Friday, 31 August 2012

Everything Zen...

According to my lovely hubby this was my very 1st real gig. For me it was a happy place. Happy loud place! It has been now 2 days but I'm still dazed and remembering bits. 

But let's start from the beginning... I never been that far north in UK. It was rather exciting to go away for a bit, see new places. To see Bush I was not as excited as my hubby, he was counting hours all day long, for me it was a bonus. Things to have to suffer for love :)

Having a drink in the pub across from the Academy I could easily spot people who were going to the gig. Somehow you just know... They all had this hard rocking amigo look about them!
People in the queue are all so different! If you saw my tweets you know what I mean. Hubby actually talks to strangers, just like me:) 1st guys we talked to went to the same gig about 12 years ago in Newport Leisure Centre as Steve did... we met them in Manchester and they are from Birmingham... There were people with grey hair in their 60s in the queue for the same event as a dude who didn't start shaving yet... How amazing is that! 

How cool be to with grey hair being all serious and go to see loud bands?! I want be like this when I will eventually grow up... (like that gonna happen any time soon! :)

Hubby was super excited! Even asked me to take a picture of him with the ticket...

Support band was Bluebell... And they were amazing! Annabel Jones was really rocking it.... do buy thier songs on iTunes!!  

And then after a little wait... BUSH!!! 

Hubby looked so happy in his natural habitat... Made me wonder what was he like as a teen? 

And OMG! (for Oh My Gavin of course)

In the queue in the ladies over heard of girls talking that some one commented on her facebook pictures that its a bit boring... then she said: "well... Gavin this side, that side, with hair up with hair down... " 

I have to agree he is one beautiful man... Yes a major men candy alert!! Even my hubby agrees... 

It was one amazing experience... Energy coming from the band was amazing. Hubby had to lift me up so I can see Gav laying on the floor playing his guitar.... He also runs into the front rows to play his guitar close to people... 

The entire venue singing along to every song... We amazing cover of Come together... real fun! 

Glycerine was sang by the crowd... 

"we live in a wheel 
where everyone steals 
but when we rise it's like strawberry fields" 

The whole thing is really hard to put into worlds... How do you describe the feeling?? 
I really don't want this super exited feeling to end. Who are we going to see next I wonder...

P.S. apologies about pictures' quality... taking with Iphone or Ipod... I need a real camera me thinks! 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Live Events

Well it was one of the points on my resolutions list is to see more live events... theatre, gigs, comedy shows... anything really.

So far this year we have been to see amazing Billy Connelly. It was mother in law's Christmas present, we all had tickets! he was so amazing, non stop with no support act for over 2 and a half hours. He was just soo funny!! I was also very amused to see (rather hear) him in Brave cartoon!

from this web site. Also there is a short review... check it out! And go to see it! Super cute!

Then as a Christmas present I got tickets to see amazing Imelda May. Also this event is known as my 1st gig ever. All very proper, sitting down in St. David's Hall in Cardiff. She was very preggers but nothing would have stopped her to rock on stage in these massive heels! 

And then it was a present from my manager tickets to see Mumford and Sons... I have blogged about this already
According to husband it was not a real gig, good but not real! 
Well yesterday in the morning we set to go to Manchester, train took almost forever... To see bush... 
Have you heard of Bush? Do you like Bush? 

Right now... I'm in love!! Gavin is amazing!! 
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I Married A Chef...

Everyone always says that hubby must cook all the time for me... Well it is not strictly true, he cooks all the time at work and gets a bit tired of it so I cook most of the time. 

I have actually did not cook much till I met him... And dear god how terrifying it is to cook for a chef!? So we do have arguments about how I under-season food and get annoyed if he won't it.

But when hubby cooks... oh he cooks.... 

I really don't remember all the things he made for me but look at these... Its not the restaurants, its our kitchen!
I wonder how I still stay size 10 :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Girls Day Out....

Catering and hospitality is a different world. We all drink, eat junk, socialise with others on weekdays or Sunday nights... If your friends don't work in catering chances are you don't really see them.

Most of my friends are people I worked with at some point in life. We do not work together any more so it is hard to get to spend time together. But we manage to meet up at least once a month with some of them. 

This time it was just me and Dessy. Oh we went shopping and didn't buy anything, that passive shoppaholic thing... Then we went for food to this new Cuban place... Very mexican food. Home made salsas, tortillas! It was nice. The pineapple and chilly salsa is to die for!

Then we always should have wine... 

We ended the evening with trip to cinema. I finally got to see Magic Mike... You know the one about male strippers... 

And it was as I expected... plot was a bit.. well not very good. Some questionable acting but it was entertaining if you are into semi nude men.... And Matthew McConaughey is very nice with no top on. Also the big bad woof Joe Manganiello... Well men candy film. As Dessy put it, too much plot and not enough stripping! I think I must agree.
The day was just great!!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Only 3 weeks till 10K

Well I am being lazy and do not think I am training enough. Definitely not enough if to compare to Annalie... She is doing a real training, runs for miles with better timing each time. Her fiancĂ©e runs a running club so he supervises her workouts... and my husband works all the time and does not want to go for a run with me... 

