Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What I did today

We are preparing for our holidays in Mother Russia. This means that Edgar needs to get a visa ... So is his Dada and Grammy. And it's a hassle!
And I actually had to go to London... 
But at least I got to see this cute chap! 
And for the 1st time Edgar stayed with Grammy for such a long time. Everyone was  happy. I was actually worried that he would grouch too much but they had a great day together. I on the other hand had a slightly stressful day. I was worried about application form, that I've forgotten stuff and that Egg is driving Grammy up the wall crying and kicking off... 
Well everything was rather good. So now we are busy preparing for Babushka's arrival and our trip over there. 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Fun Day!

Hubby told me about this "food fair" at Chapter Art Centre. And being super busy as per usual I totally forgot about this... Imagine my surprise when I got the text "bunch of little stalls you would love it! Oh and can you bring an apron"...
The event was called the Art Car Bootique to celebrate 100 years of WI. Amazing!!

So off we went to the Chapter. We lived in Canton and Riverside for years, yet I never been to Chapter. Fail on my part I think, looks like an amazing place.

There were soo many people about. Great atmosphere, people, puppies, prams and baby carriers everywhere. I so wish Edgar would still be small enough to be carried around. But we had a cuddle and wonder in the arms so he could look around properly. 

And thing we saw! Lots of stalls and people! Handmade and unique things! People making art by cycling! Swan trailer... (sort of, not sure what to name this)! Lots of Vintage! We saw an awesome drum band! Our favourite Elderflower wine lady! And had her amazing elderflower and strawberry belini, mama had it not baby! 

We also spend some time with Daddy and lobster people. And Edgar even had some of the awesome lobster roll. Well he might have more interest in the brioche bun... But then again I haven't found any remains of the roll, so I guess we have yet another lobster convert!

I of course had to get some things... Like these awesome studs from The Catkin Boutique. I think I might give the cat ones to my mum since the look so much like my parents cat! Too cute!!

And as the last thing I had some of this awesome rum cocktail form Migli Lounge . It was like summer in the glass! 

It was really amazing event wish we could have stayed longer... It's nice to see that Cardiff has such awesome locals who can make truly anything!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Social butterfly

It is much harder to find time to go out.... Well also find friends who are free during the day... And one does need a grown ups to talk to every so often so I won't go a bit bananas. Well more then usual.
This time we went for lunch with Rhian. 

She told us all about her visit to Harry Potter land... I really want to go myself and take mini me but do not think he will appreciated yet... But as Rhian nice put "if you raise him well he will love Harry Potter"...  Nicely said! But I think I might need to wait till he is a bit older.
Oh and food wise we been to Madame Fromage where I of course had ton of cheese and in Artigiano for some "mama's little helper". Both places are wonderful with great stuff and staff!! 

Also I do think my child at his tender age been put more often than I have in my 1st 10 years of my life!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

It's been a while

I would like to apologise for not finding time... Well and then the blogger wouldn't work for me. Maybe it's me... Very hurt, blogger! 
But I also have been busy. Last week Egg man wasn't very well, picked up a cold in the play group. So all the entertainment was at home. 
We rediscovered Sailormoon, well I have. At times it was rather challenging to keep a snotty baby happy. But we managers, even men our Grammy for lunch on Sunday. Egg man does enjoy the trips out and wagamama do great food for him to try out ... Noodles, shiitake mushroom, chicken katsu. 
Mumming is very busy! I was making food for Boy too... 

Edgar is tying so much food and flavours ... And he is also active lately... Crawling walking... Terrorising pets:) 

Bunny is being a good sport! And every runs up to him:) 

The fish however are in trouble... With Edgar tap tap taping on the side of the tank... 

We actually have to get gates, but we are still didn't fix them properly:) just keeping my eye on that cheeky monkey...

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

fermenting... you what?

When I was in my 1st trimester of pregnancy all I wanted was chillies, curries and spicy food. 
That fun period in life affirmed my love for kimchi. You know it is that totally delicious Korean food that they cannot leave without. Koreans even had it developed as food in space so the Korean astronauts won't miss it during the long missions! Now that a cult food!
But where to get it so the spiciness won't blow my head off.... For some reason I have this thought in my head that I won't be able to fit the pram in the Asian shop around where we are so I never went looking for it.

But luck will have it there is a simpler recipe in Hemsley and Hemsley book Art of Eating Well. So husband been foraging for Chinese cabbage and fish sauce. Yeah, get your sauces and noodles form Asian supermarket, authentic and cheap! 
Actually just found a very similar recipe just now on here
And just like this I went on adventure of making my very own kimchi. It is actually fairly easy, chop the veg leave them in brine over night, make the paste, dry the veg, cover in paste and put in the sterilised containers pushing down and leaving to ferment... and it;s not grape juice:)

Now I am waiting. Checking on these bubbles every day. Actually made a girly date to try this bad boy next weekend.
Also I never actually fermented anything before it is all very very exciting! 
I shall report back with results

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Kimmy Schmidt

Do you love Netflix? 
How about the the Netflix own series? I guess everyone been raving about house of cards with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, I actually haven't watched it yet. 

But I enjoyed Hemlock Grove. 
So how one would feel about if super funny and talented Tina Fey did a show for Netflix?

 If you haven't seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yet you should watch it. It's bananas and this show has a heart! 

Basically we watched all the season within few days! With a little man it is like a record.
So yeah, it's a show about a girl made by a girl!! WOOOO

Babies babies babies

Oh yay royal baby is a little girl. Little princess! How cute!

You know how I said I still struggle a bit with my new identity in the previous post? Well I cannot call Egg "my son" he is "my baby" or "my boys" (when two of them obviously), but never my son... Strange right.
Oh if you are a mum or about to become one, I highly recommend One Bad Mother podcast. It's so much fun!

Little man is doing great, eat sleeps and poops. He gets super excited when he sees the pool and splashes with both arms and legs now. Swimming lessons are more fun every time. However he is way too interested in the edges of the pool and how they feel. 

And now also he is on the move. Crawls and pulls him self up to walk or stand around.... I think most of babies crawling then they starting to walk right? But now at the same time! Mama needs eyes everywhere. But now he learns to fall down properly & not hurting himself. I would say we get 2 hurts out of 10 falls on average. So nice!

Friday, 1 May 2015

run run run!

Being a mama is amazing and super exhausting.... and you seem to lose your identity sometime. And I did struggle with it, I still do in a way. But now it doesn't bother me... Anyway.

I found when I go for a run my brain switches off and I don't freak or stress or over-think... Basically I need to have a run as often as possible or join the gym. But hey my other half works shifts and I have no one to watch little man... So I need another plan.

I popped over to Nike shop in St David's 2, these guys do running club 3 times a week. And best thing it is free! 

I was meant to go Monday but that didn't happen, someone had a little accident and it took a long time to sort out so by the time I was meant to get ready and go all I wanted is to sit down. But I did go on Wednesday.... It was like a crazy training session, with sprints that I cannot do at all. Warm up however was super easy for me, we even did superman... It was super easy for me, maybe coz I actually do have a strong core, it is just has this extra baby room still... 

It is always scary to come in and be a new kid. It is always scary to do something new (applies to mumming too). But.... runners are a super nice bunch. I talked to lots of them and they are just so friendly. Some ladies I have been chatting to did MARATHON two weeks ago.. How amazing is that?!

Really felt the love on Facebook group.

I'm am part of this awesome tribe ... I am super slow one, but still I ran! 

P.S. I have singed up for a 10K on 31st May. So 4 weeks to go 4 weeks to train

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...