does this fulfil you? .... I had a choice, stick with same girls I went to school with and be in the mainly females and study languages (at that point I truly had enough!) or go away to Switzerland to do degree in hospitality. Guess which one I chose...

I was never encouraged to do things I wanted, nurtured... It is not the Russian way... I was to provide for my self as fast as I can and I did I loved my 1st placement for most of the time. I loved ladies I worked with, the customers. And they loved me back. But it was not to last. The hospitality industry is not an industry in UK. Even if you think about how much money is involved in it... Like entire Britain depends on it. Weatherspoons.... Wagamama... and many more.... But our waiters are students, people who don't care mainly.... but there are some that do and we need to appreciate a good service. I have been talking about this for a while now, some waiters are professionals so are the barmen, chefs and even hosts.... 

Appreciate the people who are serving you... Say thank you, smile... Or even give them bit of coin. Imagine that! 
At this very moment I am trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.... Something I should have known ages ago. 
I do truly admire people who know what they want to be and what they are. One of my girl friends is a born teacher, so she is teaches now. Another always had hard time in school with all the silly things they make us do but she always wanted to be a nurse. She had a long way but she is one now, well on maternity, but she's a nurse. 
I on the other hand am a mother.... and what else?... 
I could never pick one. I wanted to be an interpretor in the kinder garden, then it was anything arty. But that is not much profit in that. So that never happened. And then I just drifted into hospitality... My personality suits it, until I have enough. And I had enough.... 
or am I just blabbering? 
I need to set a goal and go for it. It is just hard and scary.... getting into unknown....
Wish me luck 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hard Work

Before I have said that mumming is super awesome but super hard work. Keeping the little man entertained ... But there are some things are here to help. Check these out! 

These bath light were given to me last Christmas and I totally forgot about them. Until few days ago. Egg loves looking at them playing with them. He gets these out puts them on the edge of the bath and watches them change colour. And this way he actually sits in the bath! Our health visitor said that it's a great sensory play! 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Cardiff 10k

One of many things I was looking forward when we were moving back to Cardiff is the tons of races I could do. So back in January I have singed us both for Cardiff 10K that usually takes place around the 1st weekend of September. Yes I am that mad! 
Baby was looked after by Owen who was also the watering station for Steve. Never seen anyone drink that much while running the man is like a .... well camel when they do store water in their humps, it is like there will be no liquid ever again.... Funny. But I guess we are different.

This was my 3rd Cardiff 10K. 1st one I felt like I am going to die and 2nd one was good. Well this one was just great. However there was a lot of people running... Like a million! and the finishing like surface was... well so freaking lumpy it was hurting my feet. But over all I had a great race day!

We both were really pleased about extra special medals they made for 30th anniversary of the race. So cool! Edgar really liked these. Was running around with them... almost hitting him self in the head with, that it why he was releaved of these wonderful shiny objects. 

So as I said my race was good... finished in respectable 1hour and 46 seconds. Hubby however swore at the finish and did not have a good race. Well he was annoyed at the road, the route and the heat. 

And then I did another race the weekend after that... Stay tuned! 


Things we found in Asda.... 
And these are pretty rad! ... Yes I have just said rad... I also cannot believe it....
And for a very reasonable price.... 

 See why I've used rad?! 
Everything I want... But also the much bigger place that we have in mind. ... 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Fail fail fail!

So we had a pretty standard morning.... But it all ended up with a quick trip to emergency. 
Some one face planted into the shelf... And will now possibly have a small scar.... Thanks goodness he didn't need stitches and was a real trooper until the nurse was popping the glue and paper stitches on. 
However that made me feel terrible. Am I a bad mother? 
I really don't think I am. I m doing a good job, just need to be remind of it. 
But babies learn explore and do fall, bump and faceplant.... It is all part of growing up! 
But the guilt! The people would say that I m terrible mother... Why are we being judged?! ... 
That' s all for today. I shall go now and keep feeling guilty!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fun Sexy Spy Movie

 When you hear that Guy Ritchie makes a new film... You get excited. Well I got excited. Then I saw the trailer.... It was like old style Bond had a facelift and so much fun! 
I sort of forgot about the RDJ Sherlock Holmes, so in my mind I only had his fun crime and gangster films. 
Speaking of which, are you watching The Bake off? Or better yet the Jo Brand's Extra Slice? Well actor from Lock Stock is a big fan and was on the show. So fun! Honestly give it a try!

