Monday, 30 April 2012

getting presents

I do enjoy looking for presents... not done in the rush!
My hubby's birthday is few months away and I'm already looking for presents... Found this cool thing on my favourite Etsy. Don't think he has time to read me anyhow!

On unrelated... I really enjoy my job! Hoping to get full time hours, so fingers crossed!

Monday, 16 April 2012

super healthy salad

I love love salads!

This one we have at work, its crunchier at work... I do not have a food processor, but I do have a grater:)

I made one this morning....

    2 medium size carrots
    1 medium size mule (I used the red one)
    3 small cooked beetroot (I bought these vucc pack from the supermarket)
    1 fennel
    1 apple
    juice of one lemon
    olive oil
    salt and pepper

   Grate all the veggies together. Add some roughly chopped mint into the mix of veggies, season. Squeeze the  juice of one lemon and add olive oil, one part of juice to two part olive oil. Mix together until the dressing turns into yellow thicker mix. Add to the salad, stir together and enjoy!

To be honest with you can use other root vegetables, like root celeriac or parsnips. Pears are great in the salad too!

I know...

I know I know... it has been so long!

I got a new exciting job... Me and hubby are actually working together. I am host and seater and he is still in the kitchen doing the magic!

From this day I promise to blog twice a week... Actually have so many ideas!!!

Stay tuned

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