Tuesday, 24 July 2012

our wedding anniversary days off...

Well... we still don't have passports... I'm Russian and there are a lot of issues with visas etc, so we had to improvise.
We went to see mother in law and grand mother in law who were holidaying in Porthcawl. Luckily we had good weather.. I actually even had a dip in the North of the Atlantic Ocean...

we got to play with adorable Smudge... well sometimes he looks like a mini German Sheppard.

We went to celebrate just 2 of us went down to the bay to have a lovely meal at Cote brasserie... Oh it was lovely!! I had delicious tuna carpaccio and sea bass... oh and beautiful creme brulee! Oh I love French food!! and I got to dress up... have my heels pretty dress... 

we are very happy and still being very silly! Year of marriage really didn't change much... 

Oh and these shells I have collected I am planning to craft something out of them... but don't know what... and also don't know when either... Not much time lately.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

one year ago on 19th July

One year ago on 19th July we officially became husband and wife! 

Some one asked me if how is married life? I would say nothing really changed but my surname got longer....

I love you Stephen Edwards!! 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sea Of Pink!

Nothing makes a girl feel more empowered then do the race for life (yes yes I sound a bit like crazy person)... well its kind of my thing. That's how I got the running bug too!! 

As you know I did the 10K this Saturday... Weather was terrible!

There were lots of ladies in pink, kiddies in pink, husbands in pink and even some dogs were dressed in tutus. I thought the dogs looked adorable but husband said that Alsatian in tutu and with feathered pink boa is degrading and taking away animal's dignity... Oh if only I could I would dress up out bunny Daisy and rats too!
We didn't start till 20min past start time... and we all were soaked. It was raining.... grass was slippery... danger everywhere! Organisation didn't impress really... It was very upsetting. But there were happy cheery supporters with banners and tiny runners were trying to keep up with the girls! Well...I did it! and actually managed to do it in one hour and three minutes! Personal best :)
It was my 5th race for life and this time I actually did the back sing... Glitter and all shabang! 

Damn! My back looks fat... :( 
My Gran died of cancer in 1996 on her birthday. She was just  61. It's a terrible disease... I feel like I helped to make a difference.... 
Again the lovely people from Cancer Research did the T-shirts with the names of all the participants on them... See if you can find mine!:)

Today it was 5K race and girls from work were doing it. It has so much more publicity and different stuff .... More sponsors, more people... Well I guess 5K is shorter and more girls feel up for it. 
Well I was running a bit late and ended up jogging next to Jess:) But I have managed to see them at the finish line...
So left to right>>> Annalie finished in 28min, Val in 35, Claire in 32 and Jess did it in 37. Well done ladies!! Proud of you!!
Everyone but Jess decieded to do Cardiff 10K next with me in September.... also my other friend Nora is trying to convince me to do half marathon in October... I wonder if I can.... 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Race for life 10K

Husband says I am unbearable on the race day.... Well race day is tomorrow and I'm like bouncy lunatic already!

I still need to prepare pins for sings water and get a snickers bar for after... Don't think I will manage a PB but I am really looking forward to it! 
Don't forget to donate a bit of cash for a good cause! 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

busy few days

It was busy few days... Hubby's birthday went well, and he got new specs from me and his mother. So he can see again!!

We spent our last day off together making a house a home. We have not finished yet, he still has his clothes to sort out and I have a wall stickers to put on... Also selves, pictures... And we need to get rid off couple of chairs, my desk... There are also few DIY projects are in place, so stay tuned!

Last night I went out to see my friends for old work. Oh we had fun! Face hurts from giggling..

 And Dessy gave me these lovelies

She said I can wear them to work!

We also might be going to see Andrew at his work this Saturday to see Shola Ama... Remember her?

