Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ideas... Oh Sorry Mom

I was talking about tattoos with Sarah... a lot recently. Reading this my mother will get upset, keep reading! I love you!

 Here is something I really like...

cute rats... I am still very sad about our little dudettes passing...However these designs aren't really my style.

Sailor moon... Oh how I love this cartoon:)
These are really cute!


White rabbit... yes, Alice, follow that bunny down the rabbit hole... 
I absolutely adore the idea of having mad hatters partner in crime tattooed. Well we are all mad here after all!

And I though this is very cute.... 

So I am thinking and saving money... Sorry mom, but you can already get used to it, yes I have a tongue bar and also have couple tattoos... and I am more then likely to get some more. It does not change me as a person in anyway, or makes me irresponsible. It is just something I really love.... Besides I am over 18 and legally can get tattooed, and fact is I m over 25 so I am more then likely make a sensible decision and not get tattoo on my face. I am not silly like that. 
I mean if you want to get your face tattooed it's totally fine, but it is not for me.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Fat stop it! You are so dead!!

I go to the gym and run outdoor (last one occasionally), I eat almost healthy... well I do love cheese any cheese, stinkier the better and I love wine... Maybe that is why I am still very soft around my middle... 
This is so frustrating... 

So I am considering the diet... I do not know how to diet, or like the idea of it... Maybe I shall just cut out cheese and wine. SAD!! So sad right now.

also one of the reason I am actually terrified of having babies. So I would put on all the weight but will not be able to shift it... I m not 23 you know! (do not tell anyone....) 

Maybe cave man aka paleo.... I don't know. Any advice.... 

Oh and I'm off to the gym!

Grumpy face!! Fat, why do you ruin my wee body?! How dare you! 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Rain's drops on roses and whiskers on kittens... these are the few of my favorite things

Things I love lately... 

Being Human... the UK version. Great cast, great new cast, great writers. 

Dialogue is just amazing. Like writing sex! Haven't seen it? You are missing out. Oh and these vampires do not shine like diamonds! And all actors are young talented and beautiful  also they filmed last seasons in Cardiff! How about this final scene on St Mary's street.

My vintage army jacket I got in Manchester... Cannot stop wearing it... also there is not spring here. Have to wear something, so why not this military beauty.

Shoes... especially today. Went to TKMaxx today just to try some on... might have to come back to buy some tomorrow. All of the things I've tried were Diesel and so sexy and comfy! Love shoes... very small shoes, that is.

Apocaliptica... like a lot. Lately I have been walking to work to Live Burns and  Seemann walking from work to End of Me. You haven't heard it yet? Really really good!

(sorry couldn't find a working video)

(this version is great, but personally I do prefer the one with Gavin Rossdale, you know that I love the man)

Ramstein on the cross trainer... Just makes me go faster and faster! 

To my great upset we are now not going to Download festival... Hubby is starting work in Birmingham then, so best if he was actually there for his 1st weekend. So instead we are heading to Reading festival... I will get to see System of the Down, Nine inch nails, Editors and Biffy! Yay!! 
But still annoyed that I will not get to experience the whole metal madness... 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

My babies...

One day hubby went to the market and came back with three little brown rats. We can never named them, since they actually looked exactly the same, although they really had different characters.

Sadly two of them died recently and now there is only one little rattie left... She looks a bit sad. So we are trying to keep her busy as we can... 

Today she was building the nest.
And then we have lovely Daisy-poop.... or Daisy-cal or "Stupid rabbit won't let me shower her with love"-says Stephen when she runs away from him. 

Daisy was really not impressed when I had to put little rat into her cage... The do have a strange relationship.  Daisy had her hair pulled by the rat then she ran away, but yet curiosity... they can sit together on the sofa with me between them. Oh silly things. 

One thing... I do not think I would want to have more rats. It was too upsetting finding one of them dead in the morning. Too sad to lose ones pets... 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

DIY ... well I was bored:)

I always enjoyed making things... No matter what, earrings, clothes (skits and bags mainly), I'd like to think that I have this craftiness from my gran and perhaps mom. But mother mainly knits and crochets, I'm more of sewing and other DIY kind of gal. 
So after watching tons of DIY videos on YouTube, I finally managed to learn about jump rings and now I can use them properly. 

The cute poison bottles went to Sarah and I made little gun earrings which I gave to Rhian.
However these skulls things, look a bit to white... Need some more work to them.

Speaking of giving gifts, I also made a hair band for Rhian, since she is so fond of them. It was super easy to do... Ribbon came as a free gift with my Cloth Magazine. By the way this is one very inspirational mag, love it! 
 So measure your head, and mark the ribbon length accordingly. I left approximately an inch on each side, so I would have some space to make little cute tails. Then I sew them together over the usual hair elastic, put some glue over the seams for extra strength...

I think this came out jolly nice! Would be even better if I could do the seams on my sewing machine.
If you feel very lazy you could just tie the ribbons to the elastic or glue them on with fabric glue. 
Options and variations are endless!

Oh and I have learnt to sew on the machine like this one... 

My Gran taught me when I was about 5... I could barely reach of the foot pedal. 
Also that is why cancer sucks, for taking her away from us too early.


Well as you know I have never been there... Now I have... I'm still amazed at the size of it. Yes, I know it is the second largest city in UK but I kind of didn't think of it in these terms... It's massive!

Shopping center bull ring where new "office" is located is beautiful and so big. While hubby was doing some work meeting I have my gym playlist blasting throw my headphones wondering around and planning what to buy. Yeah, I am that sad! 

And people everywhere... and I do not know any of them, unlike in Bath. You always will meet some one you work with!!

It was super windy and wet when we were there few days ago. But I felt like this place would be great for us. 

I have not seen much of our new home, but just the area we have been to is so impressive. 
Very excited to explore this city!

We also found the house. The area very similar to one we used to live in Cardiff. Only 20mins away on the bus from the city center, not far from Pure Gym and Cineworld. ... Could not be happier! Just need to deal with the move now... Grrr!!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

exciting news!

Well we are on the move again! 

Soon we will say bye bye to Bath.... and hello to Birmingham! 

I do not know what to expect since I have never been... Found these gorgeous pictures on internet...

Any advice?

Trip to V&A

I had a London trip again last week this time to get visa for little one to go to Russia. So I thought must combine the business and pleas...