Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spring is in the air!

Dont you just wish that everyday was a day off... and a sunny day off. Wish also that our boiler worked and it was warm, but hey one cannot have everything. 

Luckily we live next to parks.... Walking around and not thinking about work, stress of it all just enjoying is a truly rare occasion. Dont think I like being a grown up but what are you going to do:) 
We made friends with some dogs, I almost climbed over the wasp nest, thank you for sings wood people!
I loved outside today. 
Now we are cozy at home watching some Jonathan Creek and eating a home-made chilli with nachos. 
Jonathan Creek is amazing, watch it now if you haven't seen it! Netflix is good for it. 
And chilli was a joint effort but nachos are shop bought!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

art art art....

I have been hearing a lot about Pre-Raphaelite's in Birmingham museum, then I found out, thank you Twitter, that they also have new exhibition of Grason Perry. So I thought, I know a lot about pre-Rafs and Grason Perry but I am yet to see their art... Not as a reproduction but as a real thing. 

I loved Cardiff National Museum so I guess I have expected something similar to B'ham museum. 

I was after work, actually it was a late to early shift and then I went to museum. To say I was pooped is it not to say anything, but hey life goes on and one shall remain magical unicorn! 

I loved loved the first room you walk into... And the picture of penguins.... And impressive halls and rooms. 
With music throw my head phones I began my wonder. 

I have managed to get lost in all the endless rooms and halls. I didn't visit the all of it, think it is a project for a day off next time. But I saw who I came to see... And found more things on the way. 
I saw the Pre-Rafs... I thought their art was very touching and portraits seem to glow from the inside somehow. And ever so details. Beautiful! 
Also I have discovered a lot of painting of Welsh coast lines. Rather stunning too!!
Seen something truly srtange and wonderful... like that chair installation with strips of orange plastic coming out of it... 
Like a lot this paining...

It is for sale if you want to give it to me for my birthday this year:) 
And I finally found Grason Perry's tapestries.... 
Well... I know of Mr Perry and know how eccentric he is. I was very excited to see what his art is like. And have to say I was not disappoint! His tapestries were very moving, so real and so trippy at the same time. Yet, as the life of the heroes of this work is unravelled before you, I felt so very sad for this couple... 

Definitely worth time. Educate your self! Art is fun!

But I have also discovered that I am not a fan of Brit art. Neither I am a fan of 17th century art, or 1900s. 
I love things more obscure, like Impressionists, lots of brush strokes, whole new spectrum of colour... 

Must go see them in their natural habitat in Paris! Husband! hint hint:)

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Oh fishy fishy!

Owen came to visit. And as he always said I am better in organising fun and such in new cities. Like in Bath we had cake and went around giggling at the funny shops names, yes Knob Connection I'm thinking of you.

This time we went to Sealife Centre. Oh and it was fun...

We seen many many fish tanks full of wonderful and weird fish.
Tiny sharks, Nemo world made me want to go home and watch cartoons, seen my very favourite sting rays. I just love the way they swim, gliding like throw water. There were even some jelly fish... Now that's 
something one can watch forever.

They even have some otters!!! Three little dudes called Kiwi, Mango and Apricot. Excellent otter's names! Unfortunately when we got there after the feeding so the otters been sleeping... One of them clearly had a dream and was moving all of its paws. Such cuteness!! 

One thing for sure, the belly is here and its growing! ... Boys though this picture was so funny...

Seahorses bellies were not as big as mine:)
Next time I am not missing otters being fed!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Magical Unicorns

So, so far so good. No morning sickness feel most of the time good, just an occasional pain here and there, mainly my tail bone and near buy ones. Especially if I was up and around all day, or busy standing up at work all day long, I can barely move at the end of the day.

I was insistent of leading normal life, and for 1st few weeks it was just good, I was fine active as usual....

At current state I'm not... Luckily I'm pass the time when all I wanted to do is sleeping and sleeping.

But I still find it hard to bring my self to do anything outside the house. Shops make me sad, I cannot get anything since I really do not know how my body will be after the birth, shoes never fit anyway, gym seems like too much effort, so is the cinema.

I have been spending time nesting and tiding, and having baths!!

About this I feel very very guilty! How could I just give up like that... so at this very moment I am sitting down with Jonathan Creek on tv and head ache so strong that I might cry... Steve told me to chill and not try to do everything. And take it easy. So I guess I'm not magical unicorn. But Sarah did say that I am a magical unicorn I just need to have my batteries recharged! 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

on being pregnant...

I discovered that we were expecting just few days before my birthday and I was shocked I guess... Pleased but still it came as a shock. You hear about people trying to get pregnant for months and maybe years, we were lucky enough to get baby from the very 1st time we had a go at this. Hubby is very proud of his "handywork". Funny right.

Well after having a 1st scan it all now is real and I didn't just put on bit of weight. There is a baby growing inside of me. And I am 13 weeks pregnant... I am going to be a mother.... Now that is a title I don't think I will get used to.

Things did not change much really... Or have they and I just did not notice?

We went ice skating for my birthday and I already had tiny something growing in me. Also got to say restaurants and bars should make more booze free options. 

Well I am lucky enough not to have morning sickness, I just was tired most of the time and I find my self being very unmotivated.

I was going to the gym like I used to in the beginning, but then I was feeling very run down and tired. Then I had a cold and I never went for about a month now. I will give it a go again, but think it might be time to cancel the gym and move to the swimming pool. It is supposes to be very good for my changing body.
Anyway, I'm off to watch Olympics. See you all soon x

Friday, 7 February 2014

cold cold winter

This weather really makes us all depressed... I mean if it was snowing it would have been not as bad, but its just freezing, windy and wet.
So no wonder I have a terrible cold... had to be off work and everything.

Now I still want to hibernate until its warm, but the live goes on... And we will have a year full of changes.

Just look what we did..

After having the scan today I do realize that this is all very real and I m not just putting on weight and feel funny. Baby is due mid August. It is all very exciting and very scary at the same time... 

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...