Friday, 6 December 2013

getting into a spirit of all of it...

It will be just us with pets for Christmas.... Less responsibility and bit less stress. No crazy wrapping frenzy... It is actually nice, but we will be heading to Sunny Wales in January. Actually cannot wait to see everyone!!

I was feeling bit down lately work been really stressful... for both of us. And pets can only cheer you up that much. Besides bunny doesn't like to hug much:)

So today we had a little stroll throw the German market...

the warmth of the mulled wine:)
But I am actually almost done with Christmas shopping... Oh the stress of it... Now I m just shopping for my bday presents for my self:)
Best kind of present really.
Also the tree is up
And both Molly the Cat and Daisy the Bunny had a go on brining it down or eating it. Don't they know it's not real and won't do them any good. Silly pets:)
I also have a box of baby oranges (baby oranges any satsumas, clementines and other similar fruit) and my figures constantly smell of them. Love them. This it a true guilty pleasure... and Owen thinks I am an actual monster...
On this note, I better go and wrap some presents!
Happy holiday season y'all!
P.S. This is not my lap top so it takes me forever to get to post things I want to post... Sorry for being incommunicado. My dell actually died .... :( sad!


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

please say something nice... December

here is a pictures of some penguins... Please read the rest. And say thank you to hard working hospitality staff...
We are so busy at work. Worst place and industry to work during holidays season is catering and hospitality. Oh these Christmas parties! Yes, I know you have organised these ages ago and want to have fun but think about the people who are making this happen for you... Just a thought. I wish that everyone took time to say thank you to these amazing people who are smiling and making this party happen for all of you drunks out there... who are usually just creating chaos for us hotel and restaurant staff. And guess what, some of us have to work Christmas and New Year's eve. And it sucks...
So yeah, be nice to your service staff...

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

too many shops...

So I still do not know many people here in Brum so girl gotta do something.... 
Really did not feel like cinema lately. So I went to look in the shops.... 

Absolutely loved this hat... Wish I could wear hats all the time. But only hats like that. 
I'm mainly now in my hood trying to hide from this terrible weather we been having here in UK.

How Dolce and Gabbana are these earrings?! I died! 
But these aren't exactly my cup of tea, but still these are awesome. River Island.

Now this I wanted to try on... But was too lazy. Not that I have space or need for a pink 80's party dress.

but it's just too cute... right?

And returning to Dolce and Gabbana .... £37 for this beauty! 

I do not know if I want these things but I really thought these were really awesome. And picture taking quality.. Yes, there is such quality.

It is this time of the year when I become a bit grumpier... as I will get older in few weeks. Or maybe it is a lack of sunshine but I do feel a bit down and really miss my friends who are in Wales.
Had a chat with Dessy the other day... Missing the wine o'clock and discussing shoes and boys. Yes that's what we do, and yes we are both happily married!

So when I saw this....

I simply had to send the picture straight to her. Cheered me up a treat! Actually a full book of this... 
Amazing!!! Trunks!! Hunks!! For everyone!! 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I love these guys... always wanted one as a pet... 

Look how cute are they!!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Good luck, my friend!

I like to know that certain things in ever changing life stay the same. I always know that if there is anything wrong I can run away home to Russia. It would involve a day of travelling but I would get there and will be supported and looked after no matter how old. Provided I make a joke, do dishes and cook at least one meal. 

And that I will always have people where who I can n be in touch for months and months but when we do meet its like we are 17 again and never parted just became bit more serious and wiser with experience.
Yesterday that has changed. My dearest friend moved...and to another city but to another place and to another life all together. Bali. Suppose now I have a place to stay there... hint hint!

(I know you told me not to put up this pic online... hahahaha)

I wish that all your super plans will come true and that you will be super happy there. Love you lots and be safe!! 

P.S. I can only imagine who you felt when I left all these years ago to Swiss and then to UK. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

And if you sing ... sing sing sing!

It was really busy few weeks... We all over worked at work...

And finally Sarah came to visit! And she can move her arm:)

So we went shopping... wining and dining.... Also breakfast making, coffee drinking and bitching about things!

