Friday, 29 January 2016

from this to this...

I have just removed all the pictures from my phone. 
Makes me so proud... and feel so much love for my little man.

Some one needs a hair cut but I cannot bring my self to give him to some one with sharp objects in their hands... yes I am being over dramatic. I like him curly and floppy!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Shiny. Nudity.... well it must be awards' season

I love fashion. I love films and series. Yes I am actually addicted. Well aren't we all in a way. It is sad but it is true....
The award season is upon us. And anyone who is anyone wants to strut their stuff... 
Golden globes. Fun all around. But here are the looks I loved the most.

Jamie Alexander in this awesome geometrical print gown. She is in this new show that I have been meaning to watch. Doesn't she look beautiful yet some how fierce? 

My favourite gal Alicia Vikander... is simply divine...

She is the actress to watch. Even if she was in that pile of... 7th son. She is just like a fresh wind in the tones of dark gowns and cut outs. 
Yes, what's up with all the cutouts?! Or Kate Hudson in a bandeau? I don't get it.

Eva Green even if so pale but some how that shade of Champagne works... Unlike Roonie Mara, now that girl needed her colours rethink. 
And I truly enjoyed the Gaga's old glamour... even if she did bumped Leo. 

Think that JLaw and JLo are fab. 
Jenna is just so beautiful and Olivia Palermo is the dress I want to have!

But this... 

Kate Blanchette is stole the show in my book. Not too dressy but so wonderfully understate and high fashion at the same time. This woman can do no wrong... 

And if in doubt. Go for shiny!

I love this look on Melissa Mccarthy. She is just such a beauty in this. 

Would you agree with me on the distasfull nakedness of the cut outs and some strange colour choices? Like think Giuliana Rancic.... 

And as for men's fashion I really loved David Oyelowo 

That's a man who is not afraid of some flare! 

Sad week. Cancer sucks!

It has really been a bad week for some big people passing... 

Week has started with terrible news about Bowie. The amazing artist. I didn't even realised how many songs I like are his. He was still young and with new album coming out... the news made even sadder. 

Space Oddity is one of my very favourite. Commander Chris Hadfeild made it truly special... 

Yesterday as I was fighting with the offspring about the nap time, I looked on twitter to shock news about Alan Rickman! Now that was ... 
We just saw his latest film... the little chaos. Here is the blog post about it.

All I can say that we all something special with these great men! 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Review... In a way...

I consider my self a gym bunny. When we lived in Birmingham if I was not at work I was in the gym or cinema next door. Oh that was wonderful. Bad day at work? Gym time, angry speed running to loud music until I wasn't thinking angry thoughts.... Or gym and then a film as a reward. 
It was nice. My body was in a good shape. When we had a hard week at work I think was at my thinnest and fittest... But with a big man in our life's life became more fun and I do not have time for my self. There is always something else to do. So I have tried going back to the gym. That didn't work. 
I do see all these super fit mamas on intagram and I am jealous of their awesome achievements on body front and that they have time to them selves. Amazing work ladies! Actually one of them said that babies will grow and leave but your body will stay with you... got me thinking!
You might want to suggest that I work out when big man is asleep. Well he was up about 3 times a night and work up at 6am so I need this nap as much as he does. 
What am I to do?! 
Oh and my mother isn't helping. "Oh you're so fat!"... Just for a second I saw her as a character from American Dad...

So I get super annoyed with myself and fight the embarrassment and purchase Jillian Micheals DVD. 
With everyone's raving about Kayla and all the play base eating thing that I have totally forgot about the original fitness badass! Well for me at least! 

I had it in the house for about 3 weeks. I don't want to admit that I own the work out DVD. It seems sad to me. And I don't think I would enjoy it or it will have results. ... I finally put in on yesterday. 
And I worked hard. Even had to pose and redo stuff when big man wanted to play and disrupted the circuit. 
It is the 30 day shred DVD. 
I was sweaty after these 20 mins. I also need to get some smaller weights. And I was so happy after. 
Today my body is in this pleasant pain. I shall stick to this routine. But when the big man is in bed. He does get excited with all the jumping around and gets in a way ever so slightly. 
I am DVD workout convert!! Who would have thought. 

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...