Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fun Sexy Spy Movie

 When you hear that Guy Ritchie makes a new film... You get excited. Well I got excited. Then I saw the trailer.... It was like old style Bond had a facelift and so much fun! 
I sort of forgot about the RDJ Sherlock Holmes, so in my mind I only had his fun crime and gangster films. 
Speaking of which, are you watching The Bake off? Or better yet the Jo Brand's Extra Slice? Well actor from Lock Stock is a big fan and was on the show. So fun! Honestly give it a try!

But back to the film. I have been informed that the original show was a good fun, and has been enjoyed by many. Well being Russian and that it hasn't been daubed, so I have no idea!!
However I sure enjoyed the film

Great plot! Fun plot... Not necessary believable in some places (I mean it should have been more complicated to get some one out of East Berlin), but that makes a fun spy film. 
Go see it. I do not want to give any spoilers... But it was fun, with a traditional Guy Ritchie twist.

And the cast! Oh the major men candy! 

See... and more candy!

Armie Hammer is so tall and handsome (not sweet like he normally is).but all so broodingly handsome.... 
Also I officially have a new woman crush... Oh Alicia Vikander. The best Swedish export yet!

This film is fun, super stylish and I cannot wait for more! Please give us more! 
Oh and be on the look out for David Beckham cameo. It's really rather funny. Oh and he speaks Russian! Well he tried... 

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