How funny is my named spelled?! :) Cuteness from Tricia. 
It is nice to know that I am still part of the team and I got lots and lots of hello and hug of people at my old office. Also an offer of my job back, but with no job in January... Oh well!! 
Also it is really hard to find a coat for me... So I've ended up after 2 days of searching with a beautiful navy number from Mango in a sexy military style.

And we were celebrating Sarah's Broth day.... Yes I said a broth day, my phone auto corrected it! Crazy right:) I hope she had a good birthday with us...

But no one embarrassed Sarah to no end by singing Happy Birthday. I was so counting on it! Yes, I am evil some times.
And then we went to see Travis....
Oh it was magical!! I love Travis even more then before!!

So we did not had the most disgusting 1st pint ever... Guess it was the end of the barrel. Can't be helped I guess. The support band were pretty strange, lead singer were trying way too hard for the support band. They made me think of Mumford and Sons with less people...

And then the small man in the hat told us we are about to watch him sweat a lot!!

Oh they were so good. Turns out they did not go away or split or anything they were just waiting for kids to grow a bit. Have you heard their new album? It's very nice called Were we Stand. 
Fran Healey is a super nice dude. Was telling us that if we are to take picture make sure people behind us can see. How nice is that?!
The gig was soo good! Travis were magical! Electric and I think I need to see them again!!

I wonder what we are going to see next! I am really looking forward to new gigs 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bupa run... My first half marathon done! And I got a T-shirt :)

So it was a very implosive race entry... I walked pass the ad for Bupa Great Birmingham run way too many times and though "Oh why da hell not!"...
But when I got the number through the post and all the bits and bobs I thought "Oh what have I done! Silly silly Daria"
But actually it was not that bad after all.
I did talk to the organizers, elite athletes and other crazy people who are running for fun. That's actually a perk working in hospitality industry...

We all were very concerned about the weather... When I got up at 6am to have breakkie it was peeing it down. I though that I needed a wet suit to run in. But the sky cleared and the sun was shining... we were actually boiling. Well I was... also that dude who run in the Iron Man outfit. Yes, full on Iron Man... yes, that dude in red and yellow...

The organisation was amazing, lots and lots of support, signs, water stations, even a shower, power station (jelly babies and vaseline) and a long long run...

Lots and lots of runners... it was 20000 of us, crazy people who love to run. I was the last wave, pink wave. My wave was with 1st time half marathon runners, none runners, people who thought they would not be very fast. Including lady who was pushing her mate in the wheel chair in support of the troops. They kept on over-taking me. Amazing!
Also I saw a dailek running, caught a glimpse of Christmas tree, Robin and Batman, also an angel and a batgirl. 
Unfortunately hubby couldn't make it to see me across the finish line so I only have few pics... 

I did keep the pace, I was very good till about 9th mile. Then my ankles started to hurt. Had to stop and stretch out. I also foolishly thought that we go tall the hills behind us... Oh silly thought that was. Last few miles between mile 10 and 12.5 was mostly up hill or just hilly. It was hard! But supporters really kept me going... They were so cool and inspiring!
There were bunches of kiddies hi-fiving the runners, they were super excited to see Santa running! 
Loud ladies' whistles for the heroic firemen doing it in their full firefighter gear... Waving nuns... happy people and dancing students with anthems blasting throw their house windows. Also mums and daughters with improvised water stations full of sugary squash drinks.
The organizers got the word out for local bands to provide the entertainment... It was one amazing race. 

When we were heading towards Broad Street, you know you must not give up now and keep on going... and then I saw this...

I never run that far! Never ever... I was super proud of my self.
Guys at work said that they saw me on telly! How cool!
When I saw organizers back in the hotel and been asked the question if I'do it again next year and nodded and kept on chewing my snickers bar.
I felt terrible in the evening. My ankles, knees and hip joints were killing... Three days later I was back to my normal self!

And I also have a t-shirt with my half marathon thing. So happy that I did not give up and am a finisher of Bupa Great Birmingham run 2013

Monday, 21 October 2013


When I was younger the only thing improving my summers away from the city to Belarus and Ukraine was the Black sea and sandy beaches... I always forgot that I had all the kids to look after and they were all girls... It was a night mare!

