Tuesday, 16 August 2016

New things. Exciting life of the toddler

We have been busy and doing a lot of fun stuff... 
Like just going to the pool. Not usual swimming lesson but just swimming. And Egg loved it. Kicking the water all the time and jumping off the side. Not independently thanks goodness but almost there.... I think he jumps 3 times without holding my hands.
We also had a really good time in Wagamama and little man eat most of his food, also Daddy's chilli squid and most of my noodles! 

We also had a coffee date just few days ago... I really needed a latte and little man had a babycinno. Well he enjoyed sticking the spoon into it and swish it about.

And we also had our very first cinema trip. Finding Dory was lovely. I had to go see it again because we had a wonder around and he had enough after about a half a film. Which is good I thought. 
We came in early so he could see what the cinema was all about and the popcorn of course. 

It is wonderful that there are these early showings, mainly families in the audience. So they don't really mind the noise and other joyful stuff of young children in the screening. I would actually advise to anyone who wants to take their tiny people to the cinema is to come in later. The adverts were too much for our almost two year old... 
Also the side on he cot is off... 

And my little boy is turning two tomorrow. 
I feel excited that he is turning into a big boy and very scared of what is to come!

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