Saturday, 14 November 2015

Today we are all French

I'm just speechless...  

I have been learning about France all my adolescence. We Russians love us anything French... I have never been to France but it is on my to do list. To see Paris and all these wonders we have been leaning about in school.... 

But this is just .... #PrayForParis #PrayFor Humanity 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Time flies

I simply cannot believe we are in Christmas mode already. The year just few by... And when I look at the little man sometimes I just do not understand where my tiny baby gone and who replaced him with this toddler?! 
Look just how grown up he looks at this photo 

I never felt like "oh I'm so sad my baby grows up so quickly" I am excited that he learns new things becoming a small individual with his own personal tastes. And then I blink and he looks so grow up!    I actually don't remember what it was like when he was just a little baby. I might have just blocked this out, who knows... Or maybe it is just a lack of sleep! 
Have you seen these parenting motivation pic? Like if you are not crazy you are not doing it right?
I am totally bananas now. So crazy that after no training what so ever (I maybe been out for a run 3 times since Cardiff 10K) I'm doing the Movember 10k this Sunday and then on Monday little man and I are travelling to snowy and cold Russia...
Think motherhood made me unstoppable 

Friday, 6 November 2015


I can say it is fail! I just cannot to bring my self to blog at the moment... 
A lot of things are happening. Egg man is growing and being super active. This child never stops:) we are in the process of packing and possibly moving... Buying a house proves to be super complicated!
I am all getting into Christmas mode and want to channel my inner Martha and play a perfect wifey... Yeah that's gonna last! 
Me and the little man are heading to mother Russia in a bit... And yet I just can't bring my self to boot the tiny blue laptop of mine and write shit down. 
So many things are happening. I shall get around to that! 
Lots of love... 
And mamma shall be better and blogging and be more fun 

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