So I actually have not seen any of that side of the family in years... as long as this dude been around!

Last time I saw him he was not born yet he was just a huge belly on his mama!
It was one very long trip from Birmingham to London then from London to Moscow and then after 3 hours wait and talking to a really annoying dude, to Odessa. 

But then there were delays and mother was really not happy with me:) But hey we got to drink sparking wine in my room and bitching about stuff. Also Ukrainian tv is funny, coz you know it's in Ukrainian. 
But I truly love Ukraine.. Always has. 
We went for lunch at my aunt's I met the groom, he is charming and super tall. Guess hubby is not the tallest in the clan anymore:)

They will have the cutest kiddies ever!!
We went to Odessa. Loved it. The food.... not sure how I feel about the fusion with amazing Chinese food, but dear got that pig's fat.... and tons of fresh garlic. Yes I know it's like super weird but I love it!!
And next day was the whole crazy thing called Russian-Ukrainian wedding...
The groom has to pass series of tests to get to the bride. It was actually really fun to watch!

but since it is a wedding the bride and mothers and fathers were so nervous and on edge...  I remembered our faux wedding when nothing when according to plan and it was driving me nuts and how relaxed and happy our actual wedding was, when we and few friends and family went to the registry office and then to the pub for dinner. No fuss no stress. 

But anywho... Later we all were packed into buses and driven to Odessa to have the reception. 
It was delish and fun! 
I really boned with bridesmaids

I m so happy for Katya she has such amazing friends. 
and now she also has amazing husband and whole new family.
Lots of love to you both

It was a lovely few days in Ukraine but they were so good that I could have use another holiday after it.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Best end of holidays ever (or Survival of the Fittest Cardiff)

Remember last year I went to see my friend Nora to climb the wall? Well I was so inspired by these awesome people that I have singed up myself.

The event was the next day after our holidays.... Now I can say it was the best end of holidays ever, but a day before I was terrified. ... It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also had a most amazing team of people supporting me and being my paparazzi. Once again big big thank you goes to Owen, Sarah and Mel.

 But my dear hubby had to go home since he was working that day. Sad face. But I believe guys kept him updated.

The race was divided into waves and I was in sensible wave 5 which started at 11am.... I did not think how high everything will be and how very short I actually am. That was until I say these stacks of hay. Oh dear me, it was hard, but I managed without a boost or anything.

We climb over, jumped over and climbed under, slid on our bellies and went into the river... I felt amazing. 

But I did find it difficult to get down from the wall.... Scary and awesome wall. 

It was so awesome and actually dangerous that my friend Nora who was running with me and with whom we were staring at cute sailors, she broke her ankle. Poor thing have to wear a cast for 4 weeks at least...

Now I have another amazing medal in my collection and plans for next year to get a team together and kick this assault course's butt with some girl power and maybe some boy power:)) Join me I say!!!

Sarah was actually that excited that she tried to haul her self over with one arm in the sling;)

So yeah, I think we all need an awesome challenge like Survival of the Fittest to complete at least once. Join me! And lets climb that wall together!!

Big big thank you goes to these lovely chaps who gave a helping hand and push and pulled me over!
And to my amazing supporters:)) 
Lots of love... Now I have a half marathon to survive:)

Monday, 30 September 2013

Spanish Sunshine

Oh how much my other half hated the hot weather... And how much I loved the salty sea.... 

Great holidays we had. It is always different when you are going away with family. Bit tricky at times to be honest, but good times been had!

We sunbathed, read books, drunk and eat some amazing Spanish produce. Wish I could bring home a these legs of delish ham... Hmmm.... Ham.... And Spanish wine!! 

I was actually very good and did go for a run twice. Beautiful trail along the beach, but I had to get up fairly early to avoid over heating. 

And hubby did not burn in that amazing sun... but had to keep to the shade and baste the poor guy in sun factor 30. 

I really did not wanted to leave... But hey if you do not comeback you will have nothing to look forward like your next holidays! 

And I had an amazing end of my holidays... I did the Survival of the Fittest! 

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...