Saturday, 31 August 2013

I have singed up

I have singed up for Half Marathon....
Today I have run for the 1st time in ages. I did not actually run since we moved away from Bath. But I'll come back to that. 

I have booked my self for not two but three classes this morning in the gym. And boy did I work hard, I'm actually worried about waking up tomorrow and be in a lot of pain. We did circuit leg bums and tums, fast circuit when the boys came in and were showing off by lifting massive weights in compassing what girls were struggling with 10K.. and then we stayed for a abs class. Mad. 

But to top it all off I have decided to run home from the gym... My kit was a bit unsuitable for that so the straps of my backpack were really rubbing and I was tired. But I almost run all the way home. It is over 3K. Good start I think. 

I am fundraising for Cancer Research.. So please dig deep

And if I did everything right u can just donate by text... VSFR85 (stands for very small feet runs)

I do need more medals on my things, coz the last one wasn't actually mine but my hubbies. He did the amazing time for the 1st ever 10K last November for Mo Running in Cardiff

Friday, 30 August 2013

another stupid idea I had...

So I was going to work and I saw the poster for Bupa Half Marathon... 20th October...

I thought to my self, it is only two 10K and a bit... So I went about my day thinking that I can actually do this. Told few people about this they told me I was crazy for even putting trainers on. Well I'm sorry I don't like the flabby butt and I like to be able to walk up the tube escalator with out needing a gas mask...

Then I told husband about this... he just said "Well then do it".... I thought mother would not approve. 

And then I told my friend back home about this... ...  we kind of talk a lot about sport and things like that... he really works I just just around. Look at that:) 

So this sexy beast tells me "Running is awesome, think you should totally do it". 
As you know the races can be expensive at times, like the Survival for a single entry is £50, so I am running it after paying that much. So there was a chance that I wouldn't get paid this month, so I though if I get paid I'll do it....
I got paid.. 
I have three classes to go to tomorrow in the gym, and planning to run back from there... Training has to start now.
Gleb, think you should do something like this too.. And then we can compare the results! Deal?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I have started a new job... It took forever to find, and I would not say it is a dream job, but it's a nice full time position. It is really nice to be back in the hotels again. But I guess I still did not gave up on becoming a personal trainer. But not yet... 

On that note... today I did an intensity class, it was actually so hard. I did not think that I can star jump with 5kg in each hand. God it was hard, I am actually a bit scared how I will be feeling tomorrow.

But I also want to tell you about my obsession... Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments books. I am obsessed! I cannot put my kindle down, work does really interfere with my reading. I am on the third book now.

So as you know film is out and have been looking forward to it and I actually already seen it twice. Thinking of it I might go see it the 3rd time. I think I actually formed an opinion about this film. I think it was the best what they could have done and actors are spot on... Maybe not Lucian, my very favorite Aiden Turner, this awesome man should have more of the presence, they really did not develop the character... But Clary, Jace, Alex and Simon are spot on I thought. 

I am a little ashamed to be reading a teen (I guess) novel... Not it is not a teen novel it's a fantasy and very complex dialog and emotions. Something I think you also might enjoy. 
I am actually going to take a break and read something else after I'd finish the third book..

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Two weeks was a lot of time on one hand but so not enough on the other. 

This amazing cat went into the forest with us to pick some mushrooms... She didn't find any but was fun to walk with...

That evening been spent looking at cool stuff, like DIY furniture, amazing wall decor, arts, crafts and talking about all kind of shit. I also got a cool copper bell as a present

Strange to think of myself as adult but when you stand next to someone you remember being so small... and much younger you realise time really has passed.... 

Another Russian extreme... pickling for winter... Lots and lots of cucumbers. Btw they all think that pickled egg is travesty!  

Two Darias reunited with a bottle of bubbly, like it always was... Even if we are miles apart and one has 2 wonderful little boys.

Wine fueled evening with magical view on the city. Honey, look after your arm! Shame we do not have a picture together with your awesome beard! Yes men with beards are more fun to spend time with. Whats why I married one

Always my best friend! and yes I know I was not supposed to put this picture online

Family flight back  Moscow. I went to London after they went to see my beautiful third cousin to marry a lovely man. Katerina, congratulations! 

I also spend some quality time with my cousin and his new wife, my step sister and met her fiancee, also met my parents new neighbors in the village, spent time drawing princesses for my cousin's little girl and tasted my aunt's crazy but yammy cherry vodka, while my cool uncle was trying to feed me more apples. Also talked rubbish with my grandparents and spent a lot of quality mother daughter time. 
However 2 weeks seems a lot but the time truly flew by and I did not get to see the hottest blond in town and my very good friend Anna

You and me next time are going to get to so much shenanigans...

Well I already miss everyone! Lots of love

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

my little Russian adveture

So after the longest journey ever I finally got there.... Place where I get to do as little as possible be fed, given booze, treatments and treats!

How funny is that shot glass?!
And no I did not drink any vodka! I do not do vodka, unless it is in the cocktail.
Did things I haven't done in a while... such as been bitten by bunch of mosquitoes and other evil insects! That's country life for you I guess...I also got to pick the veggies from the beds and eat them!!

Went for a swim in the lake and in the river. Do not think I ever swam in the river before. It was a rather surreal experience... You swim against the current but the current is so strong that seems that you do not move at all... 
I finally saw the place my parents are building. Going to be mahooosive. 

And we also went mushroom picking... I haven't been since I was 14 or something like that.

I also spend some quality time with some amazing people and animals... I missed my cats so much but these monkeys did not recognise me after 2 years. 
Dear all I will miss you a lot and really look forward to my next trip back to Mother land.

Stayed Tuned for more pictures.... 

Trip to V&A

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