Monday, 30 September 2013

Spanish Sunshine

Oh how much my other half hated the hot weather... And how much I loved the salty sea.... 

Great holidays we had. It is always different when you are going away with family. Bit tricky at times to be honest, but good times been had!

We sunbathed, read books, drunk and eat some amazing Spanish produce. Wish I could bring home a these legs of delish ham... Hmmm.... Ham.... And Spanish wine!! 

I was actually very good and did go for a run twice. Beautiful trail along the beach, but I had to get up fairly early to avoid over heating. 

And hubby did not burn in that amazing sun... but had to keep to the shade and baste the poor guy in sun factor 30. 

I really did not wanted to leave... But hey if you do not comeback you will have nothing to look forward like your next holidays! 

And I had an amazing end of my holidays... I did the Survival of the Fittest! 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Training.. Sticking With It & Staying Motivated.

Last two weeks I only worked, slept, eat and went to the gym and back... it was good. Hard. And a lot of timing. I was waking up at certain time and leaving the house at the certain time. 
The sun was shining, and it was fairly easy to do... 
This week not so much. It suddenly got cold. And windy... and I started to feel all this hard work at actual work is tiring me out and all I want to do is drink red wine, eat cheese watch films and read books....
 I had few days of rest... Today I woke up with slightly runny nose. 
I was not going anywhere. So while in bed I checked my emails, social web sites and came across this video... 

And then I got up laced up my trainers and went for a short run. Better then nothing right! 4.80K in 17 min I think it is really not bad. 
It is super hard to stay motivated, especially if I know in few days we will be heading on holidays!
But you got to find something. Turns out to me it is other people. Like this video. Yes it is all excused and I should run because I can and I must. If I won't I will fail my sporting goals this year. 
It is also about keeping it interesting. I do alter my route slightly and notice small things on my run.. like this beautiful view

Today I got to play with dutch hound pup who found my shoes really interesting. I did stop to rub his belly... 
Little Scottie dog wanted to play too but his owner was not up for it:) and I also saw bunch on mischievous squirrels hiding nuts. At least I hope these were nuts... 

Stay motivated!!  

Sunday, 15 September 2013

in a week I will be in sunny Spain!

I got the visa! I know for most of people the whole visa concept is rather bizarre but for me at this moment it is a sad reality. But after many trips to London I got my passport back with shiny new visa!

I celebrated with steak and a red wine. I would say it was the 1st red of the season but I had some in Russia so the season been kind of opened already.
But the steak! It was so good!! ... everything else was a bit average but the steak!!

this beauty been cooked in Garfunkel's next to Paddington tube station.... My waitress was great. Chips were average, but I had good food and great value for money. 
I actually, dispite the weather had a good time in Grey Capital. But the shock... instead of HMV on Bond street station there is a Forever 21.... Not sure how I feel since I have not been actually getting actual CDs and Books in a while, but it was like a special escape place for me when I was studying not far from it. 
Oh well... But I saw these lovely things...
St Christopher's place is more fun now...

TOTORO... Need I say more?

And some awesome owls... in hats and belts. 
At that point I realised two things... London Selfridges is more interesting that Brum one. Sorry guys. And that my train was leaving in about 25 min... 

Now I guess I'd better start packing for holidays... 
and a week after next on Sunday I'm doing SURVIVAL!! AHHHH!!
and then a week from that I'm of to Ukraine for a wedding and family thing!
This will be a great September and October... despite the weather.

Monday, 9 September 2013

End of An Era

It has been announced True Blood is to finish with season 7.. I think they did a great thing with the books really, well take them as a guide line but do their own thing. It is a fun show too watch with some sexy sexy actors... 

Today I went to London to pick up my visa and I actually finished the last book about Sookie Stackhouse. 13 books I have been on that amazing journey. I have changed houses and even cities during this time... I think I'm over thinking it:) 

Anyway, I do feel sorry for Sookie. Charaine Harris did say the truth that she did put Sookie throw a lot of horrid situations, I was reminded of all of them in the last book. It was a fun read as usual. Good ending. I guess it correlate in a way with ending of the series. 

I will miss you True Blood, books and series. 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

the progress so far

I can say that I am actually proud of my self. I am keeping up with training. 
It is also hit me, thanks to Twitter, that Survival is less then a month away.... But we are heading to Spain a week before, so I guess I will have to take my gym kit with and stay indoors for a bit and on top of what I m eating and drinking. Kind of serious holiday... 

Today I woke up early and went to the gym, good tunes really keep you going and I also run home after. The GPS on my phone was a bit off so it told me that in first 5min I run 3k and my average pace was 1k per 1min 30sec. I mean come on! Would love that being true but then that would make me better than real and elite athletes! So I had to restart that... I do not feel as tired as I was last time, when I did that. I guess not doing 3 classes and then running home did help. But I'm intended to do the same again on Saturday... 

So I'm keeping up with training. 

But I do not have my sponsorship... Please guys and girls! 
Lots of love, I'm going to slowly get ready for work xx

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