But back to the film. I have been informed that the original show was a good fun, and has been enjoyed by many. Well being Russian and that it hasn't been daubed, so I have no idea!!
However I sure enjoyed the film

Great plot! Fun plot... Not necessary believable in some places (I mean it should have been more complicated to get some one out of East Berlin), but that makes a fun spy film. 
Go see it. I do not want to give any spoilers... But it was fun, with a traditional Guy Ritchie twist.

And the cast! Oh the major men candy! 

See... and more candy!

Armie Hammer is so tall and handsome (not sweet like he normally is).but all so broodingly handsome.... 
Also I officially have a new woman crush... Oh Alicia Vikander. The best Swedish export yet!

This film is fun, super stylish and I cannot wait for more! Please give us more! 
Oh and be on the look out for David Beckham cameo. It's really rather funny. Oh and he speaks Russian! Well he tried... 

Friday, 28 August 2015


Babies are wierd.... They come out bright red and screaming.... and then they will be in you heart forever. 
Earlier this month our little Egg turned one! 
He was so small....

And now he is so much more fun and interesting....
Here is he is trying to eat or kiss his little egg toys... Too cute!

We had a small get together, with barbie, fun and lots of attention for little man... so he didn't nap and was super grouchy when we took the cake out. Well he actually had a full on cry! Perhaps we got the wrong kind of cake.... or maybe he resented the fact that it wasn't his actual birthday. His birthday was a day after. We went to Wagamama... and Edgar had his own food.... Which he didn't eat much... Do not think we are ready for restaurant food just yet... But it will be nice when he will.

It was strangely emotional realising that my baby got older.... And that we were parents for over a year now. ... come to think of this again.... It is MAD!! 

(Oh and this photo is a little tradition... we have one just like that on the day we were going home from the hospital)

And all I feel.... apart form tired.... is love! A lot and lot of Love! 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Things we saw...

When we wondered to Roath to feed the pigs. These aren't actual pig but guinea pigs:)

So as you can see Cardiff is a wonderful diverse city! 
Also piggies were so grateful that I fed them they went out and got me a bottle of red wine!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mum v Identity

Some of you might know that I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up... So I sort of always had an identity crisis. When I fell pregnant I thought "Oh nothing will change!"... yeah right! That so well I don't want to say naive.... but yeah totally is.

I struggled a lot with becoming a mother. Do not get me wrong motherhood is the most awesome thing ever! But going through the change, having some one coming out of you is ... well extraordinary and so very challenging. I had a slight baby blues but luckily I was over that fairly quickly. But then I had hard time calling my self a mummy, or refer to Egg Man is my son.

So I prefer mama, and that seem to make a difference. Feels more fun! Mummy is too traditional, too sweet, then mama is different and fun. Yes, I thought about this for a while.

It is hard not to be just mama.. Especially if you are staying at home with mini me. All you become is mama. It is great if you can shift the baby weight and are socially active, but what if you are struggling with these things? or what about that horrid stigma on breastfeeding in public? (I found it very difficult, not only because Edgar wouldn't latch on straight away but also because of being out).

One thing made me usual happy self was running... when I run I am not a mama, or just mama, I am a runner! I am unbeatable (just by faster people) I can run 10k in 59 minutes!

Also what is the deal with being  "oh I am just a mum"... We should stop saying that! It is super hard work, not matter how you go about doing it, we are superheros! We are mamas!! 

inside out

Well Pixar did it again! Inside out was brilliant! 

Look how cute they all are! And they live in everyone's head. The last title screens were soo funny especially the cat ones.
However, it stressed me out no end. ... I saw it through the panic mama's eyes. Would my baby be feeling this way? Would he be able to express his feelings?


And then there was the imaginary friend.... sobs! But it was really funny and very clever. 
You know how sometimes cartoons are sex based, like Cars are for boys, so is the Toy Story and obliviously Frozen is for girls, this is not this kind of cartoon. Same way Lego Movie is for everyone really! 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A good day mumming

Yesterday was a good day! Firstly we managed to nap for decent amount of time (read more than 40min). Then I discovered that Amber necklace  for little one has arrived. We are giving it a try, it won't make things worst. It's super cute and from Baltic source, I got it from Etsy

(and Edgar had some jelly... it also was amazing!)

Out pool adventures have improved. I guess it has something to do won't is being on holidays for such a long time and haven't attended the swimming classes that Egg Man decided he doe t like it much... But slowly we are improving! 
And then in the park we met Emily and her Russian mum Kate! It's so cool to meet some one just out of the blue and I think we will get along well! 
As I mentioned previously mothers need other mothers... Not only to keep us  being alto to communicate to other adults but to keep us sane... 
Oh and I won some tea from Pukka teas!

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...