Monday, 24 July 2017

Fighting with my milkaholic

My almost 3 year old has a terrible milk habit. When i hear other parents saying how they had a bad night their kid woke up once I want to cry and tell them they don't know how lucky they are! Truly! 
For last three years I can count on one hand how many times Egg slept throw the night. It was 3 times. Three glorous nights... 
So every time he would grouch in the night we would give him a bottle with milk. Yes we are bad. And he still has bottles. Yes yes I know.
So after having a nice chat with Health Visitor last week, she said he needs a uninterrupted sleep, and so do we. It is linked to their development and you know... it's a sleep!! 
Basically we had to suck it up and not give him milk. And guess what two difficult nights and now he pretty much sleeps throw until he wakes up. 

(Here is my tiny terror with his new love Welsh cake)

But last few days he was up at 4am and 4.30am and refused to go back to sleep... and he gets naked... with all the wet consequences...
However today he cried out at 2am I went to check on him, dressed him and fixed the bed as much as I could without disturbing him much. I put a pair of boxers over this pull up nappy... he got up at after 5am. 
This makes me wonder what would happen if I get him into nappy and pants, or dressed him in a night before he wakes up... and would we wake up at 6am in two days time?
Also since we cut the milk consumption and I recycled most of his bottles he rather happily drink out of a mug. It also results in cutest milk mustashe!
And also did I mention he uses the toilet and only wears nappy at night time... or you know not really. We can't manage a number 2 while wearing big boy pants just yet but it's a win none the less!

Little victories count! Every single one of them. I am slowly tacking this toddler thing and slowly becoming more of myself... not just Edgar's mama. 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

System behind the madness. Blog content.

Few days ago I finally got to play with this blog on laptop rather then iPad or a phone... 
and it made me wonder why do I keep doing it and why don't I have a proper little theme to it... you know these blogs that only have one purpose and one subject to it... 

I suppose it is always been my trouble. I am just into many many things. 
Making, running, shopping, cooking, eating, drinking, cinema, reading... but now I look at this list and really don't think I do this much of any of this. Now I am mainly mumming. 
But surly it is not a bad thing to have many little passions and interests... 
Well the Mininmalists (I mentioned them in previous post here) would say that you need to pick one passion and cultivate it for a bit then get another one...  I don't know if I can do it. Ever. 
Especially since becoming a mama... a stay at home for now mama. (I understand that not everyone can become parents or be stay at home ones.... but sometimes I feel like I lost in piles of washing, nursery rhymes and activities that should make my boy more developed and amazing like a unicorn!)
But I digress... 

I just want to be able to do stuff that I used to before I became a parent... but in the end of the day I just want to sit down and veg out in front of tv with a glass of wine... 

I guess we all change. And we change more dramatically once we become parents. 
So what I am staying is people are always changing. Change is good. 
I started blogging about one thing but I am not the same person as I was in 2010. But as for having several things to be passionate about I think it is also cool, just tackle one at the time. And I hope it make for an interesting and fun read! 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

And the internet goes mad

So new doctor who is Jodie Whittaker and the internet went mad... a woman doctor what?!

I enjoyed the new Doctor and the Christmas specials and all the fun and sometimes scary and unexpected twists and turns. And frankly I didn't think much about who is going to be a new doctor. Until I was listening to Scummy Mummies podcast and when Helen Thorn's daughter said wouldn't it be nice if next doctor would be a girl... like a little light bulb went off in my head, yeah really why can't it be a woman. 
 12th doctor was so much fun, thank you Peter Capaldi! And the new companion Pearl Mackie's character Bill was gay. Honestly the episode with Romans and discussion about sexuality made me chuckle and it was just so as a matter to fact! Also very sad to see her leave the show. I loved Bill...

The show is about kindness, bravery and love. Doctor is always trying to help everyone! 
But all this not only just a great show it also shows kids that it's all good qualities and being different is ok and even cool... 
So when doctor regenerates doctor can be anything. And even maybe with tentacles. Pretty sure one of the doctors actually says so after the regeneration. So why can't the doctor be a woman?!

Yes BBC did a big announcement of this. And it is a bit deal. It's an important show and for the 1st time in Dr Who history, 50 years, Doctor is a woman. I guess they also anticipated the reaction....
What annoys me is that some of these haters don't even watch the show... or supporters of the choice of actor say that they will actually watch the show. I say no your opinions are not valid here you don't watch it and probably never will.

It is most certainly NOT political correctness gone mad. The show needed a new actor the show got the new actor. And yes this might inspire bunch of young girls and tell them that they can be anything. Just like bunch of young girls growing up now and in the 80s thinking that having a female prime minister is totally normal (politics aside it is just representation).

If she can see it she can be it!

But what about the boys you say? Well from the beginning the Doctor was a remarkable number of wonderful male actors, wouldn't you agree?
Personally I am more sad about  Steven Moffat has left the show too... I truly loved the episodes that he did.... 
But it is going to be fun, new Doctor, new writers, new companion! 
Super exciting change is upon us can we just be happy and look forward to new season?

