Saturday, 31 December 2011

This year went flying by.... Hello 2012

This year went flying by! A lot of things has happened, year was full of ups and downs.... Let's summarise!
My mother finally came to visit us, we all had so much fun. And our family's finally met this year too!

We had 2 weddings.... "Fake wedding" (our paper work to allow us to get married didn't come in time) and an actually very low key wedding.

Stephen also nearly gave a heart attack when he got into that silly accident and broke his arm. Yeah, everyone joked that its a good thing that we had pictures taken on our "Fake wedding"

We got 3 rats and a bunny... But somehow I think we had rats for years now:)

I'm set to get a new job, old one became less challenging intellectually but more stressful emotionally.

Also I ran three 10K races and one little 5K one.

And I got my new amazing tattoo.... My sewing machine tattoo!!

For New Year I have set lots of goals and will be reporting back on the progress:

  • Be a better friend
  • Find a new job
  • Sent more cards and home-made gifts
  • Cook more (and I don't mean pasta and pesto)
  • Get a flat tummy (reward is a belly button piercing)
  • Run four 10K
  • Pain more (at least 4 decent things in this year)
  • Go somewhere nice on holidays
  • Sew a dress
  • Train the rats
  • Learn to crochet
  • Do meet free Mondays
  • Go to see live shows more often
  • Recycle and up-cycle more
  • Grow a veg or a fruit
  • Throw a party
  • Make 2 craft project a month (4 a month is a bit too ambitious) 

I really hope this new year will be better then the old one! 

                                    Happy New Year to All of you!!

Love xx

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Things I've made as presents

I have lots of friends all over the world. Spending two year in international hotel management school does this to you:)

Well this little bunny went to Vietnam to lovely Lily. Not quiet sure where it is located, but I do know that this little monster lives in Choi's book room!

I just enjoy making things and give them as presents... for reason (Lily's was for her last birthday) or for no reason but just fun!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

what is the best time to start something new??

Well I think it must be just around New Year! My friend from home (that's Chelyabinks, Russia) we agreed to start a blog together: 2 opinions, 2 countries and in 2 languages... But then I thought... Hold on, I want one for myself! So here we go.....

Hubby and I have a lot of things to prepare before we head out to his parents... so I have to be brief:
                                   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And check out my tree!

Trip to V&A

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