Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hello December

December is here. Busy month usually stress to get everything done ready and organise. Try to do this with the toddler, I challenge you to toddler off... oh no I don't want our kids to fight I want us to achieve as much as possible...  and its also my birthday month. Yeah last bit sucks...

(made this one. Pre-cut joyful kit form Prima magazine)

So December arrived on Thursday. And we have been busy ever since.
Thursday we went to see the family in Talbot Green. Fab time.
Friday came like a blur with trip to nursery for the little man and me doing all the usual house things... then on Saturday our nursery hosted the Christmas event to raise some money for charity and for everyone to get into the spirit of it all. It was lovely. I didn't want to go at 1st, the start time was interfering with lunch time. But then it was a gathering rater then an activity. So after the trip to ikea for the necessities, like picture frames and candle snuffle, game changer by the way, we went to nursery after.

(here is some cleaver product placing)

Edgar is two and a bit and only been going to nursery for a little under 6 months, unlike the other kids who have been there for a good while... So I don't know any other parents or/and kids. But I was lucky enough to run into one of the very few people I knew and hang out with them for a while. Also it doesn't actually matter how long the kids been going to nursery they all thought that they were staying and were super clingy. Especially my little nugget, just holding on for a dear life... all was improved by some crafting together and a minced pie!
And today we attended the local Etsy fair. It was a different kind of thing. Tell you that my brother in law wasn't his cup of tea. But me and mother in law enjoyed it. Also it appears that avocado and unicorn are seriously trending!

(Etsy treasure. This says Merry Christmas in Welsh... oh and the pattern are this fab Welsh blanket)

As for the more of the traditional activities well I do not need an Elf on the Shelf, I have Egg. He pulled the tree down on himself... twice in the 1st morning he discovered it. Also I think I really don't think Egg would get it.... However I have seen a snap on Facebook of an elf being frozen by Elsa... now that is Elf on the shelf goals!!

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