Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Separation anxiety

So me and Edgar were pretty much just me and Edgar... And daddy on his days off. But mainly for almost two years it was just me and little man. 
It was wonderful, fun, learning experience , super tiring, and all sort of other craziness that mumming comes with. But from the last month we committed to nursery and started to go there from 1st of August. 

Our nursery offers settling sessions. So two out of four were great. He came in happy and went off playing straight away. They just can't feed him. But that will come. The last two sessions he had to be pulled off me by staff. Tears and screams. And my heart was breaking. My brain understands that it is just an act and it's won't be like this all the time... But my heart still breaking. 
For the 1st time he was staying longer than two hours yesterday. And the tears! His little face was all red and wet from being so upset about me leaving him. But then after I have stopped feeling like the worst person ever (big thank you to all off you who took time to comment on my Facebook, your kind comments and word really helped!) I relaxed and when we picked him up he was happy and cheery and even giggled at his dada. He also said bye to other kiddies and staff. He still didn't eat but he was happy. And all day he was very affectionate and very well behaved. 
And he went to sleep without getting naked or any similar shenanigans. We didn't sleep much but that's another thing all together. 
Basically I just need to man up... And maybe find something constructive to do when he is at nursery... He is just fine. 

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