Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bad moms

"Let's be bad moms" says Mila Kunis in this gem of the film in answer to the pressure of being this picture perfect mother, that bakes, cleans, helps with homework, works and also lost all her baby weight and always looks amazing... (and all this in one sentence!!)

I would like to applaud, actually make like a one woman standing ovation, to all the people who made this film.
This film feels real, about every day mumming struggles. I have to confess that good few times I wanted to clap or shout "You go girl!" during the film.

Basically it is about mothers, PTA, schools, children and mama gang. With mainly female cast too. There are only few men in this film, and they do not have a center stage. One particular actor is there just to look very very good. And boy he is does this so well.... 

This film made me laugh so hard that I have cried and almost peed my self. 
There is however some criticism about how Mila Kunis' heroine doesn't look tired. Well we are not allowed. Damn all this pressure on mums to be perfect... But yay, lets just be bad moms! 

Oh and do watch the end credits. These are just sooo sweet! 

I miss having a mama gang. So Cardiff mama's if you are reading... Get in touch! 

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