Also Saturday is my 10K race. I cannot wait. Have a new pink Tee and going to do my back sing... Race for life is truly is amazing event, all the girls come together. The page been closed from the old run, but there is still a link you can follow to donate for a good cause!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

food festival

Well last year I went to food festival alone hubby was in the hospital... This year we went together. I'm not sure if he liked it but I do enjoy this food filled event. And the weather was horrible. Hubby wore a coat I wore boots and we had to have umbrellas... So cold so wet... But always a good excuse to have Pimms at 1pm!

Well we got some delicious meringues... I made Eat'n'Mess! Too much cream, actually don't thing I cannot move:) I also saw how easily welsh cakes are made and got a bag for hubby. I actually waited for hot ones, but it turned out he didn't want them hot after all. But while he was waiting he got some chilly sauce... it's green, not sure how hot it will be... bit scared! I also tried some very questionable spirit called Boozeberry Cranberry, delicious pork sausage, amazing Norwegian salmon, and snaked on giant garlic and tarragon scotch egg. 

Now see... bad weather yet still a lot of people around... Imagine what it was like last year when sun was not hiding behind the rain and clouds! 

Speaking of Norwegians, they actually had their students doing an internship in the restaurant we work at. They came in for dinner and we had a chat... Well I came over to say hello, they first fed me and then gifted me a lump of slightly sweet cheese. How very nice!!
We also got some pork pies, more scotch eggs, elderflower champaign and lots of cured meats... 

It was also a day to mark hubby's 4 days off for his birthday!

 ------ Happy birthday baby! I love you so very much!! xxx-----------

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Things... Strange (unusual) things...

I had a day off and I went for a wonder around my local charity shops, popped into fruit and veg place for some supplies... But things I came across were just... well I haven't seen anything like this....

So here it comes... Strange things and some of them are very cool:

Some one put a sticker of the pink cat on the sing... It was very high up, not only for 5ft self but for normal hight humans too... I wonder how did the do this?! And where can I find some of these stickers??

Strange coloured Mini... It was just there changing colour like petrol stain... Would this be petrol colour? Very cool and unusual!

I was walking I think from work... looked to the side. And there she was just chilling... After I took the picture this duck looked at me in a "what are you looking at?!" kind of way.... 

Really? A record... of Bruce Willis? What?! I was very tempted to get it... but then again I don't have a record player...

I don't know who put this cute soft thing behind the bag but I couldn't stop laughing....

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Present for Dickie and Karly

My hubby was out all day helping our friends Dickie and Karly moving house.
I was stuck at home since I wasn't very well past few day... But this blog was super inspirational... So next thing I know I did this... 

And then... I got the felt, made paper pattern and start hand stitching year and fox's face.... Dusted off my sewing machine and completed Mrs Fox!

She us now living in Dicky and Karly's new place!

I was actually sad to see her go. It was very quick.... finishing stitching the head and body together... skyping with mother. She said I should give Mrs Fox to her.... and then Dickie brought hubby back, fox was gifted and Dickie left....

Bye-bye Mrs Fox, you should look after Dickie and Karly now! Well she did make super cute intragram picture...

Sunday, 1 July 2012

bits and bobs...

Well here we go... things I have made.... excuse the quality... I should really take a course in photoshop... and get a better camera... Hint hint hubby!!

 I always enjoyed drawing still life... fruits, flowers... 

 No idea what this is... but colours are really pretty.... One my friends suggested that this is an embryo and I must be pregnant...well this was about 3 years ago and no babies yet.

 This came out after watching some Olympic events... gymnastics mainly:)

and back to still life.... 

this is a boyfriend... made for hubby. Now little guy lives next to TV he has a girlfriend but she didn't come out as well ... I didn't have enough felt fabric.

This lives in my mothers house. Sunflowers were made for her as a present for women's day. Yes, we Russians do celebrate it and it's a bank holiday.

Guess the flower? ... No seriously guess! Leave the answer in the comments

Now this.... Made with melted crayons.... the how to can be find here, the happy crafter place on the internet! Obviously it is a variation. Hubby really likes this one! 

Things that go throw that head of mine... right? :)

Trip to V&A

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