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Food festival with toddler

I love summer time festivals in Cardiff. Used to look forward when tourist information office would dropped off the booklets for summer festivals in the city.
And my favourite by far is the food festivals in the bay. Last year we were really lucky to go on he day when Welsh football team were coming home. Town was super busy and t was nice a peaceful in the bay. So baring this in mind I have decided to pick up my mother in law and the child and we went down on Friday afternoon. 
But the child decided not to nap.. I hate when he refuses to nap. He was tired and grumpy... and very loud in his complaint about the situation he had created him self... 
We couldn't stay at any stalls for too long, or one of us would nose around while the other would push the pram around. 
We gave in in the end. He was happy running about and jumping off things but then wanted to be carried around. Damn this child is thin but sooo heavy! 

Pretty much only time he was happy was when he mounted the snow dog. 
But I sill managed to get few bits and bobs, like wonderful homemade natural cordials (had some with prosecco already) and a lovely pie from Wessex Pantry. And I don't even like pies! But these guys make excellent pies!

So I would definitely recommend to go and sample and buy and eat and drink and have a dance down the bay this weekend! 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Quiet time

Mama's life is hard and it's very hard to find quiet time. I miss just sitting down and maybe crafting or just chilling, or having friends over or just a bath... 
Now with Big Guy all these things need to planning ahead. Yes I have to plan time in the bath. It's this intense. But I do get some quiet time every so often, when Edgar naps... I listen to podcast.

Yes my regular favourites like Kermode and Mayo, No Such Thing as the Fish, Answer me this and Scummy Mummies. 
But I have discovered the new ones recently and I want you to have a have a listen to... so here it goes.
The Guity Feminist 
They explore out noble goals in achieving equality for all while being super funny and yet super unsightful. This week they were talking about raising feminist boys which is a topic close to my heart. And if only I could get my hubby to give a go too... 
Then the creator of GF created Global Pillage. I always laught out loud to the silliness and enginiousnes of the comedians at this panel show. Yes it's a thing! Put Deborah Francis-White on TV I say!
Then of course from Answer me this Helen does the Allusionist. The fascinating things about the English language with the jokes thrown in. I guess I am also a fan of Helen's style of podcasting. 
So Allusionist had introduced me to Imaginary Worlds. Maybe I'm not interested in every subject Eric Molinski talks about but I am facinated by all and learnt so much. The episode Imagining Wonder Woman and about Slave Leia 2016 really stuck with me, and of course A Year Without Summer about Mary Shelly. 
I also just started to listen to Dirty Mother Pukker but Mother Pukker and At Home with... 
The DMP I enjoy because they discuss these things that are closed to me as a "people who happened to be parents" so I am not just a mama I am a person who happens to be a mama. Also their choice of words just makes me giggle like "bonking with intent" ... in tears! 
As for At Home with... well it's just nice that two ladies speak to other ladies they are really admire. It make for a nice listen. Even if I want it to be more of a visual thing, like a TV show. Oh prehaps it is the their starting point. But I got to say ladies they have spoken to are truly remarkable and interesting. 
And one more ... however this podcast is anything but about Frasier. Yes, it is the Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs by Kevin Smith and Matt Mira. They talk so much and some of it is actually funny or even enlightening about the TV series in general but when they have actual guest who were involved with show. 

So yeah I spend my time passively learning about stuff I guess. May it be people's options on parenting or actual random bits about the language and fun facts around the world. 
And of couse you can find these on iTunes or similar outlets! And so let me know what you are listening in your free time. 

Cleansing. Product review

I am blessed or cursed with oily skin. 
Generally speaking it is good and has lots of collagen which means sings of ages are not as visible and will be delayed in general but this also means that I often have a shiny face and prone to blemishes and such.... 
So with that in mind I wanted to change my regular Boots botanicals cleanser for something less oily. But I wanted to continue that hot cloth routine and I don't want to spend a lot of money. So I got this from Superdrug under £5

And here is my big shiny and tanned face. 

The cleanser has a nice texture and spreads lovely on. Washes off easily living the skin feeling clean. But for the first week I was using it I had to apply moisturiser pretty much straight after my skin felt dry and like there was no water left on earth! But now it is better I guess it adapted. Also fave didn't feel oily which is nice for summer time. 
I am not sure if I'll get it again... pros are great but that feeling of dryness... and do not, I repleat do not used the cloth that comes with the product it so so rough on the skin! 
So texture is great, but some affects that are actually gone now are not so much. 
So undecided! 
But love their anti animal testing policies! 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Major downs and ups this week

It was the best of times it was the worst of times... oh wait! So here is what happened this week. 
On Tuesday in a very silly way by keeping my Mulberry purse in the pram basket I lost it. Or it was stolen. 
Yes it's the purse hubby gave me for my bday last year and I love it deeply and I have some cash in it... well there was also my resident permit in it. And this means I cannot leave the country until I have a replacement. 
So we had to cancel our trip to motherland end of this month. Damn. 
Everyone is upset, apart from maybe toddler since he didn't really know what is going on. 

But then on Friday we had an adventure in Doctor Who experience and saw Spider-Man: homecoming. 

Got to tell you if you haven't been to Dr Who in Cardiff do visit. It's fun! And don't forget it is closing end of summer. As for Spider-Man well he is my new favourite marvel superhero! 

But my streak of trouble isn't over. This morning I was trying to fix my laptop... and I dropped it. So yeah I have the worst track record with laptops they just die on me like flies... 

Hope Sunday will be a fun day! And tomorrow it's hubby's birthday! Hooray! 

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