Saturday, 1 October 2016

Now only my hair doesn't hurt

In 2013 I completed my 1st ever hard obstical race, Survival of the Fittest. I had a blast. 
And then this Sunday I did it again. With my friend Nora who in 2013 fell down next to me at the race and broke her leg. It was super hard for her to do this, mentally mainly. 
But we did it together. We supported each other when it was needed mostly. She couldn't quiet get over one climby thingy I talked her throw it and when I was about to lie down on the floor and have a cry since 10k run turned out to be 12k run, she cheered me on and made me run. 

I had a cold all week long prior to run. This is never good actually, anyone who ever run or did something physical. Last time I run after the cold it was when I wingged my way throw Birmingham half.
The height of the stacks of bale scared me too. But I did them purely on will power, I can't jump high.  

I enjoyed the event. Mainly because I had Nora with me to cheer me on and such. When I hit the about to lay down and cry with exhaustion after discovering the 12k mark... and that I didn't eat nearly enough. She cheered me on and push me on. I shall not say how quickly I rammaged throw the goodie bag in search of food and how quickly that Track bar saw its end... 

(here is big guy loving my headband)

The event seemed more commercial since I did it. The Renault cars on the final obstical, when in 2013 the final thing was the wall and a small pool and it was epic... Some of the obsticals seemed odd and poor for such organisation as Men's Health. I mean I love the big slide (well I didn't) or space hoppers that have been deflated by the previous waves of runners... And the runner village seemed to clean and tidy. It didn't feel right. I loved having a pint in wet trainers and this time I didn't even spotted the bar tent till we left. When we got to the boldering like walls and I have asked the chap who was minding it whether all the sides were good to go, after he said yes, trust me to get on to the one that was broken. And he has a maintenance guy right after me. Was it because I am a woman he didn't bother to tell me that? 
And goodie bad was bad. Like really bad. 4 things. Dove deodorant, shampoo, track bar, bag of popcorn and of course a magazine. And dudes are charging £55 for early bird entry. I know it is pricey to organize and such but some on. 
Well I guess the negatives just popped out here. But I guess things change and they relay of volunteers... I just wish standards didn't change. 
All that said I will be doing it next year. It is still mainly super challenging. And I really want to do that jump I didn't do... 
So I want to wish that few of these pointers can be addressed. 

However real heroes of the day are the people who cheered and watched and helped! From me big love goes to Rhian who took these photos and stayed all the 2.13 that I run and my mother in law dearest and Lau who were on Egg watch that day! 

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