Last year the Cardiff 10K was super hard on me. I was stressed at work and actually didn't have any energy for anything. I did not pace well and got a stitch on the 3rd K... it was terrible! My knees were killing... and there were a lot of smelly men running next to you :) 

Well this was after the race.... 

Next day I could barely move... 
However this year I do know what I am up against... Horrible race with the hill at the end! But I am looking forward to it. I will not let this race to beat me!
Besides I have so much space on this 

Yeah I finally got a cool thing to display my medals from this cool Etsy shop York Sign Shop
Let's all get together and train!! 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shopping is my cardio... Carrie Bradshaw

When I feel down I watch Sex and The City... it makes me happy, all of it, jokes, clothes, NYC... 

In one of the episodes Carrie says: "Shopping is my cardio"... Well in my case I guess it's not true, since running is my cardio... But shopping is either a very happy time or very frustrating... 

I have been wondering the shops the other day... These things I liked... 

Statement jewellery from Zara... 

Loved this bag at Topshop

Retro looking clock at John Lewis

New Marc Jacobs perfume...With super cute name Dot! 

Moschino.... Pink Bouquet... Smells like bunch of flowers.

Funny thing is, just coz I liked these things I probably will not get any of these... well I will get Pink Bouquet after I use up my Escada Taj Sunset. 
Oh how I love strong perfumes! Escada, Moschino and Mont Blanc are my favourite brands... Oh and Skin by Trussardi which is really hard to find!
But I really don't think the necklace will suit me and I definitely do not need another bag... But I enjoyed looking and feeling these things... Am I a passive shopaholic?! Is there such thing?

But shopping becomes horrible when I need shoes... and I always need shoes. I am very small feet!! Also that is why all of my shoes last that long and most of them been repaired million times by now.

I loved these.... but they are not in my size.... 
You beauties!! 
I would get them for my mother... but they would be too small for her. Woman is super lucky to have size 6 feet... unlike me with 2.5 or a small 3... 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Summer in the city

Hot town summer in the city.... Know the song??

Well I can tell you it is not about Cardiff. I truly miss heat and cold of air cons... I want to go on holidays somewhere where I can soak up as much vitamin D as I can, drink, swim, and maybe dance.... and eat sea food...

But the home office has different plans for us this summer... We haven't seen our passports since January. I am changing my visa status and it takes a lot of time. So here we are...

Most of hot few days we had I was at work... My uniform is jeans and long sleeved shirt.... or we got together and got the park! 

Mum keeps complaining how hot it is back home... but here the heat is different, its moist and very uncomfortable in jeans! think in total we had only about 2 weeks in space of 3 months of summer when we had heat sun.... I need a holiday?

At the moment we are watching the Olympic closing ceremony.... Don't think I have seen one before... on TV I mean... nothing too exciting like that just yet!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Oh cinema...

Nothing beats watching the film on the big screen of the cinema... As you know I have this special card that allows me to see as many films as I want! 

Well me and hubby saw The Amazing Spiderman... Oh I thought it was very good, entertaining and so much better then the other spiderman film. Emma Stone was lovely also Andrew Garfield is funny, he seemed very good hero type one can sympathise with. Haven't seen it? Watch it. It is entertaining. Husband didn't like it!

And then we went to see Ted... Oh Seth MacFarlane... All I could see is cross between American Dad and Family Guy. But it was very funny! Mila Kunis is lovely!! 

So in the end I have treated my self to the men candy ... the genius of Chris Nolan. Dark Knight Rises... 
I do like my men candy... Lots and lots of it! Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy and Sir Michael Caine. 

Also fantastic Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotilliard! 
The film left and open ending... I wonder if they will be making another one. I guess there is a potential for it. I would very much like that. 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

summer of sport..

Well as we all know its Olympics time! Everything is very exciting... Here in Cardiff we only got bits of football both girls and boys. 

But it's a very special atmosphere... and super busy at work. 

I also singed up for the next race... it will be another 10k, despite what my friend Nora says I do not feel fit enough to do half marathon. A girl from work doing it too... but she is like super fit, don't think I will be able to outrun her. 

Husband finally agreed do go for a run with me. We will be doing 10k together for Movember. 
Well after our run around the park we have discovered that he cannot pace (well it took me almost a year to learn to pace myself) and that he is rather unfit. But training together we can do it!! 
Wonder how his legs are feeling today, he was complaining all day yesterday!:)
But it was really good to run with him, I'm sure together we can train better and do a marathon! .. one day

Speaking of Olympics... There were a lot of Mexicans in town last night. I saw the girl who had her face painted like sugar skull! Very cool!! 
Also the winner of Judo gold medal Mansur Isaev actually from my home town! Go Chelyabinsk! 

Also my friend of mine has a friend who plays for US women's football team... Yes football not soccer!
A lot of cool Olympic related fun facts!

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